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Millions of men support our abortion rights. We need to help them become stronger allies | Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett
We can find a way for men who are pro-choice to play a role without infringing a woman’s autonomy or speaking over her, says Guardian columnist Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett

Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett

13, Jun, 2022 @5:00 AM

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Eat plants, try pilates and stay positive: how to keep your body younger than your years
Do blueberries make you live longer? Is pilates proper exercise? How do you avoid loneliness? Botox, yes or no? Here’s how to age better

Luisa Dillner

28, May, 2022 @6:00 AM

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The people making a difference: the man who made blokes strip off and feel good about themselves
Paul Goddard wanted to help ‘pretty average’ men realise they can be sexy, so put together a ‘dad bod’ calendar. Now it’s his turn for a treat

Sirin Kale

23, May, 2022 @11:00 AM

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The devastating impact of homophobic bullying | Letters
Letters: After Owen Jones wrote about how such abuse affects straight men too, readers respond with their own experiences


20, May, 2022 @5:11 PM

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Why homophobia against straight men matters | Owen Jones
We must confront the hatred faced by LGBTQ+ people in all its forms, says Guardian columnist Owen Jones

Owen Jones

17, May, 2022 @9:00 AM

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Prejudices that led to witch-hunts still affect women today, says historian
Lucy Worsley, whose BBC TV series focuses on powerless people, says women continue to bear brunt of men’s rage

Tobi Thomas

17, May, 2022 @5:00 AM

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Infertile men may be twice as likely to develop breast cancer, study suggests
Researchers find link between fertility issues and cancer risk, but say biological reason unclear

Andrew Gregory Health editor

17, May, 2022 @12:00 AM

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Number of male teachers in England at all-time low as pay levels drop
New research also raises alarm over lack of minority ethnic senior teaching staff

Michael Savage Policy Editor

07, May, 2022 @12:36 PM

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Why didn’t I wash my bed sheets regularly? Reader, I didn’t even have any | Max Liu
As a reformed slob, I’m unsurprised that half of single men in the UK leave linen unwashed for months on end, says writer Max Liu

Max Liu

01, May, 2022 @2:00 PM

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Are you a beard guy? Tim Dowling on the trend that will never end
Fashion says we reached ‘peak beard’ a decade ago, but there are still so many around. Is it the pandemic – or is something else going on?

Tim Dowling

22, Apr, 2022 @10:00 AM

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I take little interest in men’s balls. Unlike Tucker Carlson … | Arwa Mahdawi
The Fox News pundit is promoting an unusual solution for the apparent crisis in masculinity – testicle tanning to boost testosterone, writes Arwa Mahdawi

Arwa Mahdawi

19, Apr, 2022 @1:13 PM

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How Brooklyn Peltz Beckham taking wife’s name highlights sexist legal anomaly
Men may require a deed poll if they want to change their name after marriage – a process at odds with equality

Rachel Hall

15, Apr, 2022 @9:49 AM

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