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Press review: Sudan

Press review: International action over the Darfur crisis seems likely.

03, Aug, 2004 @7:59 AM

Brave talk but no action over Darfur

There is something depressingly familiar in international affairs about this sequence of events, this transition from brave words and high principles to shabby compromises and receding expectations.

Simon Tisdall

03, Aug, 2004 @7:59 AM

UN deadline means war, say Sudan's armed forces

General threatens jihad as more refugees head for Chad border.

Jeevan Vasagar in Nairobi

03, Aug, 2004 @7:59 AM

World 'must double food aid to Sudan'

Thousands of Sudanese villagers who have fled militia attacks will die if the world does not double the amount of food sent to the region, the head of aid organisation Médecins Sans Frontières warned today.


02, Aug, 2004 @12:19 PM

Timeline: crisis in Sudan

A chronology of the events that have brought Sudan to the brink of humanitarian disaster.

Alice Wilby

02, Aug, 2004 @12:19 PM

China offers parents cash incentive to produce girls
China is offering to pay couples a premium for producing baby girls to counter an alarming gender imbalance created by the country's one-child population control policy.

Jonathan Watts in Beijing

30, Jul, 2004 @11:43 AM

Leader: Médecins Sans Frontières

Leader: We should take notice when MSF announces that it is pulling out of a country it has been in for 24 years.


29, Jul, 2004 @8:18 AM

Médecins Sans Frontières to leave Afghanistan

Relief agency Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) today said it was abandoning its work in Afghanistan after 24 years following the "unprecedented" murder of five of its workers last month.

Sarah Left

28, Jul, 2004 @2:29 PM

EU ministers threaten sanctions against Sudan
The EU yesterday called for sanctions against Sudan if it does not halt the conflict in the Darfur region where 1 million refugees are at risk from hunger and disease.

Ian Black in Brussels and Ewen MacAskill

27, Jul, 2004 @4:52 PM

Leader: The UN holds the key in Darfur

If the UN is unwilling to intervene, then it should fund a substantial African Union force that does.


27, Jul, 2004 @8:03 AM

Darfur helpers return after attacks

Aid workers who had pulled out of two refugee camps on the Chad-Sudan border because of violence returned at the weekend to resume relief operations.

Jeevan Vasagar

26, Jul, 2004 @7:33 AM

Five vital stages to achieve peace

Hilary Benn, Secretary of State for International Development, puts forward a plan of action to stop the violence and the suffering.

Hilary Benn

25, Jul, 2004 @3:48 PM

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