England 2-1 Colombia: Women’s World Cup quarter-final – as it happened

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England will face Australia in the semi-finals after a comeback victory over the South Americans

Thank you so much for joining me for this match. Colombia were tactically astute but the two errors they did make were pounced on by England and it ended up the difference. England face Australia next, a tough one against the co-hosts. For all the action read Suzanne Wrack’s report below, with further pieces to follow. We will being you all the live coverage from the semi-finals in a few days time, until then have a great weekend!

There’s a gallery, too, of the best pictures.

Sophie Downey’s ratings: Alessia Russo and Lauren Hemp outstanding


Sarina Wiegman spoke to ITV, and ever the stickler, is not fully satisfied. It’s why she’s a winner. “A very tough challenge but we didn’t expect anything else. We showed resilience, in the first half we played very good. In moments we were sloppy on the ball and they were really dangerous on the counter. We conceded but we came back. I actually thought their keeper had the ball for our goal.

“Second half we pushed, we found a way to keep that score and win the final duals. I just hoped we would have finished the game off sooner because we could have. We know they are dangerous but again I am so proud of the team, we find a way to score to win the duels. If we had kept the ball a bit better, we could have won it a little earlier.”

Alex Greenwood, outstanding in defence, and with eyes on the prize: “Tonight is about reflecting on this performance, taking lots of positives and getting ready for the semi-final. The game was to play our game, we have two strong right-sided players in Lucy [Bronze] and Jess [Carter] who did well against [Linda] Caicedo, and we controlled large parts of the game tonight. We were warming up as they were taking the shoot out in Brisbane so we were focused on this game.”

Look what it means to England (another ITV clip):

FT: #ENG 2-1 #COL


— ITV Football (@itvfootball) August 12, 2023

So the semi-finals have been sealed! It’s Spain v Sweden and Australia v England. Two massive clashes, we are in for some more impressive football.

Under Sarina Wiegman England have only lost once, against Australia. A huge clash coming up in the last four!

A very excited Lauren Hemp had this to say to an ITV panel including Jill Scott and an ever more excitable Ian Wright: “What an amazing feeling. I’m knackered, most of the team are but we put in a great performance. You saw the resilience of the team. We controlled most of the game. They had a few counters and we knew what they would bring. The team were really special today.

We’ve changed formation a bit in recent games. As a group we’re really adaptable. This squad is special and we have so many characters. I feel really free when I’m on the pitch. I love playing wing, don’t get me wrong, but I can go down the left or the right.

“The first goal was scrappy, I didn’t expect the ball to come out to me. The link up with Alessia [Russo] is so strong and when she can finish like that. We are all feeling really confident, Australia, bring it on. I’m absolutely over the moon, I can’t wait.

“The atmosphere here was incredible, it’s going to be incredible again. That’s when you thrive, I feel like we will thrive once again.”


England will play co-hosts Australia in the semi-final, here’s how the Matildas quarter went:

Alessia Russo told ITV: “I am buzzing, we are keeping the dream alive. Colombia re a top top team they have shown more than that this World Cup. We have had to dig deep from the first game, they have so many talented players who can cause you troubles in a second. She just said she is proud, lots to work on. What makes this team great is finding ways to improve. [On Aus] it’s exciting, what more do you want? I think Colombia had a great fanbase here tonight so we had a taste of it.”

This is how England sealed their win, a scrappy goal but it got the job done (it is an ITV clip so some may not have access):


Could that be the goal that secures #ENG's place in the semi-finals?#FIFAWWC pic.twitter.com/JK5oxmQiAA

— ITV Football (@itvfootball) August 12, 2023

Kari has got in touch and said: “At every great World Cup there’s an outsider who comes out of nowhere and captures the imaginations of every neutral. I’m pretty sure that when I think back to this tournament, their moment match against Germany will be first to mind. What a wonderful team, hopefully they’ll return even stronger in four years.” Colombia have performed really well, I hope their results are reflected in investment.

Here’s the snap report from this one:

I don’t know about you or how you read that game but it definitely feels as though England have got through and beaten a team who played better than them. Colombia were excellent, especially through Santos. But England won’t care, another dogged performance and they are in their third consecutive World Cup semi-final.

Full time! England 2-1 Colombia

England have made it through to the semi-final after Hemp and Russo’s strikes cancelled out a stunner from Santos. The Lionesses will face Australia in the last four!

