The BBC’s weather forecasts are often wrong (Zoe Williams, 17 August). For the last three Sundays they have forecast overcast weather for the brass band concerts at the bandstand in St Andrews, and each time we have had glorious sunshine. The reason is that the BBC changed its supplier from the Met Office, who had the last three Sundays correct, to MeteoGroup. They should change back.
Margaret Squires
St Andrews, Fife

• An article about New Zealand’s handling of Covid (18 August) said: “The proof, experts say, is in the pudding.” Is this the most misquoted well-known phrase of all time? The proof is not in the pudding; the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Now that makes sense!
Frances Wilson
Boston, Lincolnshire

• Given the current state of the world, your comment that Antwerp is “less than a day’s drive from parts of England” was ill-advised (Editorial, 17 August). Why not say it’s only a few hours’ train journey from parts of England? After all, the city’s historic Central Station is a tourist destination in its own right.
Albert Beale
King’s Cross, London

• Latin was needed for admission to Oxford and Cambridge in the 60s (Letters, 17 August). In 1969 Cambridge began to allow scientists in with two modern languages, but arts applicants still needed Latin. This policy’s purpose was to bias admissions in favour of applicants from fee-charging schools.
John Edwards

• The “llama drama” featured in the print version of Lucy Mangan’s article (Digested week, 14 August) will, I guess, end at the hands of an alpaca knacker.
John Fullard
Warminster, Wiltshire

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