Alexandra Shulman

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The latest fashion rules: buy pre-loved labels and just five new items a year
With a former Vogue editor running jumble sales, and fashionistas vowing to buy fewer clothes, attitudes to style are changing fast

Louise Chunn

28, Jan, 2024 @2:00 PM

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‘You have to be thick-skinned’: what is it like to lose the status of a top job?
After just 45 days as prime minister, Liz Truss has abruptly lost power. How have others such as Lib Dem leader Vince Cable and Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman coped with life after a high-level role – and can they offer any advice?

Michael Segalov

25, Oct, 2022 @9:00 AM

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Alexandra Shulman: ‘I value contentment rather than focusing on being happy’
The Vogue supremo on being a hairdresser, growing up on the King’s Road and why fear is her default mode

Ruth Huntman

09, Nov, 2019 @2:00 PM

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Celebrities bite back: why Armie Hammer and Justin Bieber should grow up and ignore their critics
The rich and famous have millions of followers online. So when they object to critics not liking their outfit or performance, they’re giving licence to their armies of fans to attack

Hadley Freeman

01, May, 2019 @3:36 PM

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No frills over 40? Why you should ignore age-based fashion rules
Former Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman would like to ban frills and bows on anyone over the age of 40. Where’s the fun in that?

Anne Perkins

23, Apr, 2018 @1:26 PM

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Glossies so white: the data that reveals the problem with British magazine covers
An investigation by the Guardian shows there’s still a long way to go before black and ethnic minority people are properly represented on the covers of many glossy monthlies

Afua Hirsch, with data reporting by Elena Cherubini

10, Apr, 2018 @5:00 AM

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I’ve seen how exclusive the fashion world is. Can the new Vogue change that? | Hadley Freeman
I covered the fashion shows for almost a decade, where I could count the number of black women in the front row on one finger

Hadley Freeman

18, Nov, 2017 @8:59 AM

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Don’t tell me black cover models don’t sell – editors have the power to change cultural perceptions | Nosheen Iqbal
Nosheen Iqbal: Alexandra Shulman trashed her legacy in an eyewatering interview in which she tried to justify her appalling record of black cover stars with this tired argument

Nosheen Iqbal

14, Nov, 2017 @8:04 PM

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Former Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman: ‘I find the idea that there was a posh cabal offensive’
Since stepping down from the fashion magazine after 25 years, Shulman has been accused of having run a ‘Sloanie club’ and taking swipes at her successor, Edward Enninful. Was Naomi Campbell right to suggest that her Vogue had a diversity problem?

Decca Aitkenhead

10, Nov, 2017 @3:42 PM

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Sarah Montague says BBC gender pay gap 'unfair' and 'damaging'
Today programme presenter speaks out after revelations she is paid only a quarter the salary of her colleague John Humphrys

Graham Ruddick Media editor

31, Oct, 2017 @12:01 AM

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Alexandra Shulman’s cheap shot at her successor is a sad fall from grace | Yasmin Jones-Henry
Her thinly veiled attack on Edward Enninful has not only damaged her legacy, it’s reminded the world of her own failings, says journalist and the editor of Yasmin Jones-Henry

Yasmin Jones-Henry

06, Oct, 2017 @11:00 AM

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Ex-Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman thrusts stiletto into successor
In scathing online column, Alexandra Shulman appears to cast aspersions on celebrity obsession of Edward Enninful

Graham Ruddick

04, Oct, 2017 @8:34 PM

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