Bournemouth 3-1 Everton: Premier League – as it happened

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Callum Wilson scored twice for Bournemouth who took advantage of poor Everton defending throughout

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Here is is Ben Fisher’s match report:

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Amuse yourself with Jonathan Wilson while we wait for Ben Fisher’s report ...

Souness is not a fan of Everton’s defending. Cahill a bit more diplomatic in the studio.

Callum Wilson says: “We needed to get back to winning games at home. Winning games at home is the most important thing.”

Ryan Fraser says Eddie Howe told him to prove why he should be starting the next game. He has proved that.

“Hello Mr Howe, I’ll take a three-year deal, please.”

@Will_Unwin 4 years ago, Jack Stacey was on-loan to us @BarnetFC looking dreadful in League 2. There’s hope for everyone!

— Benjamin Young (@rudebwoyben1) September 15, 2019

Calvert-Lewin scored but I think Kean needs to be given more chances as he looks the more dynamic player. Calvert-Lewin is very much a ‘can do a job’ striker but if Everton really want to start looking up the table, they need someone more prolific and Kean could be that man. When Kean and Bernard came on it did seem like Everton were playing quicker.

Full-time: Bournemouth 3-1 Everton

Bournemouth took their chances and that was the difference, to be honest. Everton let two set-pieces and a long ball over the top end up in the back of the net, while failing to create much down the other end.

90+2 mins: Mina seemingly hates Pickford, he plays a short backpass to the goalkeeper, who realises it’s a terrible pass and leaps out to clear the ball before Wilson can nip in for his hat-trick. Pickford then gives Mina the look of a primary school teacher to a pupil who has just poured his milk on the floor.

89 mins: Bernard cuts and drifts past Lerma, whacks a shot which is deflected up into the air, resulting in Billing and Iwobi battling for the loose ball at the back post. The challenge leaves them both on the floor but both just about get up. Five minutes added on.

87 mins: I actually think this game has been quite even but Bournemouth have just made the most of their time in the final third, aided by some poor defending. Everton have been limited to half-chances and little else.

85 mins: Michael Keane decides the best idea is to lift a long, high backpass to Pickford from about 40 yards away is a good idea. It is not and bounces out for a corner. Keane would be a good defender if he could pass or keep his position.

83 mins: Can Everton salvage anything from this? Kean indicates they won’t by crossing the ball into Ramsdale’s hands.

81 mins: Everton should be back in this game but first Iwobi’s effort from 17 yards is repelled by Ramsdale into Richarlison’s path but the Brazilian messes everything up and whacks it wide. He is rightly punished by being replaced with Theo Walcott.

Justin Kavanagh emails: “Surely a club paying wages in the tens of thousands (per week) have the right to demand that players become two-footed? Delph’s dreadful inability to use his right foot is comparable to a goalkeeper only using one hand going up for crosses.” Rather than demand, they could just train them.

79 mins: Jack Stacey, making his Premier League debut, has gone down with cramp after tackling Bernard. He is finding out what the Premier League is all about today.

77 mins: I watch a lot of live football but have never wanted to buy a TagHeuer watch. Maybe their sponsorship plan is not working.

Lerma replaces Lewis Cook who has shown what he adds to Bournemouth. The midfielder has missed nine months of football and will be very happy to be back.

75 mins: Everton have conceded from two set-pieces and a long ball over the top today, which is a bit of a worry looking to win the Everton Trophy this season by finishing seventh.

GOAL! Bournemouth 3-1 Everton (Callum Wilson, 72)

The Everton defence is awful. Lewis Cook lifts the ball over the centre-backs who turn like the Titanic, allowing Wilson to nip in ahead of them and calmly lift the ball over Pickford who calm a long way out of his goal.

Callum Wilson beats Jordan Pickford.
Callum Wilson beats Jordan Pickford. Photograph: Dan Istitene/Getty Images
Wilson celebrates.
Wilson celebrates. Photograph: Simon Carlton/Frozen in Motion/REX/Shutterstock


71 mins: Bernard and Kean are on for Everton, which is not much of a surprise after Bournemouth took the lead. Calvert-Lewin and Sigurdsson make way.

