Everton 0-1 West Ham: Premier League – as it happened!

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It was a happy return to Goodison Park for David Moyes, with Angelo Ogbonna heading a second-half winner for West Ham

Righto, that’s us. Check back for the report, which’ll be up here and on the site presently. Ta-ra

In fairness to Everton, they were without Richarlison and Calvert-Lewin today, both of whom hold the ball up well enough to allow the wingers decent possession. But I still expected more from their midfield.

Absolute sake.

Newcastle have a new songbook. B-sides include “who the fuck are PSG” and “Saudi Mags.” pic.twitter.com/GzzrkP4bso

— Rory Smith (@RorySmith) October 17, 2021

xG map for Everton - West Ham

still wild watching a David Moyes side rack up like 60-65 percent possession week in week out pic.twitter.com/gTTswvO5Wa

— Caley Graphics (@Caley_graphics) October 17, 2021

29 - Since David Moyes' first game back in charge at West Ham in January 2020, the Hammers have scored more goals from set-piece situations in the Premier League (29, excluding penalties) than any other side. Specialists. pic.twitter.com/E0021N73mj

— OptaJoe (@OptaJoe) October 17, 2021

I wonder what West Ham can do to give them a little bit more of an open-play goal-threat. Perhaps they might try Benrahma as a number 10 so that they can play Yarmolenko wide, but that’d mean leaving out Fornals who’s been excellent for them. I also wonder if, in some games, a 4-4-2 might work well.

I was surprised by how reactive Everton were in central midfield today. Usually, Doucoure and Allan don’t wait to be asked, but the game passed both by, meaning Gray and Townsend rarely got the ball in space.

As per the below, you should join Rob Smyth for Newcastle v Spurs. It’s sure to be edifying.

I said at the start that this game reeked of Premier League, and I’m trying not to facetiously respond to myself yeah, disappointing. But though it started ok, that wasn’t much of a game and I’m not surprised it took a set-piece to break the deadlock. Overall, the right side won, and what an incredible job David Moyes is doing at West Ham.

David Moyes and Rafael Benitez shake hands after the match.
David Moyes and Rafael Benitez shake hands after the match. Photograph: Peter Byrne/PA


West Ham move above Everton to sixth; Everton drop to seventh on goal difference.

Full-time: Everton 0-1 West Ham

The league’s last 100% home record goes, and that’s a terrific win for West Ham.

90+4 min The ball picks out Godfrey at the back post, but he gets under it, heading over the top.

90+4 min Rice powers through midfield and finds Antonio, pulling left side of the box, but two defenders hurl themselves in front of his shot and Everton counter, Rondon wining a corner. The game is right here, and Pickford comes up...

90+3 min West Ham send on Yarmolenko for Bowen.

90+2 min Everton have been nonsense since West Ham scored and, indeed, for most of today’s game.

90 min There’ll be four added minutes, and when Coleman crosses from the right, Zouma blocks superbly from Gray.

90 min We see a replay of the Antonio/Pickford challenge that yielded the corner that yielded the goal, and the officials got it bang-on: Antonio headed through Pickford’s hands.

89 min Since scoring, West ham have looked more likely to score a second than Everton have to find an equaliser, and here’s Antonio in the centre of the box, spreading to Bowen, who opens his body to curl, forcing Pickford to tip away well. Unusually, the corner comes to nowt.

87 min West Ham send on Lanzini for Benrahma, who’s had a decent game today – he’s not been electrifying, but he’s looked his team’s most likely font of creativity.

86 min West Ham win another corner and again the delivery is very good, the ball fizzing about inside the box before Keane deflects Ogbonna’s cross behind. This time, Cresswell’s outswinger is cleared to the edge, and Rice shanks somewhere towards Selhurst Park (wherever that is).

84 min It helps to have players who can make it work, but it amazes me how bad most teams are at set-pieces. In the maelstrom that is a game of football, restarts are a rare area over which there’s some control, and a well-taken corner is extremely difficult to defend. Being good at them is not cheating or unsophisticated, but a very smart move.

