Rennes v Paris Saint-Germain: Ligue 1 – as it happened

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Even though Edinson Cavani opened the scoring, Rennes secured a deserved win over the champions after goals from Mbaye Niang and Romain Del Castillo

Full-time: Rennes 2-1 PSG

PSG’s troubles extend way beyond whether Neymar stays or goes, judging by that. They were stodgy and lacking in ideas, too many egos even without His Nibs. Rennes look a decent unit, and in Camavinga have a star of the future. PSG’s unbeaten record lasts just one game. Zut alors!

And that’s it! What a famous win for Rennes. And what an embarrassment for PSG.

90+3 min: Panic in the PSG box, as Salin flaps at the ball but Bernat cannot dig the ball out. Salin eventually recovers his positioning. A foul from the resultant corner eats up more time.

90+2 min: Camavinga almost scores! He scoops over when Boey carves down the wing and centres the ball. Such promise from that pair.

90+1 min: PSG could really have done with Neymar, Rennes not being so organised and good.

90 min: Into added time, of which there will be four minutes. PSG seem to want to foul their opposition as well as equalise. They have not been too disciplined.

89 min: Mbappe escaped, and Cavani threw himself at overhead kick. Boey’s head was in the way, and he was brave. He managed to buy a vital free-kick.

88 min: Booking for Cavani for dissent. He’s been dishing it out all night, if we are honest. PSG not liking it up ‘em. Not at all.

86 min: After Rennes manage to hold the ball in the PSG half, Camavinga shapes to shoot and it looks goalbound. It takes Thiago Silva chucking himself in front of the ball to stop it flying in.

85 min: The ball is whipped off the feet of Cavani, just as Veratti had set up a volley. In the melee that follows, Lea Silik, the sub, is booked.

83 min: This is the point when Rennes are now tempted to sit back. They could not remain tireless forever. Morel stops Mbappe, who is now to be found across the attack. In the corner that follows, Mbappe tries to poke the ball through the legs of defender Boey. Rennes clear in panic. This will be a long last ten minutes or so.

81 min: A Mbappé cross turns into a shot and Roman Salin makes a fine save. Boey clears up the danger from the resultant corner.

79 min: Final Rennes sub: Sacha Boey comes on for Maouassa. A full-back change at this juncture is a risk, and Boey is just 18.


78 min: Sarabia, who was one of those double subs, fires in his second shot since coming on. He has room, but then blazes over. Thomas Tuchel looks even more haunted than normal.

76 min: Another Rennes sub: Benjamin Bourigeaud for James Lea Siliki.

Final PSG sub: Draxler, who had a poor game, off for Leandro Paredes.

75 min: Some trickery from Camavinga buys some time, as he holds off two players, and wins a throw. When Niang goes down, PSG do not kick the ball out, being subscribers to the Lee Johnson school.

73 min: First Rennes sub: Del Castillo comes off for Jordan Siebatcheu, another striker. Julien Stéphan yet to go defensive and wants to keep asking questions of PSG.

71 min: Just over 20 minutes for PSG to stop losing their first away game of the season. Mbappe, who is becoming prominent, tries to find Cavani but it fails.

70 min: Meanwhile, old man Mbappé flashes a shot wide of goal. Everyone stops being the young pretender at some point.

68 min: Top scout Richard Allen has been in contact. “What did I say about my boy!! Marvellous!” He was correct. Camavinga has been a revelation to me at least. Ah, the innocence of a young player. Let’s hope he doesn’t get derailed. He’s been a pleasure to watch.

67 min: Another PSG booking, and it’s Bernat who launches a foul on Camavinga, who expertly draws the challenge. Such promise from the 16-year-old.

66 min: Into the last 25 minutes and PSG are ragged and throwing the fouls in. Frustration growing. This has been an uncomfortable evening for them.


64 min: Those PSG subs have been a while in coming, but here they come. It’s a double change. Di Maria is off for Pablo Sarabia, and then off goes Thomas Meunier for Colin Dagba. That’s the right flank switched around, then.

62 min: Camavinga time, and what a ball he played out to the wing in a move that forced a corner. Grenier takes and then Jeremy Gelin hits the post with a flick.


61 min: Cavani gets a sniff of a chance when Veratti drifts the ball in. Rennes get it clear and Cavani cannot get a clean touch on it.

59 min: Activity on the PSG bench. Tuchel has seen enough and there will be some subs coming on.

58 min: Veratti booked for a foul on Mourel. He likes a foul, does Veratti. That’s three yellow cards now. And Cavani might get another if he doesn’t stop having a go at the linesman.

57 min: A break in play as Benjamin ‘Violet’ Bourigeaud leaves the field after a clash with Diallo.

55 min: Niang again? Was the hand involved? He looks through and everyone stops. The shot goes wide which means there is no need for the laissez-faire VAR to dimp his Gitanes and get involved. This style of video reffing seems to work a little better than the pernickety stuff you get out in Uxbridge. As in, it doesn’t get involved.

54 min: Rennes look confident in possession. Meunier booked for a hack on Faitout Maouassa, who had escaped the full-back.

