Tell us about your cat disputes with your neighbours

After one disagreement over a cat resulted in a £20,000 court case, we would like to hear about your experiences

Cats: they love us, they hate us - they might even actually be genuinely attached to us.

But having a cat can make life difficult – especially when it comes to relationships with our neighbours. One dispute over a Maine Coon in west London resulted in a £20,000 court case this week. Jackie and John Hall were perplexed when their cat Ozzy kept coming home with a new collar – they soon found out that he had been making himself at home with a neighbour, who now has an injunction against her that will ban her interacting with the cat.

Share your experiences

Have you had a nightmare with a neighbours’ cat? Or have your neighbours treated your own feline friend with disdain – or indeed too much affection? Has a neighbour’s cat moved itself into your house? And how did you manage that?

You can get in touch with us by filling in the encrypted form below. Only the Guardian will see your responses and one of our journalists may be in touch for more information.

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