83 min West Ham are now playing 3-5-2, Dawson slotting into the centre of defence with Benrahma behind Antonio.

82 min Everton win a corner down the left which Gray swings towards the far post, where Godfrey arrives. But the ball’s too low to head and too high to kick, so he leaps to thunk a volley over the top.

81 min Our Newcastle v Spurs blog is underway; follow all that here.

80 min Gordon, who was unlucky to be benched, replaces Iwobi, who was lucky to start, while West Ham send Dawson on for Soucek.

78 min Isn’t the Newcastle situation very similar to the Chelsea one in the good old Ken Bates days?” asks Rick Harris. “I seem to remember massive opposition from Blues fans to Bates’ ownership of the club and massive relief when Abramovich took over. Chelsea’s massive cash injection coupled with the arrival of the Special One also blew apart the two club United – Arsenal dominance of the PL and then we had the City takeover. Historically speaking this country’s human rights record is not great so perhaps we should concentrate on telling our own truth before we start judging other countries.”

Nah, I can’t have that. We need to fight all forms of oppression rather than turn a blind eye because this country has acted appallingly in the past (and present).

76 min Immediately, Everton attack down the right, Townsend’s cross blocked behind. But on the other side of the pitch, Soucek is down – he was on the ground tussling with Rondon, who clipped coupon with heel as he tried to power away. Soucek is bleeding, so disappears down the tunnel to get himself sorted.

GOAL! Everton 0-1 West Ham United (Ogbonna 74)

Bowen swerves in a brute of a corner, flat and fast, and at the near post, Ogbonna is up early, above and in front of Godfrey, using the pace of the ball to touch into the far corner! Can Everton respond?

Ogbonna heads in past Pickford.
Ogbonna heads in past Pickford. Photograph: Magi Haroun/REX/Shutterstock
Ogbonna celebrates with Bowen after scoring.
Ogbonna celebrates with Bowen after scoring. Photograph: Richard Heathcote/Getty Images


73 min Pickford leaps for a loose ball with Antonio and fingers it wide for a corner – which he is adamant was a goalkick. I guess there’s a hint of a foul too– or rather, you often see fouls given for challenges on the keeper, but Antonio was just stronger than Pickford.


73 min Iwobi moves left to find Townsend, who feints to swing in with his left and swings out with his right, and Rondon head a quarter-chance wide.

71 min Antonio goes down after Keane comes through and around him to see the ball away, treading on his tootsies. That looked a right sair yin, so he has a little rest while it smarts.

Antonio of West Ham United receives some treatment.
Antonio of West Ham United receives some treatment. Photograph: Paul Currie/REX/Shutterstock


69 min West Ham have Vlasic, Yarmolenko and Lanzini on the bench; I wonder if we might see one fairly soon.

67 min West Ham are edging back into this, Benrahma – who looks their likeliest – weaving in from the left, opening the angle for the curler. But instead, his slides a disguised reverse-pass the other way for Antonio, whose shot it blocked at source by Keane. That’s excellent behaviour all round.

66 min Tangentially, is Soucek a decent shout for the league’s hardest player? Who else is in the mix?

65 min Benrahma wriggles outside Coleman, leaves him, then checks back the other way, sending a cross spitting towards the back post, where Keane does just enough to jump Soucek out of it. He’s playing a little deeper than last season to allow Rice to play further forward, but if he keeps making those runs, the goals will follow.

64 min “With the new Spurs ground, at least there is an atmosphere that can quickly turn both ways. Some who have been to both stadiums say the new one is the same but bigger. Some say they would take White Hart Lane any day. At least the stadium location is the same.”

Yup, I’m told that the noise there is quite something, and they’ve built it to ensure that that’s the case.

62 min Ahahahaha! When the corner isn’t properly cleared, Doucoure marches onto the loose ball and misses his kick, then Allan and Townsend miss their kicks, colliding, after which Iwobi thrashes wide.

62 min Rondon runs the channel and wins a corner off Ogbonna, but this is beginning to stench of 0-0.

