Everton secure Premier League survival with 1-0 win over Bournemouth – as it happened

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Abdoulaye Doucoure’s wonder strike sees Everton overcome Bournemouth and secure survival in the Premier League as Leicester and Leeds are relegated

Thank you for joining me for this nerve-filled survival battle! Everton have done just enough to stay in the top-flight and showed character to get the job done when at half-time Leicester’s lead meant they were going down. To recap all the action from this one have a read of the report! The Premier League season is over and we get a breather from all the thrilling action until August. Have a good summer!

Dyche added: “It’s a hideous game, no manager wants those games. You have to find some weird twisted way of enjoying it. I came here as the man to do the job and I knew there was a risk but I’m pleased we have done the job.”

Everton manager Sean Dyche told Sky: “Obviously it means a lot. I took over what they called a broken club, it’s not broken, it has shown some cracks. We have to learn from that. In the midst of it all it is a magic day but we shouldn’t be here. The mentality has been terrific. We have to learn from this experience. Yu are only a big club if you do big club things, we have to get back to that as it is a big club. We obviously want to play better but at the end of the day you have to have that underlying spirit which we did today. Anyone can take a wheel of a ship in calm waters, I think we have affected the group. I am pleased for myself and my staff but also for my players. I said at half-time ‘stay calm, keep playing’.”

The highs and lows of football:

AND breathe!

Listen to that ROAR 🏟️🔊

Everton are STAYING UP! 🔵 pic.twitter.com/ttV6XKRKy9

— Sky Sports Premier League (@SkySportsPL) May 28, 2023

Life-long Leicester fan Gary Lineker has reacted to his club being sent down:

Absolutely gutted, but glad it’s @Everton. Have a lot of love for that great football club. Congratulations.

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) May 28, 2023

The reaction to the goal that has kept Everton in the Premier League:

Look at what that goal means! 🔊🔹 pic.twitter.com/BpObFkyE0B

— Sky Sports Premier League (@SkySportsPL) May 28, 2023

Maureen has emailed and said: “Have you heard from Mary Waltz in USA? Is she okay?” I haven’t heard from her since the full-time whistle! Maybe she is off celebrating.

William has got in touch and said: “Thrilling heroics at the end of a season and a team getting a stomp on when it was needed most. Absolutely mesmerizing.” Everton fans, feeling the same?

Here is the winning goal, what a stunner:

DOUCOURE!!!! 🔵💥 pic.twitter.com/5UZE2dYakt

— Sky Sports Premier League (@SkySportsPL) May 28, 2023

Everton keeper Jordan Pickford told Sky: “We spoke about mentality before the game, I think we gave that in the first half. The dedication and mentality, we just needed that quality and that is a great strike. For us as player and staff and for the fans it’s massive. We didn’t want it to come down to the wire, the last few years haven’t been ideal. It’s in our hands, it was us to lose it not anyone to gain. The heart in your mouth moments but you learn a lot from this. It can’t be like this every season. I heard at half-time about Leicester but we still had 45 to make it, it was about us making the difference not anybody else.”

The pitch invasion has been quelled, a lot of fans in the stands booed the celebrations. A lot don’t see staying up as a celebration as the club should be higher. Fans started chanting ‘sack the board’.

An Everton fan celebrates at the final whistle by being carted away by police.
An Everton fan celebrates at the final whistle by being carted away by police. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian


Everton’s Conor Coady told Sky: “Relief. This is becoming a bit of thing now and we don’t want to. It is relief, I have had the hardest season of my career. We had a plan, we focused on ourselves. I thought we played well considering the circumstances. It’s absolute relief, you don’t want to be a part of a giant of a football club and [be relegated]. It’s a fantastic goal, he has been that driving force in the midfield. People think sometimes we are robotic but we do think about those things. It’s important a line in the sand is drawn now, it has to improve because it’s a giant.”

While Everton get to celebrate, Leicester players and fans hand their heads. They beat West Ham but it was not enough. Southampton, Leicester and Leeds are relegated.

