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Mary Quant did a lot for fashion in the 60s, but she didn’t invent the onesie (Miniskirt mayhem! Nine ways Mary Quant revolutionised women’s clothes – and lives, 28 October). My second world war dressmaking book features an all-in-one called a “trousered unity suit for the house and emergencies”, with a hood and a front zip for speedy dressing in air raids. These were also known as siren suits. Winston Churchill wore a pinstripe one.
Vivien Bailey
St Albans, Hertfordshire

• It is a sad day for a committed republican to say that the representative of the monarch spoke with greater conviction, incisiveness and vision than the prime minister of this country (Cop26 ‘literally the last chance saloon’ to save planet – Prince Charles, 31 October).
Ken Phillips
Chorley, Lancashire

• The linguists should have waited until the end of Cop26 to decide the word of the year (‘Vax’ chosen as word of the year by Oxford English Dictionary firm, 31 October). Waffle would have been a strong contender.
Toby Wood
Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

• Re Charles Harris’s letter (29 October) about raspberry picking in north London, my wife is still doing the same here in Inverness. A few indeed remain for picking on 1 November.
Ron Stevenson

• In Blind Date (30 October), Fred refers to “a flock of 30 bankers”. The correct collective noun for bankers is a wunch.
Andy Bebington
Shirley, Croydon

• I too am “Metaverse” to Facebook (Letters, 31 October) and shall remain so until such time as Meta undergoes a fundamental metamorphosis.
Adrian Brodkin

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