60 min “The Highbury Library soubriquet was bestowed when the new North Bank stand was built,” informs Ian Macpherson. “The prices went up (plus bonds) and it became all seater. There is a moral there somewhere.”

There is, but what a gaff it was.

58 min That Newcastle chat I was on about earlier: dearie me yourselves through this, if your stomach can take it.

🗣 "I'm not sure the majority of football fans really care who owns their club. If you were going to go in to the business dealings of a lot of the owners we might not have a league."

Jamie Redknapp on the new #NUFC owners and the backlash the takeover has received pic.twitter.com/1ppoJlWEy5

— Football Daily (@footballdaily) October 17, 2021

57 min Again, Everton counter from a corner, Doucoure, who’s so good in these situations, finding Townsend. But with Gray inside him, his square pass is just behind, and Rice, charging back, intercepts.

55 min Everton pour forward again, Coleman opening angle and body for a far post curler that shrieks just wide.

54 min And they win a corner, which goes towards Soucek as the back post; he’s got two men on him, which allows Pickford to flick behind; this time, Benrahma shoots high.

53 min There are lots of ways of breaking down a football match, but I often think of one simple line from Graeme Souness: you have to get to the ball first, and the team that does usually wins. Well, Everton are doing that now, getting “in and around” Rice and Soucek.

51 min Everton are winning the ball high up the park now, Iwobi roving across the front line form centre to right and allowing Townsend to take over, bending a luscious cross into the middle that the diving Rondon can only guide wide of the far post. West Ham haven’t started this half yet.

50 min This is much better from Everton, Digne lanking down the left and cutting back for Iwobi, who retrieves from behind him via Zidane spin (sort of), then drags a shot that Ogbonna, his feet twisted, does brilliantly to block.

47 min “Re Emirates removing the atmosphere from Arsenal games,” tweets Roc McEvoy, “Highbury was known as the Library.”

It was – but as Lee Dixon pointed out, the rhyming aspect was a significant factor there. And it was set-up for atmosphere – square and steep with fans close to the pitch – while the Emirates is rounded, shallow and with fans miles away, the upper and lower tiers separated by execs in the middle.

46 min Iwobi is still playing inside, with Gray down the left. My guess is that they want the latter to receive the ball in space ... and there he is, driving down the line, easing outside Johnson, and sticking a ball between keeper and back line that no one is on-hand to attack.

46 min We go again!

“Speaking about the old stadia with great atmosphere,” emails Bogdan Kartolic, “both north London clubs had such and they are now gone for good. I am not an Arsenal or Tottenham fan but Highbury and White Hart Lane were both awesome, I miss them a lot.”

Agree. I’ve not been to the new Spurs ground, which sounds like a pretty decent rendition, but I could not believe what I was seeing the first time I went to the Emirates. It was like they’d looked at what makes a stadium great, then done the opposite.

Half-time entertainment:

Half-time: Everton 0-0 West Ham

That was not unenjoyable, but the game could really do with a goal. West Ham have played pretty well without threatening sufficiently, while Everton created the best chance, which Iwobi ruined.

45 min Fornals gives it away high up the pitch and Doucoure flips a decent speculative pass around the corner, forcing Zouma to thrash behind with Gray in pursuit of the bouncing ball. He then clears the corner, and that should take us to half-time – there’ll be one additional minute.

44 min Everton win a free-kick down the right which Townsend swerves in, but Soucek reads it really well, retreating into the space to head out for a throw.

42 min Townsend nips inside, getting the ball onto his left foot and hoisting a cross to the back post; Bowen leaps to head behind, then West Ham clear the corner and counter, Rice driving forward. He sees Antonio to his right so feeds him in, and the resultant shot flies well over the top.

41 min I once asked a Liverpudlian why stadium sharing was out of the question,” says Marie Meyer. and his answer was that the seats would have to be purple and nobody wants that.”

The wheelies in Liverpool are purple, and quite smart in fairness.

