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Marina Hyde on Prince Harry | Politics of hair | Turning Mondrian around | Getting smart in libraries | Befriending a robin

I have been asked on occasion how I can justify spending £3.50 on a newspaper. In future, I will just refer them to Marina Hyde’s suggestion that Prince Harry should move into Gywneth Paltrow territory, where “popping the Koh-i-noor diamond up your fanny” is touted (28 October). Belly laughs for a whole day, all for £3.50.
Robin McGee

• Mike Woodcock asks if education demands the imposition of “(white) middle-class behaviours or mores” (Letters, 30 October). That was the intention at my grammar school in the 1960s. My then headmaster later wrote in his autobiography that he had seen his job as one “to turn working-class boys into middle-class men”. Hair other than short back and sides was banned.
Dr Harry Harmer
Shrewsbury, Shropshire

• Hanging that Mondrian the other way up doesn’t seem like much of an improvement (Mondrian painting has been hanging upside down for 75 years, 28 October). Perhaps someone should try hanging it back to front?
Tim Shelton-Jones
Brighton, East Sussex

• Many years ago, my son said that he and his friends had been reprimanded in the library by the officious librarian: “You don’t come in here to get clever” (Letters, 27 October).
Chris Chart

• If Sue Hunter can attract a robin to her garden and nurture a friendship with it, she will be rewarded with its birdsong all winter long (Letters, 30 October). No need to wait until spring.
Rob Parrish
Starcross, Devon

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