DC Thomson

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Beano and Stylist publisher DC Thomson to cut 300 staff
Dundee-based company, which also owns Scottish regional newspapers, to close almost 40 magazines

Mark Sweney and Severin Carrell

09, Feb, 2023 @12:56 PM

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Alan Grant obituary
British comic book writer responsible for shaping storylines for characters such as Judge Dredd, Batman and Strontium Dog

David Barnett

31, Jul, 2022 @12:08 PM

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Cripes! Spotty becomes Scotty as the Beano reflects modern thought
New name for James Scott Cameron of the Bash Street Kids follows Fatty’s name change to Freddy in May

19, Dec, 2021 @1:21 PM

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Facebook News launches in UK following deals with publishers
Stories from the Guardian, Daily Mail, Economist and more will appear in a dedicated feed

Archie Bland

26, Jan, 2021 @12:01 AM

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Brian Walker obituary
Other Lives: Cartoonist and illustrator whose work appeared in comics, magazines and books

Jo Burgess

24, Jul, 2020 @5:38 PM

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Paul Harris obituary
Other lives: War correspondent, publisher, author, and art gallery proprietor

Tim Dawson

26, Jun, 2018 @4:49 PM

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Look who’s back! Dennis the Menace wows new generation of mischief-loving children
The Beano, the UK’s longest-running comic, is revitalised by digital spin-offs promoting the joys of youthful rebellion

Rob Walker

03, Dec, 2017 @12:05 AM

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Leo Baxendale obituary
Cartoonist who created many of the great Beano characters including Minnie the Minx and the Bash Street Kids

Steve Bell

30, Apr, 2017 @4:02 PM

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Last newspaper journalists leave Fleet Street as Sunday Post retreats
It’s ‘the end of an era’ as DC Thomson closes its editorial office in London

Roy Greenslade

15, Jul, 2016 @12:27 PM

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Newsquest/Gannett dares to erect paywall at Northern Echo
Publisher employs metered model, and a cheap entry fee, to lure subscribers

Roy Greenslade

28, May, 2015 @9:53 AM

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Minecraft meets The Beano with official Dennis and Gnasher mod
Publisher DC Thomson collaborates on official mod for popular game as it continues to take its pranks digital

Stuart Dredge

01, Dec, 2014 @4:21 PM

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Mairi Hedderwick’s top 10 books from her childhood in 1940s Scotland
To celebrate Book Week Scotland, the creator of Katie Morag shares the books that made their mark on her when she was growing up

Mairi Hedderwick

27, Nov, 2014 @8:00 AM

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