The roar was the notification for the players as they drowned out the whistle that they have done enough to stay up! Fans spill on the pitch, the blue flares are out. The players are ushered off because of the supporters on the pitch.

Fans of Everton invade the pitch at full-time
Fans of Everton invade the pitch at full-time, showing clearly how they feel about the owners of the club. Photograph: Jan Kruger/Getty Images


Full-time! Everton 1-0 Bournemouth

EVERTON SURVIVE! That one goal is enough and the Toffees will be playing the Premier League next season.

90 + 10 min: Onana does well to win possession back as Everton look as though they have done enough. Leicester players are watching the remainder of this game from their phone!

90 + 9 min: Everton are winding down the clock here but the throw in does Bournemouth’s way. Everyone at the Kingpower are waiting for this game to end. The nerves in both grounds!!

90 + 8 min: Leicester have hit full-time, they have beaten West Ham 2-1. They need Bournemouth to equalise to stay up. Leeds have been relegated, they have been beaten 4-1. Everton still have hope with a few minutes to go!

90 + 7 min: Doucoure makes a good run and potentially should have crossed it earlier but he wins a corner. Iwobi is over the ball and they take it short, the game management coming into this now. They run it back to halfway but Bournemouth come away with it.

90 + 5 min: Oh my word Jordan Pickford! What a save! Vina belts an amazing shot off his boot and Pickford pushes it away. The drama isn’t over yet!

90 + 4 min: McNeil has great press to send Bournemouth back to their keeper. Onana is fuming as he thought he should have had a free kick but it isn’t given. Then Bournemouth gets a foul as Gueye fouls. Both clubs still fighting.

90 + 3 min: Solanke looked to equalise but Coady does well to block, he was offside anyway. Coady’s efforts has seen him down with injury. He is back up, stumbling a little but he will remain on.

90 + 2 min: Bournemouth have a free kick and it’s belted in but Everton clear. There are also six added minutes at Leicester so both clubs have a lot of waiting left! I think Everton have done enough though, haven’t they?

90 + 1 min: There will be 10 added minutes here. A nervous wait but as things stand Everton survive.

10 (ten) minutes of added time. Everton fans look nervous.
10 (ten) minutes of added time. Everton fans look nervous. Photograph: Carl Recine/Reuters


90 min: Senesi gets the ball in the box but Tarkwoski clears. Everton are now on the attack, another goal would almost seal their survival.

88 min: The corner kick comes in but deflects off of Billing for another corner. Garner takes the kick but it is cleared well by the visitors.

86 min: Iwobi does well with a great run, he gets in the box and wallops a shot in – it’s wide but wins a corner. Gray is coming off for Simms.

85 min: Bournemouth have a bit between their teeth and they are creating more chances than Everton at the moment. Everton doing enough to keep them out, Vina is down in the box and it will be looked at – I don’t think the penalty will be given and it isn’t.

83 min: Moore almost gets the equaliser! Ouattara belts in a great chance but he can’t quite get to it. Smith is subbed for Anthony for Bournemouth now.

82 min: Andy has got in touch and said: “For all it seems that the players are spending their free time in the gym, they are spending a lot of time falling over from the merest touch.” Yes the Everton players know any free kick or penalty opportunity will suit them down to gorund today! Iwobi does well to create a chance but he belts it up too early and it’s out.

81 min: Leicester still lead but it is 2-1 against West Ham now. It could go any which way at the moment! At Goodison, Gray has a good chance but he slips as he takes it and it’s wide.

80 min: Coady was okay after the free kick was given by the way, he remains on the pitch. Everton do well to push Bournemouth back to halfway with good press. The linking play almost pays off for the visitors but Gana clears.

78 min: Coady is now down after a challenge from Vina, Everton get a free kick. It comes in but it comes to nothing. Bournemouth manager Gary O’Neil gets a yellow for dissent.