69 mins: Fraser is having fun here. This time he dinks a ball into Wilson, who takes it onto his chest but then can’t get his shot away in time and the ball is cleared for a corner.

GOAL! Bournemouth 2-1 Everton (Fraser, 67)

Fraser takes a dreadful, low free-kick from the left wing, which beats Delph at the front post who makes a laughable attempt to clear it with his wrong foot. The ball deceives everyone and lands in the bottom corner.

66 mins: Steve Cook beats Calvert-Lewin to a through ball but then plays a pitifully weak backpass to Ramsdale, which the striker gets to first but the goalkeeper does well to stop his jab and Cook recovers to remove the remnants of danger.

Down the other end, King springs away from everyone down the left until Richarlison almost catches up and cynically downs in to take the Bournemouth forward down 20 yards from goal. Needless to say, Richarlison was booked.

64 mins: Richard McGahey points out: “The problem isn’t VAR, it’s Premier League refereeing. Much more physical play is allowed on a consistent basis, tackling opponents in the penalty area, kicking them in the head with high boots, never calling persistent infringement for a cynical team policy of fouling, commentators admiring Sean Dyche, etc. VAR can’t correct for this playing and reffing culture.”

62 mins: The Everton fans shout for a handball after the ball hits Fraser’s shoulder in his own area. It goes to VAR and comes to nothing. Steve Cook is down in the box with a knee issue, so he might struggle to carry on.

60 mins: Bournemouth try to pass the ball out from the back despite one of their centre backs being on his haunches. Bit of an odd move which ends with Everton winning a throw-in. Digne wins a corner after his dangerous cross is turned behind by Fraser.

58 mins: I very rarely get things right, so Eddie Howe replacing Harry Wilson with Ryan Fraser, as I suggested, has cheered me greatly. Fraser’s first involvement is to intercept a stray Delph pass, forcing Digne to bring him down, earning a yellow for his troubles.

56 mins: Digne seems to be struggling with some sort of injury, not that I can work out what it is. Mina does well to intercept a ball over the top but then just runs it out of play for a corner.

54 mins: Sigurdsson looks to instigate a counter-attack with a ball down the channel but thinks he is playing for Wimbledon circa 1993 and just whacks it the entire length of the pitch so even Ben Johnson at peak drug taking couldn’t catch.

52 mins: There’s plenty of back and forth here but someone really needs to take hold of this game in midfield.

50 mins: A missed a few moments retrieving a pastel de nata from my bag. Luckily, nothing happened.

47 mins: Digne and Iwobi combine well on the left-hand side of the box, allowing the former to cut it back for Sigurdsson who does his best to divert a strong pass at goal and Ramsdale tips over.

Second half

Here we go again!

JR says: “The reason Calvert-Lewin has so high above Cook was because he had both hands on Cook’s shoulders and held him down at the same time as he used him to push himself up. You’d maybe expect VAR would have something to say about that. Of course you’d have to believe the people in charge of using VAR know what the hell they’re doing, which I don’t. It’s an epic shambles so far.

“(And I’m not saying I necessarily want every little niggly foul looked back on or every eyelash offside looked and again and called but if they’re going to use VAR there needs to be some consistency in how it’s used and right now there is absolutely none.)“

Also ... if anyone wants to email in New York recommendations to me, please do.

Any early changes required? I would consider Davies for Schneiderlin and Fraser for Harry Wilson.


971 - Dominic Calvert-Lewin ended a run of 971 minutes without a Premier League goal, since netting against Newcastle in March. Overdue.

— OptaJoe (@OptaJoe) September 15, 2019

Mary Waltz offers: “Everton finally shows some quality in the box. They have the talent to do so much better but on the road it so rarely appears.”

Half-time: Bournemouth 1-1 Everton

It’s been a game with plenty of action but minimal quality in the final third. A draw is fair enough at this stage.

GOAL! Bournemouth 1-1 Everton (Calvert-Lewin, 44)

Richarlison makes a run out to the right wing, and lifts a cross onto the head of Calvert-Lewin, who leaps a lot higher than Steve Cook and heads beyond Ramsdale from six yards out.

Dominic Calvert-Lewin of Everton left scores with a header.
Dominic Calvert-Lewin of Everton left scores with a header. Photograph: Denis Murphy/TGS Photo/REX/Shutterstock


42 mins: Ake spins in the box and hits a relatively tame shot towards goal which Solanke gets in the way of and diverts wide.