Carabali is consoled by Carter, Greenwood Bright.
Carabali is consoled by Carter, Greenwood Bright. Photograph: Catherine Ivill/Getty Images


90 + 8 min: Bronze loses out and Colombia comes again, is this it? Caicedo is found in the box but it is a rushed chance and it’s over the bar. Daly does well to pressure her in that moment.

90 + 7 min: Santos and Caicedo link up, England can’t get Colombia off the ball. Chacon gets it on the edge of the area and she passes to Usme, she crosses in. It is initially dealt with but Ramirez has a chance, it is wide though.

Leicy Santos tries to create an opening.
Santos tries to create an opening. Photograph: Bianca de Marchi/AAP


90 + 5 min: The Colombia fans look nervous in the stands, the tension is high! Colombia more than capable of getting themselves back in this.

90 + 4 min: England are holding on here as Colombia come once more, can they equalise?

90 + 3 min: Colombia continually break forward, they are making the defenders nervous with every forward play. Giraldo makes an error though with a poor clearance, England throw in. Wiegman makes another change with Hemp off for England.

90 + 2 min: Vanegas shows her frustration as she gives away a free kick with a foul on Bronze. Bronze take it and it comes to Kelly – she wants a free kick but it isn’t given.

90 + 1 min: Toone with a loose pass gifts the ball away. Ramirez’ shot is blocked, it’s then pipped forward but Earps collects. 8 minutes added.

90 min: Bronze went down but she is quickly back to her feet. Colombia attacking at every chance, the clock is ticking but I suspect there will be a lot of injury time.

89 min: Is anyone else’s hearts beating out of their chest or is it just me? This game still feels as though it could go either way.

88 min: It’s a superb delivery from Santos, wow. But Bright heads it away.

87 min: Santos, one of Colombia’s best today, at the heart of the attack once again. She pips it in and Earps collects but sees it out for a corner.

86 min: Carter fives away the ball and Colombia come forward. Santos has it in the area but her cross is blocked by Bright and then she boots it upfield. Some nervous defence from England.

85 min: In the break of play Russo is off for Kelly, the Arsenal-bound forward having her best performance of this World Cup today. D Arias looks okay to continue.

Russo is substituted for Kelly.
Russo is substituted for Kelly. Photograph: Zac Goodwin/PA


84 min: D Arias is down after putting in a tackle on Stanway, she needs some treatment here.

83 min: Santos takes the corner short and it comes in to Vanegas – who scored late from a corner against Germany – but England manage to defend it.

82 min: Chacon with a lovely one two with Caicedo, that is simply beautiful play. They have a corner.

82 min: Caicedo’s footwork is unbelievable, her resulting pass is cleared by England though. Colombia come again but the Lionesses see it out for a goal kick.

80 min: Ospina is off for Chacon as Colombia look to attack again. Ramirez, ever the dangerous threat, is in the box but Greenwood does well to muscle her off the ball. Toone wins a free kick for England to relieve some pressure. Don’t count Colombia out yet, we all know what happened against Germany!

78 min: Greenwood is over this ball, it’s a great delivery and Giraldo punches and it sees Colombia counter. Caicedo make a lovely run – Carter initially blocks but the attack is still alive. It eventually comes in but it’s out for a goal kick.

76 min: Stanway pops it in but it’s blocked. England come again, Bronze crosses but D Arias sees it out for a corner. D Arias has been great this match.

75 min: Hemp makes a huge run, she is having a good game, but Giraldo gets to it before Russo can connect. Colombia now counter but Stanway does exceptionally well to win that back.

74 min: Bronze is fouled and she hits the deck, taken some pace out of the game. The defender is okay to continue and England look to attack.

Lucy Bronze reacts after sustaining an injury.
Bronze reacts after sustaining an injury. Photograph: Jaimi Joy/Reuters


72 min: Oh no Daly, you don’t want to lose the ball to Ramirez in that position. WHAT A SAVE! A huge strike comes but Earps sees it over for a corner. Santos pops it in but it’s cleared, the ball comes again but it’s wide.

70 min: Carter is passed the ball from Earps and her pass is straight to Colombia! Caicedo is down after a tackle from Carter, no foul is given but England pop it out of play for her to get to her feet. That came from Bronze – she has to be careful as she is on a yellow from a previous game.

