Schools and their communities recognise the importance of nutrition in learning (One in five UK schools has set up a food bank in Covid crisis, survey suggests, 4 March). Teachers know that brain development before birth and in the early years is affected by diet. It’s not simply a question of being hungry, but needing fuel for the brain. Yet again children are having their life chances limited and their health undermined by the reluctance of our government to provide an adequate benefits system.
Carole Coleman
Copley, West Yorkshire

• I despair that even the Guardian is contributing to the feeding frenzy that is the alleged quarrel between sections of the Windsor family (Report, 5 March). Please limit your coverage of this matter to a Lucy Mangan review of the Oprah interview. That’s bound to make me laugh at least.
Anne Cowper
Bishopston, West Glamorgan

• I planted the yellow honeysuckle Lonicera japonica ‘Halliana’ to ramble along the fence. However, the honeysuckle preferred the washing line in full sun. I now use the indoor kitchen pulley the whole time (Letters, 4 March).
Margaret Forrester

• Wondering whether the “NEM” included in Friday’s Wordsearch was meant to be counted in “people to listen to”? Words can, of course, run backwards.
Caroline Cole
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

• Please publish this short letter on International Women’s Day. Anything to stop my husband, Toby, getting another one in.
Irene Wood


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