Cuts hit poor women hardest – shame on our government

The Women's Resource Centre reports that poor women are bearing the brunt of the cuts. Don't tell us – tell our leaders

A report compiled by the Women's Resource Centre (WRC), claimed that poor women are bearing the brunt of the cuts. Well, who would have thought it! Marvellous that they are telling us this, but it's from the University of the Bleeding Obvious again. It's our government that needs to be told. They haven't twigged that the majority of single parents, carers, part-time and public-sector workers and very old persons are women, which means they're either on a low wage and/or benefits, and when they need legal aid, a refuge from domestic violence, family planning, a nice warm library, Sure Start, clothes, transport, heating, a decent home and food, they now can't have any, or can't afford enough.

Perhaps some of our leaders even walk among us and go shopping – probably not in Lidl or Aldi, where the poor are scrabbling to save a few pence – but they don't notice a few pence, or that instant coffee's gone up from 99p to £1.69. They couldn't be flipped to carry out "impact equality assessments" on their cuts. That's silly, fusspot Labour twaddle to them. They don't need to bother with it. All they need is the magic words "scroungers, illegal immigrant hordes, undeserving poor," and we'll all turn on ourselves, distracted, and forget that in another world, sales of champagne and luxury homes are booming and the country is awash with money.

The WRC thinks that the only thing we can do is to shame the government into behaving decently, but our government has no shame. It is taking ages to catch wealthy tax-avoiders/evaders, but has managed to be rather snappy with its cuts. The way to the top is usually paved with bad intentions.


Michele Hanson

The GuardianTramp

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