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I went to university from 1994 until 1997. During that time, the Guardian gave little booklets of vouchers that gave students a discount on the paper. When the booklet was finished, it could be exchanged for some Guardian goodies. I collected them all – mug, bag, kite, and for the final booklet I got a toaster. It had “Guardian” written on its side but that disappeared after a few years. Anyway, with much sadness, I have to announce that it no longer works. Thank you for the many years of toast. Any other readers have one?
Lindsey Ingham

• Re readers’ weirdest meals (8 October), the first two – lasagne toasties, and peanut butter beans on toast – rang a bell with me, but you really should spread the toast with peanut butter first and then top with beans which have been gently warmed in butter and oregano. Standard uni lunch circa 1978.
Mike Haddrell
Wantage, Oxfordshire

• Zoe Williams (Covid knocked the stuffing out of Johnson. Will it do the same to Trump?, 5 October) reminds me that I really do need to establish just how fit a butcher’s dog actually is. Can anybody help?
Ian Ferguson
Thornton Dale, North Yorkshire

• Given the increasing lockdown restrictions across the country, perhaps the holiday destination of choice (Letters, 7 October) should be the Glaswegian option: Hamelldaeme (pronounced hay-mill-day-me).
Ronnie McNeil
Perth, Scotland

• Asked where we were going on our holidays, my dad would say we were going to Argate. To the inevitable question “Where’s Argate?”, he’d reply: “At the bottom of our garden.”
Kev Crocombe


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