68 min: It looks like a concussion for Perez, hopefully she is okay – she gets a great reception from the crowd.

67 min: While we wait for the action to get back underway Beau has said: “England’s movement on corner kicks and free kicks reminds me of line-dancing in US country-music bars. Lots of choreography, but it’s hard to see the point. Fortunately for them, that was brilliant from Russo.” Yes, a lot of off the training pitch moves but not clinical from set piece. Perez has been subbed for Giraldo.

Players wait for a corner.
Players wait for a corner. Photograph: Naomi Baker/The FA/Getty Images


66 min: Colombia have been so good all game, two errors though and England were able to take advantage. A huge ball from Daly comes to Bronze but she can’t turn it in. The crowd have been silenced. Perez is down again.

64 min: Stanway threads it to Russo, she doesn’t have the best first touch but no defender can clear it and Russo makes up the pace – what a hit.

GOAL! England 2-1 Colombia (Russo, 62')

There it is! England’s best attacking, poor defence and Russo pounces.

Russo puts England ahead with a fine goal.
Russo puts England ahead with a fine goal. Photograph: Nigel Keene/ProSports/Shutterstock
Russo celebrates scoring.
Russo celebrates scoring. Photograph: Isabel Infantes/PA


62 min: Yeah Perez is fine! Guzman puts in another great tackle – this is only the teenager’s second cap!

60 min: Perez is down here, this could be tactical to take the pace out of the game. The keeper should be okay to continue.

59 min: The boos rain down as England set up, Stanway, Hemp and Greenwood over it. Stanway takes it, it comes to Hemp but Perez saves – the rebound doesn’t come to an England player and we remain level!

58 min: Again England don’t look threatening enough, their build-up play is great but then their final pass is not clinical enough. This time Russo wins a free kick and in a brilliant position.

57 min: Oh Caicedo, she goes one way and another and wins a free kick. It’s in their own half so they have to build from deep here but Bronze cuts out the chance.

55 min: Vanegas is quietly working away in this game, here she puts in a brilliant cross but there isn’t enough Colombia players to see it home. England really slowing down the pace of the game at the moment but it ends with the ball rolling out. Wiegman looks a little worried on the sidelines.

53 min: Greenwood takes over the corner and Daly gets a head to it, Perez comes and collects though. Good to see Perez hasn’t been troubled by her earlier error.

52 min: Daly and Hemp work well together but Carabali tackles well, Hemp wants a corner but it’s called as a goal kick. A lovely header from Bronze plays Russo into the box and she wins a corner.

50 min: A good delivery again from Perez but no one in the box can connect, it comes to Walsh but her effort is over the bar.

49 min: Stanway is over the corner, a great delivery but Bright can’t get a clean touch and it’s out for another corner.

Bright ushers encouragement.
Bright ushers encouragement. Photograph: Jose Breton/NurPhoto/Shutterstock


49 min: Bright with a long pass to Daly but Walsh has to play it backwards – Walsh is being really well defended. Walsh does pops it to Russo and Carabali sees it out for a corner.

47 min: Carter does well to muscle Caicedo off the ball in the box but here come Colombia again! Ramirez with a superb run but her shot is wide.

Back underway! England 1-1 Colombia

Action is back here! Who will find a winner? Or will we head to extra time?

England have equalised but Colombia’s strike is the goal of the match, this could be a nomination for goal of the tournament (the clip is from ITV and so some may not have access):


Santos lobs Mary Earps from an unlikely angle to give #COL the lead against England...#FIFAWWC pic.twitter.com/Pq041pVlZS

— ITV Football (@itvfootball) August 12, 2023

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Colombia were the better team on balance over that half, their defending overall was clinical and their attack was far more deadly. But an individual error from goalkeeper Perez has allowed England back into this match and at the perfect time.

Half time! England 1-1 Colombia

Colombia found the opener with a superb Santos strike but England equalised just before the half! Everything to play for, what a match.


45 + 7 min: The ball kept pinging around, Colombia just couldn’t clear their lines. Perez initially saved but she couldn’t control and Hemp strikes.

GOAL! England 1-1 Colombia (Hemp, 45+6')

An error from Perez and Hemp is in!

