Sunday with Russell Tovey: ‘I don’t have the cooking thing in me’

The actor on dogs, walks and music

Do you set an alarm? There’s no need, the dogs wake me. It’s like being a parent with all the feeding, entertaining and pooing.

A slow morning? A nice breakfast somewhere fancy – Hoi Poloi under Shoreditch’s Ace Hotel or the Curious Yellow Kafe in Hoxton – although I always end up ordering scrambled eggs. What happens next depends on how boozy Saturday night was, but cycling to the Tate is heaven.

A Sunday sound? Jill Scott and Rufus Wainwright, music that is both chilled and warming, if that’s possible. I’m trying a new app called Stack – tell it your mood and it curates a playlist.

What does Sunday feel like? It’s about family and feeling safe. They remind me of growing up: Tovey roasts, walks in the woods. I’d go out with my metal detector to dig up bits of tin thinking I’d found ancient medals and Saxon swords.

Is Sunday for working? If I’m doing TV or rehearsing a play there’s lines to learn. Right now I’m researching and recording my podcast. Last Sunday we recorded interviews with Turner prize nominee Anthea Hamilton, and Marianne Berenhaut – an 85-year-old Belgian artist who was hidden with her twin brothers from the Nazis. Listening to her left me in a trance-like state.

Do you entertain? Yes, but I leave the cooking to my boyfriend. I can do omelettes, but I don’t have the cooking thing in me. I love to eat. Good food is an art form, but to spend so long preparing something and then it’s gone? I can’t be arsed. I handle the drinks, though. Sunday beers feel a little risky – and I like it.

If you could be anywhere next Sunday? I’m off to New York until August soon, so I’d love to get friends and family all together. If we could get down to St Ives for a hike and roast at the pub, that’ll do nicely.

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Michael Segalov

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