76 min: Dyche is shouting orders onto the pitch here, there will be a lot added on after that break which could hike up the pressure at Goodison. Onana has a few words for the linesman as he thinks he should have a free kick but it isn’t given.

Sean Dyche shouts the orders.
Sean Dyche shouts the orders. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian


74 min: Pickford is back to his feet and I think he is staying on despite being in some distress with his finger.

73 min: It seems to be his hand which is causing him an issue. He is still down, a long break here.

71 min: Pickford is still down here, Solanke wasn’t allowing him to get up from the save which started the altercation. The keeper is receiving a lot of treatment.

70 min: Wow, Pickford saves Everton there! A chance comes in and he saves and Coady clears well! But now he is in a fight with Solanke. The two go forehead to forehead and both get yellows for the incident. Smith also gets a yellow. Pickford is down with injury.

Jordan Pickford goes down with an ‘injury’.
Jordan Pickford goes down with an ‘injury’. Photograph: Jan Kruger/Getty Images


69 min: Gray is over the ball and sends it in, it deflects off of Smith and Travers collects.

68 min: Smith belts it into the box but Coady clears. Senesi is given a yellow card for a challenge on Gray and Everton have a free kick in a good position.

67 min: The ball comes into the box but no one is there to meet it on the back post. Gueye gets it back in with a nice pass but Bournemouth clear.

66 min: Solanke gets in a good position but Everton do well to close him down. Bournemouth make another change as Christie is off for Moore. Everton searching for a second.

64 min: There’s a slight break in play as Vina is down with injury as Gana catches him. He is okay to continue.

63 min: How a few minutes can change an atmosphere! Everton fans were acting as though they were out, heartbroken and defeated. Now it’s deafening with all the hope of survival returned! As things stand they survive. Leicester have scored a second – the goal won’t impact Everton unless the Toffees lose or draw.

61 min: Bournemouth aren’t out here, they are coming back with some good chances but the Everton fans don’t care! The songs are in full verse, the fireworks are being set off. Early celebrations but there is still half an hour to go!

59 min: It was a beautiful one-touch finish. I’m speechless, what it means to these fans! Dyche just turned around and took a sip of water. He is keeping his head and staying calm. Leicester fans are now the ones with their hand in their hands.

Goodison goes wild!
Goodison goes wild! Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian


GOAL! Everton 1-0 Bournemouth (Doucoure, 57)

A screamer! The fans have gone wild. Wow!!! Patient build-up saw him in a great position and he rocketed it home. He looks close to tears, the supporters are in full voice again. What a moment, the emotion!

Abdoulaye Doucoure scores for Everton!
Abdoulaye Doucoure scores for Everton! Photograph: Peter Byrne/PA


57 min: Hang on, Brooks has been hooked and Vina is on. Hopefully Brooks is okay and the sub was just a precaution.

56 min: Kari has got in touch and said: “It’s getting towards my kids’ bedtime here in Finland, so my set-up was watching the first half in the kitchen while tidying up and making porridge. I’m hoping there isn’t any added time drama so I can get the kids tucked in on time.” There won’t be any extra time here but there will be added time with Brooks going down again with an injury. He is back on his feet and okay though.

55 min: Brooks is straight back into the action with a great cross but Garner does well to block and not concede an own goal! They conceded a corner though and Brooks takes it but Garner heads away! It is whacked back in but again Everton do enough.

54 min: Brooks is okay to continue here and action is back underway. Matan has got in touch and said: “I feel terrible for the Everton fans who might be about to go through something awful. But the higher ups have really done it themselves. They hired a catastrophic manager, kept him until it was too late, and built an utterly unbalanced (and mediocre) squad at massive expense. I can’t think of another club that did it to themselves in quite the same way.”

53 min: Brooks is down injured, he looks in a lot of pain so there is a break in play here.

52 min: Oh. My. Word. Wow. That was just a poke away from going in. Everton sends it in the box, Coady is down and Gray takes a header and Travers keeps it out! He concedes a corner, it comes in but Bournemouth do enough to clear. Jeez that was close!

