The Sun has urged its readers not to “chuck Britain in the Cor-bin” on its final front page before the country votes in the general election.

The tabloid, owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, published an editorial on its front page under the headline “Don’t Chuck Britain in the Cor-bin” alongside 10 bullet points that described the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as a “terrorists’ friend”, “useless on Brexit”, “puppet of unions” and “Marxist extremist”. The article said readers could “rescue Britain from the catastrophe of a takeover by Labour’s hard-left extremists”.

The Daily Mail front page roared, “Let’s reignite British spirit” on the back of a Theresa May speech and also promoted a feature inside called “Your tactical voting guide to boost the Tories and Brexit”.

front page The Daily Mail, Thursday 8 June.
The Daily Mail, Thursday 8 June. Photograph: Daily Mail

The Daily Mirror reiterated its support for the Labour party with a front page headline of “Lies, damned lies, and Theresa May”, while the Daily Telegraph ran a story headlined “Your Country Needs You” based on an editorial by the prime minister that urged “patriotic” Labour supporters to vote Conservative. The Daily Express front page said: “Vote for May Today”.

Meanwhile, the Times reported that the Conservatives had a seven-point in the final opinion poll before the election, and the Guardian covered May and Corbyn’s late attempts to win support from voters.

Thursday’s front pages come after the Daily Mail devoted 13 pages to attacking Labour, Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott and John McDonnell on Wednesday under the headline: “Apologists for terror”.

The tabloid urged readers to support the Conservatives in an editorial on its first and second pages, but concentrated its fire on Labour’s leadership, compiling hostile anecdotes dating back to the 1970s.

The Mail’s leading article said it had no doubt Corbyn’s “expressions of horror” over the recent terrorists attacks in Britain were genuine, but added “The ineluctable truth is that the Labour leader and his closest associates have spent their careers cosying up to those who hate our country, while pouring scorn on the police and security services and opposing anti-terror legislation over and over and over again”.

Other attack articles in the Mail included a collection of quotes from Corbyn, McDonnell and Abbott that the newspaper said was “proof Corbyn and Co are unfit to rule”, a story headlined “Revealed: Labour plan to crash house prices” and criticism of the BBC’s coverage of the election.

The Sun, which endorsed Theresa May and the Conservative party, ran a front-page story under the headline “Jezza’s Jihadi Comrades”. The newspaper reported that Corbyn had delivered an “incendiary speech” at a demonstration that was attended by followers of the Islamic clerics Anjem Choudary and Omar Bakri Muhammad.

In its editorial encouraging readers to vote for the Conservatives, the Sun said that Britain would be a “global laughing stock” if Corbyn was elected prime minister.

Other press endorsements for the Conservatives came from the Financial Times, the Daily Telegraph and the Times. Labour has won the support of the Daily Mirror and the Guardian, with the Economist supporting the Liberal Democrats.

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