Public servants should know the Equality Act | Letters

Letters: Few civil or public servants have received any training on any aspect of the 2010 act

It is surprising that the former home secretary and current prime minister seems unaware that the Equality Act 2010 contained section 1, which addressed the issue of class – not very clearly, however. But one of the first acts of the coalition government of which she was part was to drop that provision. Much more importantly, few civil or public servants have received any training on any aspect of the 2010 act. Spending more time and money finding out what is already known (PM unveils plan to tackle racial discrimination, 27 August) seems to me a waste of both. Just get on with ensuring that public servants and those in the private sector that provide services on behalf of the public sector know how they meet the public sector duty under section 149 of the 2010 Equality Act.
Linda Bellos

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