Perez and Carabali colide under pressure from Russo.
Perez and Carabali colide under pressure from Russo. Photograph: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images
Hemp is on hand to tap in.
Hemp is on hand to tap in. Photograph: Lars Baron/Getty Images
Hemp celebrates after scoring.
Hemp celebrates after scoring. Photograph: Rick Rycroft/AP


45 + 5 min: England have kept composure since going behind, they do need to put more pressure on Colombia to get something. But Colombia’s defence is so compact and clinical. Mary has said: “Oh my lord, what a beautiful goal by Santos. England needs to get to halftime and regroup. Somehow England needs to slow the tempo down, and not allow Columbia to play chaos football, they seem to thrive in that manic tempo.”

45 + 3 min: That was also the first goal England have conceded in open play, the other was a penalty against China. Bright passes to Stanway, who lays it off to Russo but it’s blocked.

45 + 1 min: This will be interesting to see how England react here, this is the first time they have gone behind at this World Cup. There are six minutes added.

45 min: Santos was a step into the box, her shot beats Daly and it bends into the top left corner. Earps tries to save but there’s nothing she can do about it. How about this! An upset on the cards!

GOAL! England 0-1 Colombia (Santos, 44')

OH MY! It was coming and what a peach of a shot. Wow.

Santos lifts the ball from the edge of the box.
Santos lifts the ball from the edge of the box. Photograph: Carl Recine/Reuters
Keeper Earps gets lobbed.
Keeper Earps gets lobbed. Photograph: Lars Baron/Getty Images
Santos celebrates scoring.
Santos celebrates scoring. Photograph: Carl Recine/Reuters
Colombia’s players celebrate with Santo.
Colombia’s players celebrate with Santo. Photograph: Zac Goodwin/PA


44 min: Vanegas connects with Caicedo but she is offside – Colombia look more likely to score at the moment. They are having all the joy going forward, England’s last pass in the final third just not coming together. This time Bronze loses out to Vanegas but Bright comes to the rescue.

42 min: Russo now has it in the box but D Arias sees it out. Toone wins a throw, she isn’t looking at her best in this one yet. Greenwood puts in a long range pass but it comes to Perez.

40 min: Carabali pops it in, this time Earps collects. Colombia are doing well and have had more opportunities in the box, England get it so far and then Colombia repel their threat.

39 min: Guzman lays it off to Ramirez and it comes back to the substitute. She pops it in and Caicedo gets to it, her shot is blocked.

38 min: A bit of patient play now from England, this game has been all go. Russo loses the ball in the midfield though and here come Colombia!

36 min: The free kick is short and then Greenwood pops it in but Vanegas beats Bright. Caicedo looks to peel away, Stanway fouls.

35 min: Greenwood goes down again holding her face but I think she’s okay. Walsh taking on some instruction from Wiegman before we get back underway. Stanway with a great run but she is pulled back by Santos and England have a free kick.

34 min: Guzman again has a beaut of a cross in but Bright heads away. England on the counter but Toone loses out to Carabali – a frantic exchange at both ends! This is so entertaining! Greenwood hits the deck but play continues, she is eventually back to her feet and heads the ball away. It’s hard to keep up with all of this!

32 min: Guzman with a great cross, she has been involved a lot since coming on, but no one in the box can connect. England are quick to work it up the other end but Toone’s touch isn’t clean and Colombia clear.

31 min: Lauren Hemp that is beautiful. She is hounded on the line but she manages to get away and passes to Walsh but she boots the ball over the bar. Bright does well up the other end to prevent a ball coming to Ramirez.

Hemp dribbles the ball past Colombia's midfield.
Hemp dribbles the ball past Colombia's midfield. Photograph: Rick Rycroft/AP


29 min: Daly takes a long range effort and it’s just over the bar! Carabali so good there to not concede a corner. Joe has emailed and said: “Watching from Indianapolis with a thunderstorm rumbling in the vicinity. But where is the snack chat? Your readers expect nothing less!” Oh you have some weather setting a mood! Apologies, I am slacking on my snack chat! Today I am eating cherry tomatoes, very odd I know!

Daly shoots.
Daly shoots. Photograph: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images


27 min: Greenwood is over the set piece ball and it’s a good delivery, Daly misses the header but it comes back in for her. The Aston Villa player’s header is straight at Perez.

26 min: Bronze is wide open and it eventually come to her and she wins a corner.