40 mins: A yellow card for Delph as he cleans out Wilson with a very high boot. It could have been worse if he caught more of the man but the VAR check says it is not worthy of a dismissal.

38 mins: Digne gets round the outside of the Bournemouth defence, before crossing into the box for Richarlison to direct a header from six yards out but Rico does enough to put him off and it calmly drops wide.

36 mins: Steve Cook launches a long throw into the box but it’s high and looping, allowing Everton to head clear. The ball eventually reaches Calvert-Lewin but he is dispossessed as he tries to turn. Not really happening for Calvert-Lewin today.

34 mins: Schneiderlin just seems to be slowing everything down for Everton, which is a shame due to what they have in the final third. Maybe Tom Davies should be brought on to provide some energy in there.

32 mins: Another free-kick for Harry Wilson. This time, from a very similar position to early, he only achieves hitting the wall.

30 mins: Delph stops the counter-attack with a sliding challenge on Callum Wilson who stays down for too long for the liking of Bournemouth due to his injury record but he eventually gets to his feet and looks OK. Coleman then nudges King over.

Sean Coffey claims via email : “The VAR delay was for suspected offside - which it seemed to be - not for handball. Surprised the goal was given tbh...” Was it? They didn’t seem to get the tramlines out and it definitely wasn’t offside. Maybe I am too tired.

28 mins: Coleman drives in a low cross but Calvert-Lewin, under pressure from Steve Cook, can only turn the ball behind for a goal-kick.

26 mins: Solanke has looked a little rusty in the opening spell but has also shown what he provides the team with some great aerial work for the goal and his ability to find space that allowed him to get off a rasping drive.

GOAL! Bournemouth 1-0 Everton (Callum Wilson, 23)

Bournemouth win the first header at the front post, which is flicked to the back, where King should convert but instead he lifts the ball back into the danger area off his thigh and Callum Wilson heads it home from six yards out. VAR have a look for some reason or other ... a potential handball by King, which no one else has seen. Goal given. What a waste of time.

Bournemouth’s Callum Wilson scores a header.
Bournemouth’s Callum Wilson scores a header. Photograph: Adam Davy/PA
Wilson celebrates scoring.
Wilson celebrates scoring. Photograph: James Marsh/BPI/REX/Shutterstock


22 mins: Pickford is alert when Solanke finds space on the edge of the are and hits a rising drive which is calmly tipped over by the goalkeeper.

20 mins: Both goalkeepers are trying to pass the ball out from the back and are taking risks. Ramsdale the latest to put a defender under pressure with a pass out to Stacey.

18 mins: Richarlison dissects the Bournemouth defence with a lovely pass but it just has a little too much on it and Calvert-Lewin’s toe poke is smothered by an onrushing Ramsdale. Richarlison does not bother with passing a moment later, cutting in from the left and thwacking a shot from 25 yards which whacks off the top of the crossbar.

Dominic Calvert-Lewin of Everton is foiled by Aaron Ramsdale of AFC Bournemouth.
Dominic Calvert-Lewin of Everton is foiled by Aaron Ramsdale of AFC Bournemouth. Photograph: Dan Istitene/Getty Images


16 mins: Both teams are getting a good amount of possession in the final third but are yet to find that necessary cutting edge. Callum Wilson tries to stop Yerry Mina seeing the ball out of play for a goal-kick but only succeeds in pushing him over for a free-kick.

14 mins: Said free-kick is not Wilson’s best and bounces around five yards in front of Pickford who gleefully takes hold of it.

12 mins: Schneiderlin holds up Lewis Cook but then clips his heels, gifting a free-kick to Harry Wilson 25 yards from goal.

10 mins: A straight free-kick from Bournemouth is headed straight up into the air, allowing Solanke to position himself for an overhead kick but his attempt is truly pathetic as he just about makes contact and the ball trickles in the opposite direction to the net.

8 mins: Bournemouth show what they have in their armoury as Lewis Cook clips a pass out to King, who cuts in, Billing then takes it off the striker’s feet and curls a shot just wide from 20 yards.