51 min: Onana wins a free kick and he raises his arms to get the crowd going off the back of it. McNeil sends it in but Lerma clears it well.

50 min: Tottenham are 2-0 up and it seems they will be relegated. And so it is a shoot-out between Everton and Leicester. Currently Everton are in the drop zone thanks to Leicester’s first half goal. Everton have another penalty shout but they go down easily again – they know they just need one moment and they are trying to create it.

49 min: The commentators are speaking on the importance of keeping Bournemouth out and I agree. Their focus will be on winning this match and it will be a mountain to climb if the concede. Gray wins a free kick at halfway but Solanke does well to cut out the chance. Thomas has got in touch and said: “As a Birmingham City fan, I have no dog in this fight. As the (future) husband of a girl from Leeds, I kinda do. As a son and brother of people that love in Leicestershire, I almost do. As a good friend of an Everton fan, I definitely do! I’m enjoying the sunshine, final score and the MBM and some cider. Good times.” Ah so no matter who is relegated someone you know will be sad!

47 min: Bournemouth have started the second half brightly, they are being patient on the ball and waiting for their moment to pounce.

Back underway! Everton 0-0 Bournemouth

Will Everton be relegated after the next 45 minutes? That is their fate as things stand but one goal could change everything. Everyone brace, this second half will be tense. Mary has got in touch and said: “Morning greetings from California. How would this Everton fan describe my feelings? Existential dread. Relegation, possible Fair Play penalties, a massive sell off of talent, a half built stadium losing further funding. In classic Everton style this could not just be relegation, it could be the beginning of a Leeds style decades long walk through the desert wilderness of the lower divisions. So, to wrap it up, mourning black is what I am wearing in preparation for the worst. Sigh.” The hopes don’t seem to be high.

Get in touch and let me know your set up this afternoon, who you’re supporting and how you’re spending your bank holiday! You can reach me on Twitter or email.

The Leicester goal which could have decided this relegation battle:


As it stands they are OUT of the relegation zone 😱 pic.twitter.com/fJjDATrDrL

— Sky Sports Premier League (@SkySportsPL) May 28, 2023

Here is that great save from Travers:

WHAT A SAVE FROM TRAVERS! 🧤 pic.twitter.com/f0LSgzZsKO

— Sky Sports Premier League (@SkySportsPL) May 28, 2023

Half-time: Everton 0-0 Bournemouth

Well as things stand Everton are being relegated! They have not taken their chances, some good ones from Onana and Gana, and Leicester goal against West Ham sees their survival hopes boosted.

45 + 3 min: Wow! That was the closest they have come. Travers does spectacularly to keep out two close shots from Everton. He concedes a corner but it comes in and it isn’t pounced on.

Mark Travers tips over an Everton effort on goal.
Mark Travers tips over an Everton effort on goal. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian


45 + 3 min: The Leicester game has gone to half-time and they lead 1-0! Everton need to win this game now, will the pressure get to them? Only a few seconds left of the first half.

45 + 1 min: There will be three minutes added. The corner comes in but it has too much on it and Everton clear easily.

45 min: Gray is down again but the free kick is not given – to the boos of the crowd. Bournemouth were out of this for a good ten minutes but Everton did not take their chances and Bournemouth are getting in a good position. Tarkowski gives away the ball and Solanke almost scores! Corner to come.

44 min: Everton are patient on the ball and then McNeil forces the cross but it has too much on it and it’s out of play. Everton do really well up the other ends as Brooks looked in a good position in the box, they block the chance.

43 min: Iwobi gets it into the box and it comes to Gray but Kelly blocks well to keep the chance out. I’m so nervous watching this! How are you feeling Everton fans?

41 min: No penalty is given. Bournemouth are really growing into this one, they ping it forward and Pickford rushes to get it and send his team on their way. They pop it up into the box and Gray is down again – a roar from the crowd as they believe it is a penalty but he goes down quite easy. Onana then takes a shot but it’s wide.