52 min: Traore fouls Mbappe, whose roulette fooled the defender for a while until he decided to kick out a leg to stop the flying machine. Di Maria takes, and Rennes clear before a foul clears their lines.

51 min: Rennes want more and PSG are shellshocked. Oh dear, Tuchel. Mbappe even seems to have slipped into the malaise. He plays a poor pass that Da Silva steps out to stop.

48 min: Camavinga, out on the left, cut in and floated in the ball and Del Castillo was on hand to head home, and he was unmarked. What a goal. And what a talent Camavinga looks. Power and skill. He could go far.

Goal! Rennes 2-1 PSG (Del Castillo, 48)

Camavinga the supplier and Del Castillo heads home.

47 min: Camavinga shows his class, by turning and going into the heart of PSG’s defence. Silva fouls him...

46 min: Close for Rennes! Del Castillo’s shot/cross/whatever looped over Marquinhos and almost led to a goal as Areola was unsighted.

We are back underway....

No Ander Herrera for PSG, as he’s injured. Marquinhos has been manning the midfield today. Here’s how you recover from a calf injury, it seems.

We keep progressing ⚽️🔴🔵

— Ander Herrera (@AnderHerrera) August 16, 2019

If you like French football, this is the blog to start with. Tomorrow’s edition might well feature a shock.

Half-time: Rennes 1-1 PSG

That’s a fair scoreline, since Rennes have played well aside from that Da Silva howler for Cavani’s goal. What a fine strike that was from Niang.

45 min: Just a minute to be added on at the end of the half, and they are played out without incident.

44 min: How did that happen? Traore down the right, then across to Niang, who turned and drilled it past Areola. A fine goal, and one out of the blue.

Goal! Rennes 1-1 PSG (Niang, 44)

Wow, what a strike from Niang!

42 min: Draxler is booked for a foul on Morel, to whom he had just lost the ball and then hacked down. First yellow of the game.


40 min: Tuchel enjoyed that goal. There was plenty of relief. And relief must be a big part of being a PSG manager.

38 min: It almost gets worse for Da Silva, as Mbappé explodes beyond him, but hits the side-netting. There looked to be a shirt pull in there. Again, the VAR is on a fag break. PSG looking confident, Rennes ragged.

36 min: How did that happen? Rennes, who had previously kept things so tight, just fell apart. Da Silva played a no-look pass across goal Salin, his goalkeeper, and Cavani pounced. His 195th goal for PSG.

Goal! Rennes 0-1 PSG (Cavani, 36)

Cavani capitalises on a mistake from Da Silva and scores!


35 min: Bernat is fouled and the Rennes count is mounting. Eventually, the ball comes to Meunier, and PSG get a corner. Di Maria takes, and a foul in the penalty box from Diallo means nothing comes of it....

33 min: Has PSG’s keeper, Areola, touched the ball? Rennes have had a couple of corners and maybe a shot wide but nothing of note. Still, it remains 0-0 and it is Rennes who are the happier team.

30 min: Excitement among the Rennes fans as Niang is the recipient of the ball but he is loose in possession, and not for the first time. Leonardo, up in the stands, and the PSG sporting director, is not happy. Is there a major club of such fragile moods in football than PSG?

28 min: This is not going according to plan for the champions. Rennes continuing to make life difficult. PSG have been slow, and Tuchel is having a right old moan to his assistants.

26 min: Camavinga and Veratti clash again, and the young Angolan looked to have cleaned out the Italian. Nothing given and VAR presumably sipping pastis back in Paris.

25 min: Camavinga reaches out a telescopic leg to stop Veratti robbing him of the ball to set up a counterattack.

23 min: PSG’s buildup is slow as they look for space in a compressed Rennes defence. Veratti’s ball is cleared and when it goes back in, Bernat, overlapping, cannot get to it. Tuchel looks pensive, as well he might.

21 min: Camavinga fouls Mbappé, one star of the future fouls someone who is already a star. Between them, they are 36 years old. *Sobs*

19 min: Rennes doing OK here, pushing on, not sitting back. Impressive so far.

17 min: Grenier almost fashions a chance for Del Castillo, which leads to some hurried PSG defending. Two corners come, both of which are taken by Grenier. PSG try to clear their lines but Rennes are pushing on, and pressing hard.

15 min: It has to be said that the PSG doctors were not exactly quick in their response to a head injury to their star player. Mbappé is back on, and we must hope we are not dealing with a Steve Smith situation.

14 min: Mbappe is fouled and then clatters into Bernat’s knee as he falls. He looks in pain, and not a little dazed. He’s in some pain. That looks like it could be serious....while he’s off the pitch, Di Maria launches a free-kick that Cavani heads against the post!

12 min: Now here’s Camavinga and he shows off his talent in surging on through midfield, such that Cavani launches a tackle that you would these days refer to as a ‘tactical foul’.

10 min: Thiago Silva shows all his experience in cutting off a cross but Traore gets space to send Bernat one way, only to fire wide and not a little excitedly. Julien Stéphan, the Rennes coach, claps his players’ efforts.