40 min The corner yields another and Bowen’s dig from it is blocked. But West Ham sustain the attack, finding Fornals just outside the box, left of centre. He shifts inside, opens his body, and curls a decent effort just wide of the far post.

38 min Godfrey looks to see a ball behind but Antonio’s having no such thing, imparting just enough of a shove to make him fall over and not too much of a shove to concede a free-kick.

38 min West Ham are going wide pretty much every time they attack, but I wonder if they might try hitting Antonio sooner, then get men around him.

37 min Gray turns up at inside-left – he’s swapped positions with Iwobi – wriggling infield before shooting wide.

35 min Excellent from Benrahma, who turns up at inside-right and swerves around the nearest man, playing into Soucek down the right of the box. He touches off nicely, finding Bowen, who slaps a shot that Pickford shoves away; Soucek is first to the loose ball, sliding in to roof it from a tight angle ... but the flag goes up for he was offside.

Soucek scores only for him to see it ruled out for offside.
Soucek scores only for him to see it ruled out for offside. Photograph: Arfa Griffiths/West Ham United/REX/Shutterstock


34 min With that quality of service, you’d expect Calvert-Lewin to enjoy himself when he’s back, but I’m not entirely sure what happens with Richarlison – I suppose he plays wide instead of Iwobi.

33 min Docoure switches right to Townsend, who shifts it outside Cresswell and earns the yard he needs to cross, Doucoure arriving into the box to head down and wide.

32 min Everton are coming, Iwobi crossing low from the left and forcing Fabianski to dive at it; he gets a finger to it, and Cresswell is alive to the danger, poking away before Gray can apply the finish.

31 min Fornals gets the wrong side of Townsend, slides in anyway and is booked.

30 min “Mixed feelings about the move to a new stadium I guess then Gary?” asks @sevenbeescafe. “I still think it would have been a real 21st century statement to build a new shared stadium but I can see why that would have been a hard nut to crack.”

I think teams want a home of their own, though I’m going to contradict myself by saying that San Siro is one of the greatest grounds in world football (so I hope they leave it be).

28 min Aaaarrrrgghhh! Gray isolates Ogbonna out wide, shimmies inside then skips outside – that was far too easy – and sticks a cut-back for Iwobi, only for the ball to pass between his legs while he smashes fresh air into the top corner. It’s a great finish, in fairness.

Iwobi misses a clear chance.
Iwobi misses a clear chance. Photograph: Jan Kruger/Getty Images


26 min For all their possession and territorial dominance, West Ham haven’t actually created much. They could do with getting Benrahma on the ball closer to the box, and as I type that, he tries a really difficult loft to the back post, seeking Antonio, but puts far too much on it.

Everton manager Rafael Benitez controls the ball as West Ham United manager David Moyes looks on.
Everton manager Rafael Benitez controls the ball as West Ham United manager David Moyes looks on. Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters


25 min I’m trying to think of other grounds that exude history; Anfield, obviously, and also Villa Park - in particular the Holte End, whose scale and sweep make it one of the best in football.

23 min We’ve barely seen Demarai Gray so far; Everton need to find a way of getting him into the game, and in that connection could probably do with their full-backs playing a bit higher to stretch West Ham in a bit tighter.

Gray is paid close attention by Rice.
Gray is paid close attention by Rice. Photograph: Peter Byrne/PA


22 min Docoure ploughs deep into the West Ham box, foraging hard, and the ball winds up with Iwobi whose shot is blocked away.

21 min Moyes will be starting to worry: his team have been dominant but haven’t scored, and Everton won’t be so docile for the full 90.

20 min Bowen spreads nicely to Cresswell and a pass slid in behind releases Fornals, making a third-man run. He crosses high and again Pickford does just enough to shove away from Antonio, then when the ball comes back, Fornals can’t quite get into position for a cross.

19 min In co-comms, Jamie Carragher notes that usually, Benitez like two sitting midfielders to give his sides a base, but he’s given Doucoure licence to get forward because he’s a practical man.

