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Regarding the shortage of CO2 reported in the Guardian over the last week, it does not lead to a shortage of real beer – only of the ersatz versions such as lager and the like. I have seen no shortage of proper beer here in West Somerset. Real ale, whether bottle or cask conditioned, needs no extra input of CO2 as it creates its own. Perhaps now is a good time to extol the virtues of real ale as opposed to Eurofizz!
Alan Bond
Watchet, Somerset

• Re The NHS at 70: what has it got better at? (Journal, 2 July): diagnosis of bowel cancer in the over-60s. Do the postal test, send it off, and (fingers crossed) you’re clear for two years. But if you’re not, you’ll have an op within 18 weeks. Thanks to all who treated and supported me.
Margaret Waddy

• Zoe Williams’ article (Witches and tree talkers of the world unite, 3 July) reminded me of an ad in the American trade journal Fortune in the 1950s when I was working as a copywriter: “HAVE YOUR BABY THE CAESAREAN WAY AND KEEP YOUR PASSAGES HONEYMOON FRESH.” Makes vaginal steaming seem like a soft option.
Brenda Reid
Knighton, Powys

• One night in 1971 I emerged from the old Film House in Randolph Place, Edinburgh, to find my rose taupe Traveller had been replaced by a green one (Letters, passim). Happily, the next day I returned to find my own one reinstated. Alcohol may have had a part in this and perhaps they all had the same ignition key?
Donald Dickie

• Just don’t hide your diamonds in the ice cubes – everybody knows that one (Letters, 2 July).
Brian Robinson
Daingean, Co Offaly

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