8 min: Bernat is clipped by Traore, and it’s a PSG free-kick that will be launched by Di Maria. He dinks it to Mbappe and the goalkeeper, Romain Salin, who was alert.

7 min: Our first glimpse of the much-heralded Camvinga sees him lose the ball in midfield. Ah well, he’s got plenty to learn. PSG settling now into a pattern of dominance.

5 min: Di Maria swings in a cross, Bernat knocks the ball down and Draxler attempts a shot from distance. It flies wide. Tuchel is already asking for his team to step up their efforts.

2 min: Rennes’ Niang forces a corner, which is taken by Bourigeaud, who makes a terrible mess of it. Di Maria almost makes an escape down the flank but is stopped in his tracks.

1 min: Mbappé begins with intent, and chases down the Rennes defence. Pressing, the Tuchel way.


And away we go, with Rennes taking the kick-off.

There is VAR in France, of course. Just to increase the tension, like. Thomas Tuchel is one the sideline and stooping to hi-five the PSG mascot.

The teams are in the tunnel, and it’s some atmosphere down in Brittany and they take to the pitch to some pyro mania. Mbappé’s dad is in the stands.

If you want to feel old, then Eminem’s Lose Yourself was number one in the US charts the day Eduardo Camavinga was born.

It’s fair to say that the Stade Rennais fans are up for this one.


🔥🔊 Heureux de te retrouver @RCK1991 ❤🖤
---#AllezRennes - #ToutDonner - #SRFCPSG

— Stade Rennais F.C. (@staderennais) August 18, 2019

Lucas Ambielle has some thoughts: “Hi John. It’s very nice that The Guardian is doing a MBM on a Ligue 1 game. Been a long time. On the issue of our Brazilian diva, Neymar is going to stay at Paris this season ‘cause nobody is willing to pay that much money. Leonardo’s communication this week to a french media hinted this way. As for the supporters, a couple of one-twos with Mbappé and 1 free kick in the top corner will make everyone friends again.”

According to L’Equipe, PSG will play a 4-3-3.

Angel Di Maria was preferred to Sarabia on the flank of the Paris attack. Thomas Meunier will be behind him alongside Thiago Silva, Diallo and Bernat for a four-man defence.

Here’s a reminder of the action so far in Ligue 1 this weekend, plus elsewhere.

Rich Allen, of Get French Football, has done some scouting: “I implore you to get on the Camavinga train. A 16 year old who has looked far beyond his years so far - including arguably a man of the match performance last week against Montpellier!”


Some more stats from the estimable Jonathan Johnson.

Rennes are the club, along with Lyon, who have beaten PSG the most often in Ligue 1 over the past 10 seasons with 4 wins from 18 matches. #SRFCPSG

— Jonathan Johnson (@Jon_LeGossip) August 18, 2019

Rennes are the club, along with Lyon, who have beaten PSG the most often in Ligue 1 over the past 10 seasons with 4 wins from 18 matches. #SRFCPSG

— Jonathan Johnson (@Jon_LeGossip) August 18, 2019

Here’s a more analogue version.

OFFICIAL -- PSG XI vs. Rennes: Areola - Meunier, Silva (c), Diallo, Bernat - Marquinhos, Verratti, Draxler - Mbappe, Cavani, Di Maria.

PSG bench vs. Rennes: Bulka, Dagba, Kouassi, Paredes, Gueye, Sarabia & Choupo-Moting.#SRFCPSG

— Jonathan Johnson (@Jon_LeGossip) August 18, 2019

And here is the PSG team via social media, a guessing game, though the big news is that there is no Neymar. Is that news?

Lineup is in: Our Starting XI! #SRFCPSG #AllezParis 🔴🔵

— Paris Saint-Germain (@PSG_English) August 18, 2019

Here’s the Rennes team. PSG team news imminent, hopefully.


Voici le 1⃣1⃣ de départ aligné par Julien #Stéphan 👇#AllezRennes #ToutDonner 💪🔴⚫️

— Stade Rennais F.C. (@staderennais) August 18, 2019


No Neymar, ney party? Not a bit of it. The PSG fans made their feelings known last week during last week’s 3-0 defeat of Nîmes. He’s not their son of a bitch any more, and the failure of a purported move to one of the Spanish giants would be a deeply embarrassing situation for all concerned. Who could have predicted that such a vanity move - from both parties - would go this way? And there will be no Philippe Coutinho, either, as he is off to Bayern Munich and not Paris. See what happens if you don’t close the transfer window before the season starts?

Still, there’s always Kylian Mbappé, a better player than either of that aforementioned pair of Brazilians, as most would surely agree these days. And maybe less of the ‘always’. It may be high time for PSG fans to enjoy having him around until the call of Barcelona and Real Madrid tempts him. On with the football? Well, it would be one hell of a shock if PSG don’t win this, just as is the case with any game they play in Ligue 1. Ander Herrera and Idrissa Gueye, two former Premier League midfield tyros, were their biggest new signings of the summer.

Rennes came away from Montpellier last week with a handy 1-0 win, and despite the dismissal of the striker Flavien Tait, suspended for this game.

The game kicks off at 8pm UK time.


John Brewin

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