18 min Everton have roused, Townsend swerving an extremely enticing low cross that Rondon can’t quite reach, then from left flank an Iwobi cross is only half-cleared and Doucoure thrashes over the top.

Doucoure of Everton in action.
Doucoure of Everton in action. Photograph: Paul Currie/REX/Shutterstock


16 min “You’re right about a sense of place,” tweets Gary Naylor. “I’m (believe it or not for a Scouser) not sentimental, but I can see my father in ten different places inside Goodison. It’s the only place that conjures those visions – and I’m glad that’s so.”

Yeah, I feel you – Old Trafford is the only place that was frequented by me and a grandfather I never met, and though the ground needs work, there’s a sense of history that is unique.

14 min West Ham build down the left and when the ball comes infield, Soucek wins a big challenge with the dozing Doucoure. He can’t parlay it into anything more, but a goal looks likely ... and as I type that, Benrahma wafts a shot somewhere towards Kirby.

12 min “Another 5 minutes of this and Goodison will turn a bit nasty,” reckons Stephen Carr.

One of the things I love about the Everton crowd is their vociferous indignation when a decision goes against them, but yes, it’s easy to see that energy being turned on the players, especially if West Ham score.

11 min West Ham look dangerous down both flanks, a right-wing cross retrieved by Cresswell, and when his go is half-cleared, Benraham yeets the loose ball over the top.

9 min Lovely from Antonio, leaping to collect an awkward ball on the half-turn, then turning on the half-volley away from Allan, who sets off in pursuit. But a slightly heavy touch means that Keane can clean up, and when Antonio anticipates contact, going to ground, he booked for diving.

8 min Johnson crosses from the right and Antonio goes up with Pickford, the keeper doing just enough to flap away,

8 min The home fans are murmuring frustration and rightly so – their team seem to have forgotten they’re in a contest.

6 min It’s all West Ham at the moment - they’ve had 82% possession – a cross flashing across the box before Benrahma runs at Godfrey and dips inside ... only to put his square pass behind Antonio.

6 min Cresswell looks for an option so Rice comes deep – I really like his desire to take the ball under pressure – lays it back, and the resultant punt down the line yields nowt.

Rice in action with Everton’s Doucoure and Rondon.
Rice in action with Everton’s Doucoure and Rondon. Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters


4 min So far, Everton are allowing West Ham to reach halfway before engaging. I’m not sure that’s a good move because they’ve various methods of causing damage from there, but I doubt Rondon is fit enough to press.

3 min West Ham have started well here, Cresswell advancing down the left and curving a decent ball in between keeper and defensive line. But there’s too much on it for Antonio, who can’t get within sliding distance.

2 min Here come West Ham again, Antonio barrelling forward and finding Johnson marauding down the right, but his low cross is cleared.

1 min Bowen wins the ball high up the pitch and sends it right to Soucek, who sweeps a low return into the box ... but Bowen can’t control.

1 min And away we go!

The players take the knee. Let’s remember that this is just a start, and it’s incumbent upon all of us to make the world a better place. Black lives matter.

West Ham’s Said Benrahma takes the knee before the match.
West Ham’s Said Benrahma takes the knee before the match. Photograph: Molly Darlington/Action Images/Reuters


What are we saying about this rig? I’m undecided, but it looks more training than match to me.

pickford top


Here come the teams!

Tell you what, I’ll miss Goodison when it goes. Maybe we’re too sentimental as football fans, but a sense of place is so important and few give you that to comparable degree. When you’re there, you know exactly where you are and what it means; replicating that somewhere different will not be easy.

So how high do we think these teams can go this season? It’s fair to say that three of the top four places are taken, but there might just be one spot up for grabs – though if I’m David Moyes, I’n chucking absolutely everything at the Europa League. It’s hard to ignore the suspicion that West Ham will, at some point, westham it up, but no side in the draw will want to play them and rightly so.

