GB News will be staunchly independent, not ‘anti-impartiality’ | Letter

We aim to serve British communities who feel poorly represented by mainstream channels, says chief executive Angelos Frangopoulos

Marina Hyde’s article (As the US descends into chaos, what better time for Britain to go the same way?, 8 January) is a false imagining of what GB News, Britain’s upcoming free-to-air television news channel, will be.

To call us an “anti-impartiality news channel” is not only untrue but baseless, given that we haven’t launched yet. It also misunderstands Ofcom’s due impartiality rules, which do not allow a biased news station in this country.

GB News will be staunchly independent. That is our point. Our investors know this, our journalists will know it and so will our viewers. We aim to serve British communities who feel poorly represented by mainstream television media, especially outside London.

We are proud to be adding plurality to UK media by investing in journalism that will be as diverse and broad-minded as the British people themselves.

We are absolutely committed to our mission to report news in the most accurate and balanced way we can.
Angelos Frangopoulos
Chief executive officer, GB News Limited


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