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A deadly parasite that burrows into the body through bare feet could be multiplying in this US community
What researchers found in a Texas neighborhood was shocking. What’s worse, the residents say, is that no one’s helping

Alastair Gee in Rancho Vista, Texas

04, Nov, 2021 @9:00 AM

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UK to slash funding for overseas water and sanitation projects by 80%
Scale of aid cut emerges in leaked FCDO memo, prompting experts to describe it as ‘a national shame’

Amelia Hill

28, Apr, 2021 @9:17 AM

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What a dump! Why ‘wild toileting’ has become a big pandemic problem
The number of people doing their business alfresco has shot up. But what else can you do when nature calls and there aren’t any public loos?

24, Feb, 2021 @3:42 PM

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The queue for women's toilets is a feminist issue | Lezlie Lowe
Simple equality is not enough in the provision of public toilets, says author Lezlie Lowe

Lezlie Lowe

14, Nov, 2019 @8:00 AM

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Narendra Modi to face down critics by hailing Clean India scheme a success
Prime minister’s announcement of an end to open defecation in India marred by claims of coercion and violence

Vidhi Doshi

30, Sep, 2019 @6:01 AM

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Dismay at Gates Foundation prize for Narendra Modi | Letters
Letters: 37 development academics and practitioners condemn the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation over its intention to give the Goalkeepers Global Goals award to the Indian prime minister


23, Sep, 2019 @5:14 PM

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Sewage, Zika virus – and the team in Brazil mapping disease hotspots | Dom Phillips
Volunteers in Salvador’s favelas are collecting data on deadly infections and inequality to help campaign for better sanitation

Dom Phillips in Salvador

02, Sep, 2019 @11:58 AM

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'We were burying 10 children a year': how toilets are saving lives in Madagascar
One village in the country has seen the tragic consequences of poor sanitation. Now it has come together to turn things around

Sally Williams

10, Aug, 2019 @7:00 AM

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'My message is simple: use the toilet': tackling open defecation in Nigeria
Regular patrols are helping ensure villagers in Kano state are practising good hygiene, to improve sanitation and cut disease

Linus Unah in Yammawar Kafawa

30, Jul, 2019 @6:00 AM

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'Hygiene is the first priority': Nepal looks to clean up its act on sepsis
In a country where dirty water and poor sanitation jeopardise the lives of millions, moves are afoot to improve health facilities

Lucy Lamble in Bardiya

23, May, 2019 @6:00 AM

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Housing in sub-Saharan Africa improves but millions of people live in slums
Study identifies major transformation in quality of living conditions, but governments urged to improve urban sanitation

Karen McVeigh

28, Mar, 2019 @10:06 AM

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Diarrhoea kills more children in war zones than war itself – Unicef
Report looks at 16 conflict areas and calls for military to stop targeting water resources

Fiona Harvey Environment correspondent

22, Mar, 2019 @2:04 PM

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