26 min: The free kick is taken short but England are ran back to halfway, a chance wasted but the Lionesses are still in possession.

25 min: Daly is up and okay to continue. England have a free kick now as Guzman fouls Hemp but that time I think it shouldn’t be a foul? Bizarre.

23 min: Bronze with a storming run but she is crowded by three defenders and eventually the Barcelona defender fouls. Guzman absolutely clatters Daly, no foul given again. Play is stopped as she needs some treatment.

Daly is fouled by Guzman.
Daly is fouled by Guzman. Photograph: Rick Rycroft/AP


22 min: Usme waits for the ball but Greenwood heads away. Hemp is taken out off the ball by Guzman but it’s not been given as a foul? Strange decision. Santos pings it in but England do enough to keep it out, frantic defence from England at the moment.

20 min: Daly pops it in, it’s initially cleared and then Vanegas dispossess Carter. A long range pass from Bright has too much on it and we have a throw. No sign of a breather in this one.

18 min: Colombia doing well to marshal England’s forwards and it pays off with Walsh misplacing a pass. Colombia come now and Ramirez, who is such a threat, has a good run but her pass doesn’t come off. A balanced game so far, Colombia with more chances but England’s looked the more deadly.

16 min: Caicedo, how is she only 18?! She’s playing like a seasoned player! Unbelievable cut down the left to leave Carter in the dust, her resulting shot is over the bar. A reminder Caicedo has scored at three World Cups in a year – two youth tournaments and this one!

Caicedo eveades the efforts of Carter on the wing.
Caicedo eveades the efforts of Carter on the wing. Photograph: Bianca de Marchi/AAP


14 min: Caicedo with a lovely run and she whips it to Usme. She lines up a huge shot, it’s blocked but great play. Greenwood calmly works it out – she is so dependable at the back.

13 min: Julian has got in touch and said: “Any idea why England are being booed by the crowd?” Because there are a lot of Colombia fans in, they like to create an atmosphere and will do what they can to help their team! England will also thrive on the great atmosphere. Back to the game and England have the ball and ae building from deep.

Fans of Colombia show their support.
Fans of Colombia show their support. Photograph: Lars Baron/Getty Images
Meanwhile, a lion roars.
Meanwhile, a lion roars. Photograph: Dean Lewins/EPA


12 min: Guzman is on for C Arias, such a big miss for Colombia but Guzman did have a big part in Colombia’s goal against Jamaica! Here come England again, a blistering ball in and she heads it – Perez calmly collects. I can tell my hands are going to get tired in this one, so much action!

10 min: I think C Arias is off, the medical team signalled to the bench she is out. Colombia are still with 10 and Bronze gets the ball in the box but it’s blocked.

9 min: C Arias has limped to the sidelines, she doesn’t look happy. For now Colombia play with 10 as we get back underway.

8 min: This doesn’t look good for C Arias, she is such a big player in this Colombian team so I hope she is okay to continue. She quite literally threw herself at the shot from Hemp.

Arias lies on the ground after sustaining an injury.
Arias lies on the ground after sustaining an injury. Photograph: Dean Lewins/EPA


7 min: OH MY WORD! How, oh how, have England not scored?! Walsh the key cog to connect the team and it comes to Russo in the box, her shot is blocked but a superb but of defending, it drops for Hemp but it’s blocked again. MASSIVE. C Arias needs some treatment after that defensive effort.

Russo has a shot which makes contact with the head of Arias.
Russo has a shot which makes contact with the head of Arias. Photograph: Lars Baron/Getty Images
Hemp’s ebound is also blocked.
Hemp’s ebound is also blocked. Photograph: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images


6 min: Poor ball from Daly sees it out as England started to build attack. She makes up for the error with a beaut of a turn but Ospina dispossess her, the ball eventually coming to Earps again. Lively start!

4 min: Every time England are on the ball the Colombia fans are booing, a great atmosphere I must say. Colombia having the lion share of possession so far, Usme with a beautiful ball to C Arias but England see it out for a throw. Usme wallops a bending ball and it’s on target but Earps collects.

2 min: A slightly frantic start with each team just finding their feet in this quarter. Usme pops a ball up but Earps comes out to collect, Ramirez was looking to strike there.

