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Osborne's Evening Standard savages Theresa May's election campaign
Paper’s editorial attacks ‘disastrous manifesto’ and says Britain ‘could not have got off to a worse start’ in Brexit process

Esther Addley

30, May, 2017 @5:13 PM

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From ‘Nowheresville’ to on-air puking: why Tomasz Schafernaker is the UK’s fave forecaster
Maybe it’s the Glastonbury gaffes that make him so popular? Or perhaps it’s down to his gym-honed torso and short-shorts

Pass notes

30, May, 2017 @12:08 PM

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Jeremy Corbyn treated unfairly by press, says David Dimbleby
Veteran broadcaster points out rightwing bias of most British newspapers and complains of their ‘lazy pessimism’

Matthew Weaver

30, May, 2017 @9:30 AM

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ABC robbing commercial media of revenue, Fairfax chief Greg Hywood tells MPs
CEO steps up campaign against public broadcaster spending taxpayer dollars on Google and partnering with Netflix

Amanda Meade

30, May, 2017 @7:32 AM

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Trump, fake news, and shrinking newsrooms: does journalism still matter in 2017? | Margaret Simons
Discussions about the future of journalism have broken out of the newsroom and into Australia’s public debate. How will society adjust its information needs?

Margaret Simons

29, May, 2017 @3:32 AM

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Publishers call for rethink of proposed changes to online privacy laws
Warning that new regulations will give Google, Apple and Facebook too much control of advertising and personal data

Mark Sweney

28, May, 2017 @11:01 PM

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NYT’s publication of leaked Manchester material reveals transatlantic differences
When it comes to making decisions about national security coverage, US journalism follows a different set of priorities

Emily Bell

28, May, 2017 @2:14 PM

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From Trump to Manchester, the reason to publish secrets is the same
A newspaper praised for revelations about politics is condemned for revelations about terror. But the motivation to inform is the same in both cases

Peter Preston

28, May, 2017 @6:00 AM

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Big events - such as Manchester - need big, mainstream media
Bare facts in the newspapers, images of shock and grief on TV, then reflection and analysis as the tumult settles. Sorry, Twitter, Facebook, you just can’t hack it

Peter Preston

28, May, 2017 @6:00 AM

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Pensioners with pay-TV shouldn’t get a free licence in 2020
The BBC has to find £650m in three years’ time to cover the cost of waived fees for the over-75s. Here is a way to defray some of that cost

Peter Preston

28, May, 2017 @6:00 AM

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Sean Hannity hit by advertiser exodus in wake of bogus Seth Rich story
Seven companies including USAA and pull advertising from show after Hannity pursued disproven theory about the death of DNC staffer

Adam Gabbatt in New York

26, May, 2017 @7:07 PM

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Chateau Murdoch: Fox media mogul finds solace at his Bel-Air winery
His views on climate change may differ from his winemaker’s at Moraga estate, but Murdoch appears bitten by viticulture bug

Rory Carroll in Los Angeles

26, May, 2017 @12:48 PM

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