When V-signs will be welcome in pubs | Brief letters

Liverpool | Covid checks | Pension increases | Pedantry | Brexit festival

“Multiple failures”; “serious breakdown of governance”; “deeply concerning picture of mismanagement”; “dysfunctional culture”; “awarding of dubious contracts” (Government intervenes to send taskforce into ‘dysfunctional’ Liverpool, 24 March). And I thought an inquiry into the UK government’s handling of Covid hadn’t yet taken place.
Mark Hind
Stocksfield, Northumberland

• Simon Jenkins is right (Pub Covid checks shouldn’t be a big deal – as long as they are temporary, 25 March): a Covid passport would be no more an infringement of our liberties than a sports centre membership card. I’d pin a large letter “V” to my jacket if it got me into a pub again.
Michael Heaton
Warminster, Wiltshire

• Last year, my husband joined me in the 80-plus state pension bracket (Letters, 24 March), so if we both save our 25p increases, by the time the pubs are open again, we might have enough for a pub lunch – if we remember to drink water.
Margaret Squires
St Andrews, Fife

• Neil Petrie (Letters, 25 March) asks that we pedants should be told which is the best option, “least bad” or “least worst”. This pedant would prefer to be told which is the better option.
Martin Pilgrim
Hoath, Kent

• The organisers of the celebration with the working title Festival UK 2022 (‘Festival of Brexit’: first events for divisive £120m project announced, 24 March) intend to change the name, but FUK 22 seems quite appropriate.
Alan Pearson


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