Sunday with Neil Morrissey: ‘I like my gravy rustic and lumpy’

Delia is all wrong about the flour, says the actor. He knows this because he’s talked it over with pals in the pub

Early bird or lie-in? I’ll definitely have bit ofa lie-in, but I do have to get up for Sunday brunch at 9.30. I’m not a 2pm bed-dweller.

Sundays growing up? I was brought up in care homes, so we’d be up early, play clothes on, doing fun stuff, like rope swings and fences and finding out where the cattle were.

Sunday routine? At some point we’ll meander down to the pub and have a couple. We sit around, supping our pints, discussing what we’re going to have for lunch and swapping cookery tips like: what’s the best way to make gravy?

What is the best way to make gravy? Stuff the chicken with lemon, thyme and rosemary. Deglaze with white wine, add stock, but – Delia is wrong – no flour. If you want it restaurant style, run through a sieve, but I like my gravy rustic and lumpy.

Sunday afternoons? There’ll definitely be a bottle of wine open. If I happen to be on telly, we may settle down and watch that to see if I’m still any good.

Sunday housework? I’m the sweeper and mopper. My partner, Emma, does everything else.I don’t remember the last time I picked up a duster.

Sunday friends? We’ll often meet up with two or three other couples. I joke that it’ll soon turn into one of those ‘put your car keys in the bowl’ parties yet, but it hasn’t… yet.

Sunday wind down? I’m usually in a comfy chair, glasses on, feet up, sipping a whisky, stroking my beard, doing my homework, reading a Margaret Atwood.

Dread or love Monday mornings? If I’m not working, a typical Monday involves shower, ablutions and heading back to the pub to catch up with the old boys to discuss how well the gravy recipe went.

Sunday nightcap? Maybe a little one. I’m glad TVs turn themselves off as I’ve been known to fall asleep on the sofa, whisky in hand. When someone tries to remove it, my grip tightens, for my own safety.

Last thing before sleep? Usually just lie down. Normally works for me.

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Rich Pelley

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