Kick-off! England 0-0 Colombia

Here we go then! The last quarter-final of this World Cup and the winner of this match will face co-hosts Australia in the semi-final. Everything on the line. 90 minutes, and possible extra time and penalties, to decide it.

Russo kicks off.
Russo kicks off. Photograph: Jaimi Joy/Reuters


The crowd here is electric! A wall of noise meets the players, this is going to be such a good clash. A good amount of England support but Colombia fans definitely outnumber them. They bring the atmosphere every time, the anthem was spine-tingling.

I honestly don’t know how players calmly play knockout games, I am so nervous! The players are out in the stadium, the anthems are to come! Let’s get a sense of the atmosphere next…

The Lionesses are playing at Stadium Australia, the same stage where Jonny Wilkinson kicked the men’s rugby team to World Cup glory. Will we see another England win? Or can Colombia continue their march to the trophy? All to come.

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A fun fact for you, the penalty shootout between Australia and France is the longest to take place at a Women’s World Cup. 10 rounds, 20 penalties and co-hosts Australia are through.

Yallop celebrates

Another great feature for you to have a read of before kick-off in this one:

Australia are through to the semi-finals after winning the shootout 7-6. Crushing for France who were also dumped out of the 2015 World Cup on penalties. Australia will face the winner of England v Colombia, which kicks off in just over half an hour’s time.

As we know James will not feature here and if you are just tuning in it’s Ella Toone to come in for the Chelsea player. Jonathan Liew wrote a piece on how Sarina Wiegman could replace James and while we know the answer his analysis is still worth a read:

The shootout is 5-5, we’ve had misses and saves! The Gavin and Stacey scene comes to mind here: “It’s just all the drama Mick, I just love it”

Mary has got in touch and said: “Moonlight greetings from California. Nerves? Shredded! It’s football overload. France and Australia in pens. Lionesses and the underdog Columbians about to start. Premier League first weekend an hour later. My cardiologist would tell me to go back to sleep. I say stuff it and pound another coffee.” It sounds like caffeine is needed!

Colombia boss Nelson Abadia said: “To be representing the whole of the Americas at the moment is important. Because of everything that happens around this national team - to have all this positive energy not only from Colombia but from the whole continent - is beneficial. It’s going to be difficult for us, but we know how to attack them. We can do a little bit of damage, and this is what we’re going to be trying to do during the match.”

Nelson Abadia

England manager Sarina Wiegman has spoken on their opponents and said: “Colombia has done very well. It’s a strong team, very together, physically strong. They have powerful players and want to get the ball to their attacking players because they are unpredictable and good. We always prepare for every team. We look at the strengths and weaknesses of the team and also how they show. We talk through everything. We also see that there’s a big crowd from Colombia so we are prepared for that.”

Sarina Wiegman

And it’s to penalties Australia and France go! They couldn’t be separated after 120 minutes of football, spot kicks to come and France have changed their keepers for it! A bold call, will it pay off? All the updates:

Mary Earps has been a key part to keeping England in the World Cup with her amazing saves. Here’s what she had to say before the quarter-final:

The Colombian fans have created an electric atmosphere at every match and this game will be no different. Here’s a feature on the supporters:

How are everyone’s nerves? There’s always the extra edge in knock-out football, it’s thrilling but agonising. You can get in touch and let me know who you’re supporting, where you’re reading from and anything in between via Twitter or email.

Here are some of the players who could play a major part in the outcome of this quarter-final. Keep a close eye on Linda Caicedo, she has been one of the biggest stars so far in this tournament:


Colombia team news

Colombia have also gone early with their team news. They too have made one change with Manuela Vanegas returning from her suspension.

Starting XI: Perez, C Arias, D Arias, Carabali, Vanegas, Ospina, Bedoya, Santos, Usme, Caicedo, Ramirez


Formación de la Selección Colombia Femenina para enfrentar a Inglaterra por la Copa Mundial Femenina de la FIFA.#PersiguiendoUnSueño#TodosSomosColombia🇨🇴 pic.twitter.com/5IitjL2lro

— Selección Colombia (@FCFSeleccionCol) August 12, 2023

England team news

England have dropped their team news! They have made one change from their penalty shootout win over Nigeria with Ella Toone in for the suspended Lauren James.

Starting XI: Earps, Bronze, Walsh, Greenwood, Bright, Stanway, Daly, Toone, Hemp, Carter, Russo.