39 min: Tarkowski has conceded a throw in, in a good position and then Everton concede a corner. It comes in and it goes right across goal – that was so close and Pickford is fuming at his players there! Fans have their head in their hands. The atmosphere change is palpable. There has been a VAR check for a foul on Solanke but I don’t think it will be given as a penalty.

37 min: How will that Leicester goal affect Everton’s performance? The players may not know the news yet but the half-time changing room may inform them. The pressure is on. They need to win as things stand or they are heading to the Championship.

35 min: There were two appeals for a penalty in that build-up but nothing was given. Gray is also okay to continue here. Goodison Park’s noise has quelled slightly, maybe news of Leicester’s goal has reached the ground.

Everton fans react in the stands after hearing the Leicester score.
Everton fans react in the stands after hearing the Leicester score. Photograph: Jason Cairnduff/Action Images/Reuters


34 min: There has not been an official VAR check for the handball. Goodison Park has not stopped making noise and it just gets louder as Gana’s strike is saved and then Gray is injured in the box. And oh there’s a change is fortunes for Everton as Leicester have scored!! Leicester into survival, Everton back into the bottom three. Everton must score now.

32 min: Oh my word. That was so, so close! Gana makes a great run and tries to finish off the attack but his shot is pushed over the bar! Potentially went for the wrong option, the bottom right hand corner was calling him! He wins a corner but the set piece comes in and Travers saves. Now Everton fans screaming for handball! It’s all happening!

Idrissa Gueye goes close for Everton!
Idrissa Gueye goes close for Everton! Photograph: Tony McArdle/Everton FC/Getty Images


31 min: Garner again comes in to close down a chance, the defender doing really well in this one so far. Iwobi makes a great pass into the box but it is just inches away from Gray!

29 min: Updates in the other relegation-worries, Leeds are still losing 1-0 and Leicester are drawing 0-0. If everything remains as it stands Everton will survive. Iwobi gets the ball in the box but the pass is passive and Bournemouth are on the attack.

27 min: No they can’t. They go back to Pickford who sends Everton upfield, they work it well into the box but again there is no one there to pounce to score!

26 min: Bournemouth having some time on the ball here and while no chance has been taken they are taking some buzz out of the Everton momentum. The crowd aren’t happy as there are two challenges on Everton players which are on the nose of being fouls, Everton eventually get the whistle and they have the throw in. Can they create something from this?

24 min: Kelly sends a great long ball upfield but Garner does well to collect and clear. It sends Everton on a counter and it comes into the box with Onana sending a header over the bar! Everton edging closer here after a nervous start it is all the hosts. Pickford hasn’t really been troubled.

22 min: McNeil takes it but a Bournemouth player is taken out off the ball. A real wasted chance there, Doucoure seems to have elbowed Brooks. Goalkeeper Travers is down too but both are okay to continue.

20 min: Gray takes the corner this time, Tarkowski heads it across goal but Bournemouth clear. McNeil again creates a chance but the visitors do well to deal with it initially but then they foul Tarkowski and so Everton have a free kick in a good position.

19 min: Onana wins possession as Kelly topples him over in a challenge, Everton patient on the ball once more. Gray makes a great one-two which sees McNeil send it in but Bournemouth clear. McNeil then wins another corner! They are ramping up the pressure now.

17 min: McNeil sends it in and it is initially cleared, it comes to Gray but his shot is just over the bar! So close and fans have their hands on their heads as they knew that goal could have secured them survival!

16 min: The hosts have a long passage of patient play and it pays off as Gray wins Everton’s first corner of the game.

15 min: Tarkowski puts in a great long range ball but again no Everton player can really make a chance from it, that has been the main issue for Everton so far.

13 min: Pickford takes a free kick from inside their half after Iwobi was fouled. The ball pings around the box but nothing comes of it, Christie is then fouled and so Bournemouth have it back. The nerves may be in this Everton team, they are creating some promising things but they aren’t coming off.

