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Libby Ruffle asks (Letters, 16 March) “does the Guardian carry a responsibility for mediation and reconciliation?” No, it doesn’t. It is a vehicle for reporting news and facilitating views and comment on that news. I read the Guardian for honest and accurate reportage but also to be stimulated, inspired, amused, angered and challenged by a range of overviews on that news. I am not interested in commentary that has been “mediated” so as not to frighten the horses.
Roz Treadway
Sheringham, Norfolk

• Correspondence concerning “necessaries”, “netties” etc (Letters, passim) reminds me of a cleric I knew who, when required, would declare that he needed to go “now even unto Bethlehem”; presumably to “see this thing which is come to pass.”
Hugh Simpson

Top ten breakup songs (G2, 15 March) without Without You by Harry Nilsson? I think not.
Sheila Harrison
Llandudno, Conwy

• I’m amazed that Jackson Browne’s heartrending Late for the Sky didn’t make it into Alexis Petridis’s breakup songs list.
Christine Peacock
Prestwich, Greater Manchester

• After Michael Cunningham (Letters, 16 March) and Wolves net two apiece, I bet there was one hell of a party in Wolverhampton on Saturday night.
Ian Grieve
Gordon Bennett, Llangollen canal

• How can we persuade you to include a codeword in the Saturday Guardian? It would be the cherry on the cake.
Kate and Nigel Gardner

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