John Pilger

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Max Stahl obituary
Documentary-maker who captured East Timor atrocities on film and left behind his earlier career as a Blue Peter presenter

Anthony Hayward

04, Nov, 2021 @5:46 PM

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The Dirty War on the National Health Service review – fierce and necessary diatribe
John Pilger’s passionate film addresses threats to the NHS, from the burgeoning presence of private healthcare companies to the invasion of bureaucrats

Peter Bradshaw

28, Nov, 2019 @3:00 PM

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Utopia? Kathleen Ngale is 85 years-old and living in conditions I can only describe as hell | Marcus Waters
Four years after the John Pilger film lifted the lid on outback communities, what has changed? The horrors are still with us

Marcus Woolombi Waters

24, Jan, 2017 @4:59 AM

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‘As long as there are hairbrushes, people will sing’ – the best of 2016’s webchats
Jon Bon Jovi’s key change killer, Gemma Arterton’s weep-off with Glenn Close, the weirdest thing that ever happened to Harry Shearer … here are the highlights of 2016’s culture webchats

Ben Beaumont-Thomas

29, Dec, 2016 @7:00 AM

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The week in TV: In Plain Sight; This Is Us; The Coming War on China
A 1950s serial killer makes Britain grey again, while a new US drama is as real as life and John Pilger makes us fear for the future

Euan Ferguson

11, Dec, 2016 @7:00 AM

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Sam Shepard and the 30-year drama of my buried memories | Tim Dowling
For a play I was seeing for a second time, there was something very unfamiliar about Buried Child, starring Ed Harris. And, I was to discover, for good reason

Tim Dowling

06, Dec, 2016 @7:37 PM

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The Coming War on China review – discomfiting doc exposes US nuclear tactics
John Pilger lays bare the historical horrors of the US military in the Pacific, exposing the paranoia and pre-emptive aggression of its semi-secret bases

Peter Bradshaw

01, Dec, 2016 @10:15 PM

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The Spectator runs a hatchet job on the Frontline Club
American journalist writes an ill-argued, self-serving article about the club for war correspondents and its founder, Vaughan Smith

Roy Greenslade

29, Mar, 2016 @3:40 PM

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John Pilger webchat – as it happened
The firebrand journalist answered your questions in a live webchat – taking on everyone from Cameron to Obama and Trump

24, Feb, 2016 @11:23 AM

Arts, media power, digital disruption, investigative journalism - events galore

Upcoming debates, talks and lectures for journalists

Roy Greenslade

07, Nov, 2014 @2:03 PM

John Pilger's Utopia: Meet Felicity and Basil Hayes of Whitegate town camp - video

Felicity and Basil Hayes, the traditional owners and residents of Whitegate town camp in the Northern Territory, have waged a long struggle for housing and basic services. Whitegate town camp is just a 20-minute drive from Alice Springs but the community still has problems with electricity and water supplies

08, Jan, 2014 @12:48 AM

John Pilger's Utopia: Meet Patricia Morton-Thomas - video

Patricia Morton-Thomas is a writer, actor and film-maker. She is a spokesperson for the family of the late Kwementyaye Briscoe, who died in police custody in Alice Springs in 2012. In this clip she talks about her grandfather and her uncle's first encounter with white people, the effect of the Coniston massacre on her family and the effect of the western world on Aboriginal people

08, Jan, 2014 @12:44 AM

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