Munich air disaster

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Kevin Breathnach: 'I was interested in figuring out why I was so pretentious'
Blending refined aesthetics with startling self-revelation – and a fair few lies – the Irish author’s essays offer readers a compelling puzzle

Sian Cain

02, May, 2019 @1:45 PM

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Why I have changed my mind about leaving the EU | Letters
Leftwing Brexiters thought it would benefit low-paid workers, but they did not count on leaving the single market and the economic calamity this would bring

11, Feb, 2018 @12:02 AM

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Still feeling the pain of the Munich air disaster | Letters
Letters: Readers respond to coverage of the 60th anniversary of the plane crash that killed eight Manchester United players, three of the team’s staff, eight journalists and four others


08, Feb, 2018 @5:52 PM

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Manchester United fans in Munich mark air disaster’s 60th anniversary
Fans chanted loudly, while waving flags and brandishing banners in Munich’s Manchester Platz before two minutes of silence in respect of the victims of the disaster 60 years ago

Lois Hoyal

06, Feb, 2018 @8:32 PM

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Old Trafford ceremony remembers Munich air disaster 60 years on
Old Trafford crowd sings hymns in remembrance of 23 people killed in 1958 crash

Frances Perraudin North of England reporter

06, Feb, 2018 @6:08 PM

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Flowers of Manchester: the football world remembers Munich 60 years on
The Busby Babes, current Manchester United players and legends of the game have been paying their respects

Guardian sport

06, Feb, 2018 @4:09 PM

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The Munich disaster 60 years on: 'They were the best team by far'
Sixty years on Geoffrey Fink, a Manchester United season-ticket holder since 1945, and his wife, Ruth, have vivid memories of the Munich air crash and its aftermath

Jamie Jackson

06, Feb, 2018 @10:08 AM

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As long as there is football there is a good reason to remember Munich | Paul Wilson
There have been worse air crashes involving football teams before and since Munich yet the tragedy that struck Manchester United in 1958 is always perceived as the most poignant

Paul Wilson

05, Feb, 2018 @8:22 PM

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How the Manchester Guardian reported the Munich air disaster in 1958
News of the plane crash that all but wiped out Manchester United’s young team dominated coverage in the following day’s paper

Jason Rodrigues

05, Feb, 2018 @5:42 PM

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Donny Davies, the Guardian correspondent who died in the Munich air disaster | Richard Williams
Donny Davies was the son of an orphanage boy and survived a German POW camp in the first world war. In February 1958 he was among those to lose his life in the wreckage of G-ALZU

Richard Williams

05, Feb, 2018 @1:02 PM

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The Munich disaster’s long shadow still falls on us all, 60 years on
Listen to Bobby Charlton and you know why the minute’s silence at Manchester United’s closest home game to the anniversary, this year against Huddersfield next Saturday, always resonates

Daniel Taylor

28, Jan, 2018 @10:00 AM

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For one Munich survivor, Chapecoense crash brings back painful memories
Former Manchester United goalkeeper Harry Gregg survived the 1958 air disaster that killed eight of his teammates. He says only getting back to training stopped him from going mad

Henry McDonald

02, Dec, 2016 @3:13 PM

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