Ready to take on Colombia! 🙌 pic.twitter.com/Y5dhD0riuD

— Lionesses (@Lionesses) August 12, 2023

England pay respect:

Our @FIFAWWC quarter-final will take place at Stadium Australia in Sydney / Wangal. 🏟️

We acknowledge the Wangal as the first Custodians of the land, air and water where Stadium Australia is situated today, and we pay our respect to their Elders past, present and emerging. pic.twitter.com/tQbOpc4QAM

— Lionesses (@Lionesses) August 12, 2023

Australia v France has reached 0-0 at full time, that quarter-final is heading to extra time! I’ll update you if someone finds a winner of if it heads to penalties but for all the details, follow the blog:

Lauren James won’t feature in today’s match after her red card against Nigeria, here’s the full story:

So many things happen at a World Cup it is hard to keep track so we’ve put together a piece on the 10 things you may have missed. Give it a read:

The two quarter-finals yesterday saw Spain and Sweden seal their spots to face one another in the semis. Catch up with that action:

The quarter-final is not the only last eight match on today, Australia v France is happening right now. The match is still at 0-0 and is at around 74 minutes, you can keep up to date:


Hello and welcome to the last quarter-final of this Women’s World Cup! England take on Colombia in what is set to be a thrilling match.

England’s group stage was a steady build in performances ending in a huge 6-1 win over China. But in the last 16 they were challenged by Nigeria with the game having to be decided on penalties. The team will also be without one of its stars as Lauren James was handed a two-match ban for her red card.

Colombia, on the other hand, dealt one of the biggest shocks of the tournament with their 2-1 win over Germany in the group stage. In the last 16 they also impressed, becoming the first team able to score against Jamaica.

The Lionesses will head into the match as favourites but the game will be more evenly matched than a lot of fans may think. The teams news for both sides will be out shortly and so stay tuned ahead of kick-off at 11.30am BST/8.30pm AEST.


Sarah Rendell

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Women’s World Cup power rankings: France on the rise, England drop down
Japan remain in first place but France, Australia, Spain and Colombia are all making upward moves

Suzanne Wrack and Sophie Downey

09, Aug, 2023 @12:19 PM

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England hit back to beat Colombia and set up World Cup semi with Australia
Goals from Lauren Hemp and Alessia Russo were enough to secure a 2-1 win for England against Colombia and book a last-four place against the Matildas

Suzanne Wrack at Stadium Australia

12, Aug, 2023 @12:32 PM

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Mary Earps warns Colombia ‘the best is yet to come’ from England at World Cup
The goalkeeper Mary Earps said England have ‘more levels we want to go to’ as they prepared to face Colombia in their Sydney quarter-final

Suzanne Wrack in Sydney

11, Aug, 2023 @9:42 AM

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Colombia turn focus to England as Lauren James issues red-card apology
Colombia’s coach, Nelson Abadía, said his side will approach their World Cup quarter-final against England in the same way that took them to victory against Germany in the group stage

Jo Khan at Melbourne Rectangular Stadium

08, Aug, 2023 @3:31 PM

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Women’s World Cup: eight fans preview the quarter-finals
Supporters give the lowdown on Spain v Netherlands, Japan v Sweden, France v Australia and England v Colombia

Guardian readers and Tom Stevens

10, Aug, 2023 @3:01 PM

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Germany 1-2 Colombia: Women’s World Cup 2023 – as it happened
A 97th-minute winner from Manuela Vanegas condemned two-time champions Germany to defeat

Daniel Harris

30, Jul, 2023 @12:02 PM

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Japan joy, Germany dejection: Women’s World Cup power rankings
We rank the teams after a compelling group stage characterised by shocks and emerging stars, from Miyazawa to Caicedo and Dumornay

Suzanne Wrack in Sydney and Sophie Downey in Melbourne

04, Aug, 2023 @1:00 PM

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Sweden joy, England make move: Women’s World Cup power rankings
Sweden move to first place after beating Japan while Australia, England and Spain also rose after their quarter-final wins

Sophie Downey

13, Aug, 2023 @5:00 PM

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Colombia 1-0 Jamaica: Women’s World Cup last 16 – as it happened
Catalina Usme strikes to break Jamaican hearts as Colombia set up quarter-final against England

Sarah Rendell

08, Aug, 2023 @10:30 AM