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Video games introduced me to the Chemical Brothers - now teens find music through Fortnite
In the 90s and 00s, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and Guitar Hero were prime outlets for music discovery. In 2022, it’s League of Legends and Fifa that are shaping taste

Keza MacDonald

29, Sep, 2022 @11:00 AM

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Pushing Buttons: The grand theft of Grand Theft Auto
Rockstar is the victim of one of the biggest data breaches in gaming history. It’s not only a blow to developers – it’s a loss for fans

Keza MacDonald

20, Sep, 2022 @10:54 AM

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Grand Theft Auto 6 leak: who hacked Rockstar and what was stolen?
A major data breach has given the world an early look at Grand Theft Auto 6. Why is this such bad news for the developer?

Keza MacDonald, Keith Stuart and Alex Hern

19, Sep, 2022 @4:25 PM

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GTA V is back for a new generation – how will it fare in the 2020s?
Rockstar’s anarchic masterpiece has been freshened up for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X nine years after it was originally released

Keith Stuart

16, Mar, 2022 @2:58 PM

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Putting controls on your kids' gaming is a key part of being a parent | Keith Stuart
A new campaign that encourages parents to engage with games is long overdue. It’s time for parents to overcome technophobia

Keith Stuart

10, Jan, 2020 @2:36 PM

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The 50 best video games of the 21st century
Want to build worlds, become a crime kingpin, get lost in space, or enter the afterlife? Then our countdown of the 50 best games of the era has something for you

Keith Stuart and Keza MacDonald

19, Sep, 2019 @5:00 AM

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Grand Theft Auto maker has paid no UK corporation tax in 10 years – report
Rockstar North made huge profits while claiming £42m in tax relief, says thinktank

Keza MacDonald Video games editor

29, Jul, 2019 @2:22 PM

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Can Grand Theft Auto V help your mental health? Yes, say role-players
In a virtual world best known for its crime and violence, gamers are using San Andreas as a safe space to cope with grief, gambling and addiction

Joe Donnelly

01, May, 2019 @9:00 AM

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Five damaging myths about video games – let’s shoot 'em up
Does video gaming really breed antisocial behaviour and isolation? On the contrary…

Pete Etchells

06, Apr, 2019 @3:00 PM

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Red Dead Redemption 2 gamers queue for midnight release
Rockstar Games hopes new game will eclipse success of Grand Theft Auto

Keza MacDonald and Alex Hern

26, Oct, 2018 @11:12 AM

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How Grand Theft Auto created a virtual underground clubbing scene
Avatars of real-life DJs curate – and create – cool music and players have ownership of their nightclubs in the latest After Hours update, which puts GTA at the heart of pop culture

Sam White

16, Aug, 2018 @7:30 AM

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How blowing up planes in Grand Theft Auto V eased me into motherhood
By day I was exhausted from making small talk at baby groups, but at night I could escape to a life of violent crime and irresponsibility

Sarah Lea Donlan

12, May, 2017 @8:30 AM

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