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Following the example of Saudi Arabia (Riyadh offers to free rich detainees in exchange for assets, 17 November), why not call the bluff of all overpaid BBC personnel (Report, 27 January) by locking them in a Travelodge till they agree to be paid less than the prime minister? Executives in all other public bodies (local government, NHS, universities) can then be similarly treated.
Stuart Hutchinson
Canterbury, Kent

• “Although petite in stature, [Jude] Kelly crackles with spry energy and formidable ambition” (Interview, 27 January). Is this a contrast because men – who are generally taller than women – are also usually more energetic and ambitious? Just asking.
Dr Linda Campbell

• After a fortnight, I begin to appreciate the benefits of the new structure and design of your papers. The redesigns for Saturday and Sunday are stimulating, rewarding improvements. Thank you.
Art Symons
South Molton, Devon

• You appear to have published hardly any jazz reviews in the last couple of weeks. Are you trying to put to bed Frank Zappa’s response to the question “Is jazz dead?” (“Nope. Just smells funny”)?
Richard Lee
Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

• Not all of Intermarché’s special offers lead to in-store fights (French shoppers brawl over cut-price Nutella, 27 January). When it reduced wine to 65 cents there was no rush; when we tried it, we knew why.
Richard Offer

• Well, Gavin Williamson’s career history puts a whole new spin on “Aga saga” (Minister silent over relationship questions, 27 January).
Dave Headey
Faringdon, Oxfordshire

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