The Everton fans are in full voice.
The Everton fans are in full voice. Photograph: Carl Recine/Reuters


11 min: McNeil pings the ball into the box but no one is there to create a chance. Bournemouth come forward now but Kina heads away – the visitors look a lot more dangerous with attacking ball so far.

10 min: Gray creates a good opportunity with a great touch but McNeil gives the ball away wand it gives Bournemouth a counter opportunity. Pickford comes to the rescue and collects, that is a worrying area there.

9 min: Smith is okay to continue, I think he was winded in the end. Iwobi unhurt by the clash. Action is back underway.

8 min: Smith crosses in and Lerma has a shot but it is straight over the goal. That is the best chance of the game so far, both teams settling into this one. There’s a head injury to Smith so there is a break in play here, I think he clashed with Iwobi.

Adam Smith in action with Everton's Dwight McNeil.
Adam Smith in action with Everton's Dwight McNeil. Photograph: Carl Recine/Reuters


6 min: Bournemouth are playing out the back and possession-based play so far, frustrating the fans as the boos continue. Iwobi pings it in but it’s headed away. Coady gets it to McNeil and he crosses but it’s straight out.

5 min: Good news for Everton is that Tottenham have already scored against Leeds – Leeds need to win today to have a chance of staying up.

4 min: The Bournemouth players must be feeling the atmosphere, every time they have the ball the boos rain down. Everton have their first attack as Gray pings it into the box but it is cleared well. but here come Bournemouth, Solanke makes a good run but Everton deal with it.

2 min: The crowd are in full voice, the songs are in verse, Everton will want to keep this electric atmosphere which they can do if they can hold Bournemouth off from an early goal. A huge cheer comes in with a clinical tackle early on as Bournemouth start with dominant possession.

Kick-off! Everton 0-0 Bournemouth

Here we go then! Which two out of Everton, Leeds and Leicester will be joining Southampton is being relegated? We will soon find out! The atmosphere is electric, wow.

If you want an overview of all the matches across the Premier League today have a read of our clockwatch here:

I had a whole punnet of tomatoes ready to snack on throughout the game but I have nervously eaten them all in the build-up. I’m a neutral so I cannot imagine how Everton fans are feeling!

As the players ran in ahead of kick-off a guttural roar came from Everton’s supporters. They are fully behind their squad today, can Everton give them the survival they desperately crave?

Karen Carney has written about the relegation battle and said: “On Sunday all three clubs are playing home games that are very winnable. Everton face Bournemouth, who have nothing to play for; Leicester play West Ham, whose minds may be on the Europa Conference League final; and an indifferent Spurs travel to Elland Road. There is no better place to play a match of this importance than in front of a raucous home crowd, desperately willing you on.” Read the full piece:

We have put together a piece on how the clubs fighting to stay in the top flight have found themselves in the position. It’s a good overview of the season, have a read of it here:

Many would regard Sergio Aguero’s late goal for Manchester City the best moment of a final Premier League day, but what is yours? Let me know via Twitter or email.

Is this the greatest #PL final day moment of all time? 🤔 @aguerosergiokun | @ManCity pic.twitter.com/YrF0Ru6Y6i

— Premier League (@premierleague) May 28, 2023

“Everton will be direct and the atmosphere will be tough,” Bournemouth manager Gary O’Neil said. “But what a great opportunity for the players to go and show what a good side we are, to see how well we can stand up to the questions that are undoubtedly going to be asked of us. So (it is) a real good marker for me, with last game of the season, going into a summer break and then pre-season to just see where we are against what will be a real good test.”

