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I lost my partner and soulmate of 50 years as a result of Alzheimer’s last August. Kat Lister is correct: grief does move, but I find it more like a fog (Anyone who’s lost a loved one knows the pressure to visit shrines to the past. But it doesn’t always help, 7 June). Sometimes it’s thick and impenetrable, other times it’s thin and swirling. But it is never far away. I find the plaque that I placed on her favourite swing seat in the garden a daily source of comfort. Miss her? Every waking minute.
Peter West
Reading, Berkshire

• Yes, the Hot 8 Brass Band cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart is interestingly different (Letters, 12 June), but my favourite cover is by June Tabor and Oysterband from 2011’s Ragged Kingdom. This album also has an equally good cover of the soul classic Dark End of the Street.
Jack Wrigley
Stockport, Greater Manchester

• Re words to describe politicians (Letters, 13 June), on a recent visit to Italy, our host declared a major politician there to be a fannullone (a layabout or idler). It’s a term we should adopt here. I have.
David Duell

• Clive Needle (Letters, 13 June) is concerned with bird predation by cats. It’s called nature. In fact, most bird predation is caused by other, larger birds. Will he be advocating they be regulated?
Kit Jackson

• In an office near here some years ago, a letter was drafted to apologise for a mistake. It closed with: “We are sorry for any incontinence caused” (Letters, 13 June).
Alasdair Gibson
Ledbury, Herefordshire

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