How is your pet voting in the EU referendum?

We’ve had #CatsAgainstBrexit and #mutts4remain - now we want to see how your pets are voting in the EU referendum

Pets can’t participate in the EU referendum, but that hasn’t stopped animals declaring their voting intentions across social media.

In a spontaneous intervention which was in no way influenced by their owners, cats rose up to express their opposition to Brexit.

Now he's been helped through the arguments, Slammers today declared himself one of the #CatsAgainstBrexit

— Rich Nelmes (@nelmes) June 20, 2016

And also their support for Brexit.

Soon enough, dogs got in the act too.

But we here at GuardianWitness say, why stop there? With the referendum fast approaching, what do tortoises, goldfish and pet rabbits think? What is the mood in Britain’s guinea pig community? Perhaps there are other dogs and cats whose voices are being ignored by the mainstream media?

If you’re a pet and live in the UK, we’d like to hear from you. Send your pictures in to us, along with your voting intention, and we’ll put together a gallery of the most compelling contributions.

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James Walsh

The GuardianTramp

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