Moyes tells Sky that Everton are a great club with great tradition and expectation, and that Benitez has made a good start to life at Goodison – though he was a little surprised to see him in the job. Coufal got injured in the League Cup win at Old Trafford and hasn’t been right since

Benitez is pleased to have Iwobi and Coleman back, but isn’t too bothered when told that a win today will give Everton their best Premier League start.

And here’s Trevor Brooking at the end of his final appearance for the Irons, against Everton in May 1984.


In 1980, the teams met in the semis-final of the FA Cup – extra-time was a trip.

While we’re on the topic of Rice, he seems to be collecting attributes like football stickers. Just a couple of seasons ago, he looked like a centre-back playing in midfield, but increasingly he looks like a man at one with his position and at one with himself; if he can get on the ball more often, he might just start controlling games, as well as influencing them.

I’m really looking forward to watching Demarai Gray and Andros Townsend today. The suspicion, when they arrived at Goodison, was that the combined fee of £1.7m was the key motivating factor, but they’ve made an absolute mockery of that, whether theory or reality. What’s especially interesting is that both can play on either flank or in behind, so are able to turn up or receive the ball in all sorts of areas. I daresay Declan Rice has been briefed on his responsibilities this afternoon.

OK, Sky are now doing something on Newcastle that’s a little more honest about what’s actually going on here, but even in this report, the focus is on the football, which is, I’m afraid to say, not the main story.

Taking a closer look at today’s teams, I’d expect Everton to try and get around the outside of West Ham, Townsend and Iwobi staying fairly wide and awaiting overlaps from their full-backs. On the other hand, West Ham will be looking to get down the sides of Everton’s centre-backs, with their midfielders breaking into the box to pick up scraps and second balls.

Ah, this is better, now we’ve got Dominic Calvert-Lewin talking about about his dad for a Black History Month feature on heroes. It’s lovely to hear.

On Sky, they’re talking about the Newcastle takeover like it’s a pure, heartwarming piece of benevolence. I’m not certain this is in fact the case.

West Ham, meanwhile, are without the excellent Vladimir Coufal, who failed a fitness test, so Ben Johnson comes in for his first league start of the season.

So what does it all mean? Well, Everton make two changes from the draw at Old Trafford that suddenly looks like a monumental oversight: Seamus Coleman, fit again, replaces Yerry Mina who only got back from Colombia on Friday; as such, Ben Godfrey moves to centre-back. And Alex Iwobi is also back, replacing Anthony Gordon, who did well enough to retain his place but is understandably benched.

Teams are here!

Everton (a 4-2-3-1 that might look like a 4-3-3): Pickford; Coleman, Keane, Godfrey, Digne; Allan, Doucoure; Iwobi, Gray, Townsend, Rondon. Subs: Begovic, Tyrer, Kenny, Holgate, Mina, Gordon, Gbamin, Davies, Dobbin.

West Ham United (a robust 4-3-3): Fabianski; Johnson, Zouma, Ogbonna, Cresswell; Soucek, Rice, Fornals; Benrahma, Bowen, Antonio. Subs: Areola, Yarmolenko, Lanzini, Vlasic, Dawson, Diop, Masuaku, Ashby, Baptiste.



Few fixtures scream “Barclays” as gloriously as this one: two venerable old clubs full of mythology and even more self-mythology, two skilful, aggressive teams, two OG managers you’d be interested to see in a scrap, and a steaming plateful of narrative. I’m looking forward to this one.

Under Rafael Benítez, Everton have quickly grown into a fast and flexible outfit, strong at the back and enterprising going forward. The confidence and conviction of their front players in particular has been great to watch, and their ability to move West Ham’s defence about will go a long way towards deciding the game.

That’s easier said than done. West Ham are a team of absolute brutes – there can’t be many, if any, fixtures that demand a more unpleasant physical altercation. But of course there’s a lot more to it than that, the trickery and invention of Michail Antonio, Jarrod Bowen, Pablo Fornals and Saïd Benrahma asking questions that will test Everton’s back four both individually and as a unit.

All of which is to say there’s a lot going on here; don’t you dare go away.

Kick-off: 2pm BST



Daniel Harris

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