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Why are Sheffield United so desperate to re-sign Ched Evans? | John Ashdown
Ched Evans, who was acquitted of raping a 19-year-old woman, remains a hugely divisive figure among Sheffield United fans and it is highly questionable whether he is better than the strikers already at the club

John Ashdown

25, Apr, 2017 @3:47 PM

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Ched Evans set to re-sign for Sheffield United from Chesterfield
Ched Evans is set to rejoin Sheffield United from Chesterfield, two and a half years after the club withdrew an offer for the striker to train with them following a backlash from fans and patrons

Guardian sport

24, Apr, 2017 @4:43 PM

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Harman urges law change to protect rape complainants
After Ched Evans acquittal, Labour MP wants to stop claimants being quizzed in court about their sexual history

Peter Walker Political correspondent

24, Mar, 2017 @6:41 PM

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Law concerning use of sexual history in rape trials 'could be reformed'
Attorney general Jeremy Wright says worries raised by MPs about nature of evidence used in high-profile retrial of Ched Evans are legitimate

Rowena Mason Deputy political editor

27, Oct, 2016 @12:34 PM

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Dredging up sexual history in court will deter rape victims – this must end now | Jess Phillips
The admission of evidence about the complainant’s previous sex life in the Ched Evans case has undone years of progress. We are a group of Labour women fighting to halt any shift in the law

Jess Phillips

24, Oct, 2016 @4:54 PM

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Barristers say 'over-reaction' to Ched Evans case counterproductive
Sex assault victims might be scared off from complaining to police, say chair and vice-chair of Criminal Bar Association

Steven Morris

18, Oct, 2016 @4:58 PM

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Giving anonymity to sexual crime suspects won't bring justice | Laura Bates
Allowing the accused to go unnamed wouldn’t ‘level the playing field’, but would further misconceptions of sexual violence and stop victims coming forward

Laura Bates

18, Oct, 2016 @12:03 PM

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The Guardian view on Ched Evans: reconsider the law | Editorial
Editorial: The admissibility of sexual history in rape cases deters victims from coming forward and misleads juries. The only thing that matters is consent


17, Oct, 2016 @6:52 PM

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Police try to reassure sexual assault victims after Ched Evans verdict
Campaigners fear harsh treatment of complainant will deter victims from coming forward as conviction rate drops

Steven Morris

17, Oct, 2016 @6:05 PM

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We cannot allow the courts to judge rape by sexual history | Vera Baird
The Ched Evans case threatens women’s right to fair treatment in the courtroom. Battles won may have to be fought again

Vera Baird

17, Oct, 2016 @5:43 PM

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The Ched Evans case shines a light on football’s dark corners | Gemma Clarke
Working as a reporter, I experienced first-hand the disrespect and harassment that is the industry norm. It’s time the sport began to respect women

Gemma Clarke

17, Oct, 2016 @11:11 AM

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Ched Evans calls for more education on alcohol and consent
Footballer acquitted this week of raping woman says he wants to speak to young players about risks they face

Nicola Slawson

16, Oct, 2016 @10:02 AM

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