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Marcus Rashford does it again (Marcus Rashford urges government to keep £20 universal credit top-up, 6 September)! I was delighted to see him use the term “social security” rather than the often pejorative “benefit” or “welfare”.
Deirdre Burrell
Mortimer, Berkshire

• Marina Hyde informed us that some Foreign Office civil servants call Dominic Raab “five Is”, which apparently stand for “insular, imperious, idle, irascible and ignorant” (If he wasn’t Johnson’s fall guy, Raab would be up the creek without a paddleboard, 3 September). Seems fair enough, although they’ve overlooked two of Raab’s most glaring attributes: incompetent and in the wrong job.
Mike Pender

• Sudoku on a Monday is usually “Easy”, but this week’s (G2, 6 September) was shown as “Hard” in your print edition. As I managed to complete it quickly, does that mean my skill solving has improved or was the grading wrong?
Michael Robinson
Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

• In your list of autumn books (Legends of the fall: the 50 biggest books of autumn 2021, 4 September), the first entry under nonfiction is Charlotte Higgins’ Greek Myths: A New Retelling. Nonfiction myths?
Pete Bibby

• We live in very depressing times, but the young country diaries (4 September) gave a glimmer of hope. Thanks to Evie and Zac.
Tony Moon
Hove, East Sussex

• The last week in August and first week in September were traditionally daddy longlegs weeks when we were plagued by the fluttery critters. Not one so far.
James Vickers
Redcar, North Yorkshire

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