Tell us: has your life taken a new direction after the age of 60?

We would like to hear from people over the age of 60 who have changed their lives – personally or professionally – in some way

We would like to hear from individuals who have used the years after turning 60 as a launchpad for change. The changes may be personal or professional: perhaps you launched a new business, or pursued a new sport or art form? You may even have taken up activism or changed the habits of a lifetime.

Share your experiences

You can get in touch by filling in the form below. Your responses are secure as the form is encrypted and only the Guardian has access to your contributions.

One of our journalists will be in contact before we publish, so please do leave contact details.

  • This callout was amended on 3 August 2021 to invite readers over 60 (not only those over 65) to get in touch.

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