Rosemary Ferguson: ‘I do realise my tastebuds are a bit warped’

The nutritionist and former model, 43, on feeling the same now as she did when she was 17, vanity and being a role model for her daughters

I enjoy the feeling you get after exercise more than during it. I was always sporty at school and did a lot of Thai boxing when I lived in New York. I rode a horse for a long time. I love running and I’ve turned into a yoga bunny.

Despite being a nutritionist, I do eat sweets and bags of crisps. I’m all about a good relationship with food, which I think is one where you can have an ice cream without feeling guilty. I do realise my tastebuds are a bit warped. I was eating a flaxseed cracker the other day and said it was delicious and a friend said: ‘That is disgusting! Your tastebuds have gone horribly wrong.’

When you’re younger, there’s a stage where you don’t give a damn about what’s going to happen and then there’s a stage where you think: ‘What the hell am I doing with my life?’ It would have been nice to hear then that it’s going to just unfold and you should be confident about that. Also, that you won’t feel any different in your 40s than you do when you’re 17 – you’re still the same person in essence.

I haven’t had any major crises, though I do have a certain amount of vanity about getting older. Sometimes I look at my photos and I think my knees are starting to drop. But I feel better in my body than I ever have. And mentally I’m definitely better. I feel more in control of what I am and what I want. I have three girls and I want to be an example to them so I want them to see me working hard.

I am strict about phones and Snapchat – it drives me nuts. If I don’t see my kids for three hours and I find them curled up in a corner with a phone it’s like pushing the red button and I take them off them. They say: ‘But, Mum, you’re the worst of all of us!’

My mum and dad are both kind, fair and balanced, and I try to be like that, not to be too extreme about anything. And I like it when people are straightforward.

Living well is about feeling well, so if you don’t feel well it doesn’t matter how you look. Take little steps and you’ll feel better – rather than thinking: ‘We’re never going to make it, it’s such a massive mountain to climb,’ keep taking little steps.

Rosemary is a spokesperson for Renew Life, supporting gut health


Interview by Chris Hall

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