Jennie Bond should bring out royal secrets book

Queen of the jungle Kerry McFadden is already looking at a windfall from ITV's I'm a Celebrity, but the other contestants face a mixed future. John Plunkett looks at their prospects.

"Queen of the jungle" Kerry McFadden is already looking at a £700,000 windfall less than a day after ITV's I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! show finished, but the other contestants face a mixed future with own esteemed talent agent warning their shelf life is very short indeed.

Alex Armitage, chief executive of the Noel Gay organisation, warned this year's contestants not to expect too much. "If you are famous for being famous then I'm a Celebrity is a fantastic thing to do. But on the after dinner circuit, celebrity buys you a very short time in the spotlight. Thereafter you have to be good at your job. It is a big danger to confuse celebrity with talent."

Here assesses their chances of being cast into the wilderness and asks will their stars flicker like Phil Tufnell and Linda Barker, or will they be gone - and almost completely forgotten - like Darren Day and Christine Hamilton?


The biggest name of any of the contestants before she went into the jungle, the glamour model was able to command a fee of £100,000 while lesser mortals had to make do with £40,000 or eve as little as £25,000 - the amount offered to Germaine Greer.

Tabloid picture editors helped ensure she was an even bigger star when she left. Her up-coming book - which threatens to include plenty of kiss and tell revelations about star footballers - will guarantee acres more coverage to come. Estimated earnings from the show: in excess of £1m.

"She talked about her book and used her relationship with Peter Andre to keep herself in the papers," says Mark Borkowski, head of the Borkowski PR agency. "People who dismissed her before now take her seriously."

"We now know the person behind the silicon, and that is incredibly important when it comes to selling her into people," adds James Herring, joint managing director of Taylor Herring. "The timing of her book couldn't have been better - the publishers must be mentally spending the profits already."

Peter Andre

The Aussie pop star last seen sometime in the 90s made it through to the final three contestants, and will re-release his biggest hit, Mysterious Girl, later this month. "It will probably get to No 1, but whether he will appeal again to 14 to 16-year-olds, I don't know," says Borkowski.

Herring recommends against a release of the song he wrote in the jungle, "Insania" ("It's a new word," he explained to fellow campers). "If you do that, you're only appealing to ironic purchasers rather than serious music fans. He'd have an enjoyable few months but a slightly piss-taking, ironic route is not going to work in the long term. The Darkness won't be worried just yet."

Jennie Bond

The former BBC royal correspondent wants to re-engineer her career, but has no firm offers yet. Alison Sharman, the head of daytime TV at the BBC, says she is interested in talking to Bond about ideas, but has ruled her out as a contender to succeed Kilroy. She will present a three-part Channel Five series on the royals, Jennie Bond's Real Royals, this summer.

"She has this really fantastic no-threatening charisma," says Herring. "I don't know if a chatshow would work, but she will get plenty of offers. There will be plenty of publishers out there who would like the Jennie Bond royal diaries. With her new celebrity, that would be highly marketable."

Neil "Razor" Ruddock

"He'll do really well on the corporate circuit and you can expect to see him on lots of panel shows like They Think It's All Over," says Herring of the former football hardman.

"The killer strategy would be to do a keep fit video. There are plenty of get fit tapes for girls, but there are none for blokes. He should get on the treadmill, lose three stone and then get it in the shops for Christmas. It will be the "R plan" diet. He's got that human touch."

Lord Brocket

The convicted fraudster will be able to cash in on after dinner speaking - and may even be able to land his own TV show. "Everyone loves a toff," says Borkowski. "We also like our heroes to be flawed, and there will be plenty of opportunities with corporate bookings and after dinner speaking. They may even be able to build a sub-Osbournes reality format around him."

Alex Best

Not much apart from a few saucy photo-shoots and more stories about husband George, say the experts. "She just revealed to everyone that she was an empty vessel," says Borkowski.

John Lydon

Shaping up to be the most popular of this year's contestants, Lydon's unexpected walkout also proved he is the most unpredictable. Sales of the seminal Sex Pistols album, Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols, rose on the back of I'm a Celebrity, but it's not managed to trouble the top 10 just yet.

"He is a real winner. The sky is the limit as long as he wants to do it," says Borkowski. When Lydon walked out, he said he "didn't want to become Des O'Connor." Herring warns: "He is a reluctant TV star. He will do well on his back catalogue but I'm sure [his record company] has got that out already."

Lydon'soutburst at viewers after they failed to vote him out - "Fucking cunts!" - ensured him another place in broadcast history.

Diane Modahl

Former athletics star Modahl was not the first kicked out of the jungle - that privilege went to Mike Read - but she was arguably the least high profile of any of this year's contestants. She can expect a few extra gym and health centre openings, but unlikely to land a big-money TV contract any time soon. Programme-makers suggested her "motivational ideas could lead to problems in the same way that [John Fashanu's] did in the last series." It never happened.

Mike Read

What every celebrity dreads, the veteran DJ was the first to be voted out of the jungle - without making any impact. "He'll be turning on the Christmas lights in Milton Keynes," says Herring. Read is also recording a cover version of '80s hit The Lion Sleeps Tonight with fellow contestant Neil Ruddock. The name of their band? The Jungle Boys.


John Plunkett

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