Early action as Everton’s Fabian Delph and Morgan Schneiderlin challenge Bournemouth’s Joshua King.
Early action as Everton’s Fabian Delph and Morgan Schneiderlin challenge Bournemouth’s Joshua King. Photograph: Dylan Martinez/Reuters


6 mins: Sigurdsson is allowed to dribble from the middle of the pitch to out wide and put in a dangerous cross which Ramsdale is forced to tip over. Digne’s corner is headed clear but Iwobi is allowed to send in a second cross for Ake to flick behind. The referee then blows for an infringement.

4 mins: Iwobi has a first-time shot from the edge of the area after Everton’s high press wins the ball back in the final third. Iwobi’s effort is deflected wide but it is a great sign of intent from the visitors.


2 mins: A quiet start in the sun.

Cenk Tosun misses out for Everton this week, despite a scoring in midweek for Turkey. Jonathan Wilson was praising him on Football Weekly recently but he just does not seem to give Marco Silva such a feeling.

@Will_Unwin Tosun did fairly well for Turkey in during the international break. Everton's failure to use him is somewhat baffling.

— What Turks Think (@whatturksthink) September 15, 2019


Peep! Peep! Peep! Let’s get ready to rumble!

The teams are on the pitch, so we’re closing in on kick-off, which is fantastic news.

Why are playing warming up in long sleeves? It’s bloody roasting. Maybe they hope to feel the benefit at the kickoff sooner or later. I have the TV on mute as Souness is talking but he is probably just pointing out why Moise Kean is on the bench.

Callum and Harry Wilson are being interviewed on the beach on Sky Sports. It looks absolutely lovely down there. One day I will go to Dean Court and the beach. Not today, as today I am sat in an incredibly warm office.

We have some correspondence from the delightful Gary Naylor ...

I know nothing is more likely to turn Dominic Calvert-Lewin into er... Tammy Abraham like this tweet @Will_Unwin, but he has played 79 PL games for 11 goals and seems, if anything, to be even less confident a finisher than when he started. Trying hard can only get you so far.

— Gary Naylor (@garynaylor999) September 15, 2019

Speaking of Wilsons, here is our very own Jonathan on the Champions League and why it is rubbish (until February).

The prospect of Bournemouth starting with two Cooks and two Wilsons is not a positive for this MBMer. I will inevitably spending the afternoon confusing them and forgetting to include their first names in all correspondence, which is unfortunate.

Bournemouth are looking pretty ruddy attacking in their makeup today. The two Wilsons start, with King and Solanke, too, so it should be a game full of forward-thinking play. Everton also have an exciting front four in the form of Sigurdsson, Iwobi, Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison. If there are not 12 goals in this match today, I will eat my hat or, at least, a hat shaped cake.

This is not the only show in town today, as the Libs Dems are hosting their party conference in Bournemouth. There plenty of new signings still looking to bed themselves into the team, with their leader eyeing European progress, so the similarities are endless (two).

Starting lineups

Bournemouth: Ramsdale, S Cook, Ake, Rico, Stacey, Billing, L Cook, H Wilson, King, Solanke, C Wilson

Subs: Boruc, Simpson, Lerma, Ibe, Fraser, Surman, Mepham

Everton: Pickford, Coleman, Keane, Mina, Digne, Delph, Schneiderlin, Richarlison, Sigurdsson, Iwobi, Calvert-Lewin

Subs: Stekelenburg, Holgate, Walcott, Sidibe, Bernard, Davies, Kean


Good afternoon!

It’s a lovely day for football on the south coast and we are all anticipating an interesting game. Bournemouth are yet to kick into gear this season, picking up just one win and five goals in their opening four games. In order to help the team find the target, Eddie Howe took the players clay pigeon shooting this week. Hopefully the prospect and killing poor, innocent clay birds will be just the thing to assist Callum Wilson et al find the bottom corner today.

Everton will go third if they win today (or second if they beat Bournemouth by a margin on 11 goals). The Toffees have endured a decent start with their new signings certainly adding something to the squad and have hit the ground jogging, at least. It is never easy to go to the Vitality Stadium, as they found on their last visit, throwing away a two-goal lead and ending up with just a point. Both teams ended up with 10 men that day, so it could be another physical encounter.

I cannot wait!


Will Unwin

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