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My husband and I haven’t had sex for 10 years. Can we start again?
He has completely lost his sex drive and says he can’t imagine us ever resuming this part of our lives. But I love him immensely, and am still hopeful

Pamela Stephenson Connolly

23, Feb, 2021 @4:26 PM

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Nude selfies: are they now art?
Lockdown has triggered a boom in the exchange of intimate shots – and now a new book called Sending Nudes is celebrating the pleasures and perils of baring all to the camera

Claire Armitstead

23, Feb, 2021 @4:11 PM

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Keep it down! Why sales of silent sex toys are surging
What is the most important quality in a vibrator when you are house sharing in a pandemic? That it is less noisy than a fridge

22, Feb, 2021 @2:51 PM

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‘Which came first, booze or boys?’: untangling a love affair with alcohol
For better and for worse, drinking has been a constant thread running through writer Megan Nolan’s relationships. She reflects on the dual thrills of alcohol and romance

Megan Nolan

20, Feb, 2021 @1:00 PM

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My porn life: what my years as a sex writer taught me about my desires
Tracy Clark-Flory spent years as a reporter embedded in the porn world. Here, she shares how it shaped her own sexuality

Tracy Clark-Flory

16, Feb, 2021 @9:00 AM

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'We are desperate for human contact': people breaking lockdown for sex
For nearly 12 months, single people have been unable to form new relationships. With their chances to start a family or find love slipping away, many are now ignoring the rules

Zoe Williams

11, Feb, 2021 @10:00 AM

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Pvt Chat review – refreshingly grownup take on virtual sex
This mumblecore drama about a man’s obsession with an online sex worker is uncomfortably funny and semi-insightful

Cath Clarke

11, Feb, 2021 @7:00 AM

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Save the date: the chat-up lines that really work – and ones to avoid
New research into online dating has found that what men say to attract women matters, but not vice versa

10, Feb, 2021 @5:05 PM

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My girlfriend rarely wants to have sex – but she won’t talk about why
We have been together for five years and were once sexually active and adventurous, but my partner has become closed off

Pamela Stephenson Connolly

10, Feb, 2021 @10:27 AM

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My girlfriend and I have never met – and Covid is making it impossible. What should we do?
We don’t live in the same country, but know we are perfect for each other. With no end in sight, the situation is so frustrating

Pamela Stephenson Connolly

03, Feb, 2021 @11:55 AM

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I loved the low-key thrill of flirting, until lockdown killed it off | Maeve Higgins
Flirting has been one of the victims of this socially distanced world, and I’m lost without it, says author Maeve Higgins

Maeve Higgins

02, Feb, 2021 @9:30 AM

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'It was a misuse of power': how screen sex scenes have been forced to change
As Keira Knightley says she won’t shoot one with a male director, the use of intimacy coordinators means that actors can be more comfortable with what they are asked to do

Andrew Pulver

29, Jan, 2021 @5:35 PM

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