Have you seen any UK political adverts without disclosures on social media?

During the general election campaign we would like to hear about the political adverts you have seen on social media

From 22 November political adverts will be banned on Twitter, however, other social media platforms such as Facebook will still allow them on their sites.

Ahead of the UK general election we would like you to help us collect examples of political adverts running on social media which do not mention who has sponsored them.

Political adverts on Facebook should clearly state who has paid for them in their posts.

Screenshot of an advert from the Labour Party which shows who it is paid for by

However, commercial adverts do not say who they are “paid for by” but only show that they are sponsored.

Screenshot of an advert from the Guardian which only shows that it is sponsored content

If you have seen any political content on social media that does not clearly state who has paid for it we would like to hear from you.

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If you see an advert that does not say “paid for by” screenshot it. Then, click on the three dots next to the advert, select “why am I seeing this ad?” and screenshot that information as well.

Which platform did you see it on? Which political party was it for? If it did not have a disclosure on it what was the reason the platform gave for showing you the advert? Though adverts will be banned from Twitter on 22 November, we would be interested to know if you see any posted after this date.

Tell us about your experiences in the encrypted form below. You can also get in touch via WhatsApp by clicking here or adding the contact +44(0)7867825056. Leave contact details if you can as one of our journalists may be in touch to discuss further.

If you’re having trouble using the form, click here. Read terms of service here.


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