Gary O'Neil

Everton manager Sean Dyche has said: “It’s easy to forget. I came here and they were three points inside the relegation zone [it was two points]. Now we are two points out of it. Five points [four points] doesn’t sound a lot but when you factor in all the injuries that we have had and what has gone on, you would have taken it. Many people were saying then that we were done. We have shifted considerably but the biggest measure is the end of the season.” Read the full piece:

Everton’s Dwight McNeil said ahead of the weekend: “I love watching football, I’ll usually watch any game, but those two games I just couldn’t watch,” McNeil says of Leeds’ defeat at West Ham and Leicester’s draw, two results that kept Everton out of the bottom three and in control of their destiny. I didn’t watch any of the Leeds game, I went out with my missus for the afternoon, and on Monday I decided to watch The Last Dance with Michael Jordan on Netflix and check the result afterwards. That was a relief. It’s in our hands now and we’re at home on Sunday with our fans behind us. We’ve got to take it like it’s a normal game but we know what’s at stake and the job that needs to be done.” Read the full piece:

How are you doing Everton fans? Have you been chewing you nails ahead of kick-off with a lot on the line? And Bournemouth fans do you think you can get the win at Goodison Park? Let me know via email or Twitter.

Who will be replacing those who are relegated? Well last night Luton Town won promotion into the Premier League after beating Coventry City. They join Sheffield United and Burnley in making the top flight. Catch up with the action from Wembley here:

The team news is in! Everton have made three changes to the side who drew with Wolves. Coady, Gana and Gray come into the side fighting for survival.

Everton: Pickford, Tarkowski, Coady, Mina, McNeil, Iwobi, Doucoure, Gana, Garner, Onana, Gray

TEAM NEWS! 🔵#EVEBOU pic.twitter.com/cVWwDJPQSI

— Everton (@Everton) May 28, 2023

Bournemouth have also made three changes to the side who lost to Manchester United. Travers, Outtara and Billing come in.

Bournemouth: Travers, Kelly, Brooks, Lerma, Solanke, Christie, Ouattara, Smith, Senesi, Zabarnyi, Billing.


🔺 Neto absent for personal reasons
🔺 Billing fit and back in to start
🔺 Ouattara also in the XI

Our line up for #EVEBOU 💪💪 pic.twitter.com/3VuOAtaSrR

— AFC Bournemouth 🍒 (@afcbournemouth) May 28, 2023


It all comes down to this. Welcome to the game that could decide Everton’s future in the Premier League. I say could and not will as if Everton lose this match it does not necessarily mean they will go down – at that point their fate will be in the hands of Leicester City and Leeds United. Shall we take a look at the permutations?

If Everton win they will remain in the top flight no matter what happens in the other games taking place this afternoon. If Everton draw with Bournemouth and Leicester or Leeds win their respective games it will come down to goal difference. Everton currently have a goal difference of -24, Leicester have -18 and Leeds have -27. If Everton draw but Leeds and Leicester both don’t win their matches Everton stay up. And if Everton lose they will need both Leeds and Leicester to either draw or lose their matches to stay in the Premier League.

With all of the games kicking off at the same time today I will make sure I bring you the news from the Leicester and Leeds games so you are aware of Everton’s position.

From Bournemouth’s perspective this is a game to finish off a season where they have managed to remain in the top flight. The team were promoted last season and have the potential to finish 14th if they win today.

The team news will be out shortly and so stay tuned ahead of kick-off at 4.30pm BST.


Sarah Rendell

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Junior Stanislas earns Bournemouth deserved home victory over Everton
Bournemouth’s Junior Stanislas capped a memorable display with a fine goal in their 1-0 Premier League win against Everton that earned Eddie Howe’s side back-to-back home victories for the first time since March

Ben Fisher at Vitality Stadium

24, Sep, 2016 @4:22 PM

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Manchester City v WBA, Chelsea v Bournemouth and more: Premier League
Rolling report: All the action as it unfolded on a night when Manchester City stretched their lead at the Premier League summit to 15 points

Barry Glendenning

31, Jan, 2018 @10:14 PM

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Bournemouth v Everton: match preview
Everton will travel to Bournemouth focused on maintaining their excellent start to the season and knowing victory could take them top of the league

23, Sep, 2016 @12:00 PM

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Bournemouth v Everton: match preview
Optimism remains in full flow at Everton and they will feel they have the attacking options to put Bournemouth’s brittle defence to the sword

14, Sep, 2019 @8:00 AM