Sunday with Greg James: ‘I’m not sure where we’d be without wine’

The radio presenter on long walks, cricket and random listening

What wakes you up? My dog prodding me in the face at 7.30am desperate to pee. I let him out and feed him, and then go back to sleep until midday or later. I get up so stupidly early in the week that on Sundays I revert to being a teen, and make the most of not having kids or responsibilities.

Are you getting out? I can aimlessly walk for hours – it has saved me during lockdown. I’ll pick something at random to listen to. That’s how I got into a radio show called The Verb – smart people talking about how they write things. And Composer of the Week: I spent a lot of time with Edvard Grieg over Christmas.

Favourite spot? A place up the road: the Cinnamon Kitchen? Or is it Cinnamon Village? It has been so long I can barely remember.

Sunday sport? Always cricket. Playing in the village as a kid; Dad taking me to an all-day Test match when I was older. The last time I spent proper time with my parents was summer 2019. We sat in the sun listening to the Ashes on the radio like it was wartime. I really miss it.

Sunday feels like… A massive con. I don’t think I like it. We fetishise the day and worry about making the most of it but it never pays off. Suddenly it’s 5pm, you’ve done sod all and it’s time to prepare for Monday. It’s really only half a day, although maybe I should just get up earlier.

And Sunday nights? At a restaurant or pub, please: anywhere you can sit and down wine by the bottle. My relationship with [my wife] Bella is built on wine: at the start, staying up all night drinking and talking; glugging away on holidays in Italy and France. I’m actually not sure what we’d be without it.

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