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Ecks vs Sever | Driven | Stronghold

Greg Howson, Mike Anderiesz and Jack Schofield

17, Jan, 2002 @12:22 AM

Donkey Kong

As a little kid during the 1980s, it seemed to me that the whole world had embraced the likes of Pacman, Frogger, Defender, Centipede and Donkey Kong. And I was hooked on Donkey Kong from the first moment my sticky little digits hit the controls.

Harriet Chan

15, Jan, 2002 @12:31 PM

Company vitae

Electronics Boutique Which this week announced a record sales rise of 47%

Nick Pandya

12, Jan, 2002 @1:03 PM

PR rock star death hype backfires
4.45pm: A PR company's use of rock star deaths to promote a new computer game has resulted in a grovelling apology. By Julia Day.

Julia Day

11, Jan, 2002 @3:29 PM

Biggest sales boom in computer games

Britain's long-standing addiction to computer games reached new heights last year as the industry enjoyed its biggest ever sales boom, according to figures released yesterday.

Stuart Millar, technology correspondent

11, Jan, 2002 @2:03 AM

Computer game sales reach £1.6bn

The British demand for computer games and consoles increased by 20% over the last year, with sales reaching an all-time high of £1.6bn, an industry body said today.

Sarah Left and agencies

10, Jan, 2002 @3:05 PM

Game on

From geek to chic: Greg Howson takes a look at the evolution of computer gaming.

Greg Howson

10, Jan, 2002 @2:42 PM

MP's war games net £35m

An obscure former Oxford don and Labour backbencher has been revealed to be the star of the world's best-selling army computer game.

Matthew Tempest, political correspondent

10, Jan, 2002 @2:03 PM

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Return of the slasher

Greg Howson

10, Jan, 2002 @1:38 PM

Working IT out: Nolan Bushnell

Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, is father of the computer games industry. He now runs Unwink Entertainment Systems

Interviewed by Hamish Mackintosh

10, Jan, 2002 @10:57 AM

Games reviews

Silent Hunter II | Devil May Cry | Dropship

Greg Howson, Andy Bodle and Steven Poole

10, Jan, 2002 @10:24 AM

Article image
Euro campaigners unveil game plan

Campaigners for the single currency in Britain today unveiled their latest weapon - an online game where users "splat" Eurosceptics such as Iain Ducan Smith and Tony Benn.

Matthew Tempest, political correspondent

07, Jan, 2002 @12:26 PM

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