Iceland 1-1 Hungary: Euro 2016 – as it happened

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Iceland held on to the lead earned by Gylfi Sigurdsson’s first-half penalty until the dying minutes but Birkir Saevarsson’s own goal gave Hungary a share of the spoils and put them on the brink of the last 16

Right, that’s it from me. Thanks or your company and your emails. Stick around on site for the match report and then join Barry Glendenning for the other match in this group – Portugal v Austria. Cheerio!


That was a battling performance from Iceland and you feel for them, but Hungary deserved a point from the game. It should be enough to put the middling Magyars into the last 16. Iceland will probably have to beat Austria in their final game.

Full-time: Iceland 1-1 Hungary

Peep! PEEP!! PEEEEEP!!! And that’s the final act. We were a foot or two away from a remarkable fairytale moment for Eidur Gudjohnsen. But the scenes at the end are of Hungarian joy and Icelandic despair.


90+5 min: … Sigurdsson hits the wall … but the ball DROPS BACK TO GUDJOHNSEN! But it’s deflected agonisingly wide.

Eidur Gudjohnsen’s shot is deflected just wide.
Eidur Gudjohnsen’s shot is deflected just wide. Photograph: Alex Livesey/Getty Images


90+3 min: Finnbogason goes down right on the edge of the Hungary box under pressure from Lang. It’s a couple of inches outside the box, inside the D. Up steps Gylfi Sigurdsson …

90+2 min: Szalai pings an effort at goal from distance but it’s straight at Halldorsson.

90+1 min: Nagy gets booked for a challenge in midfield.


90 min: There’ll be a minimum of four added minutes. We had a brief delay after the goal thanks to some bangers and flares in the Hungary end.

Hungarian supporters light flares at the Stade Velodrome.
Hungarian supporters light flares at the Stade Velodrome. Photograph: Peter Powell/EPA


GOAL! Iceland 1-1 Hungary (Saevarsson 88og)

We have another late goal. And it’s heartbreak for Iceland. Nikolic scampers in behind Hallfredsson and squares across the six-yard box. Saevarsson slides in and attempts to clear but can only turn the ball over the line. You can’t blame him too much – an attacker would have tapped in had he not attempted a clearance and the damage was done out on the left of the Iceland defence.

Birkir Saevarsson tries to clear but scores an own goal.
Birkir Saevarsson tries to clear but scores an own goal. Photograph: Jean-Paul Pelissier/Reuters
Daniel Bode was ready to pounce before Saevarsson put the ball into his own net.
Daniel Bode was ready to pounce before Saevarsson put the ball into his own net. Photograph: Lars Baron/Getty Images
Birkir Saevarsson


86 min: Bjarnason predictably gives the ball away as I finish typing that last sentence.

85 min: Another couple of Hungary attacks are repelled by the Iceland backline. The central defenders and Bjarnason have been immense in this second half.

83 min: The Icelanders in the crowd go wild as Eidur Gudjohnsen replaces Sigthorsson. It’s just over 20 years since his debut, when he came on for his dad:

20 years ago today this happened... Iceland debut replacing my father!!
Commentator really excited😂 #fatherandson

— Eidur Gudjohnsen (@Eidur22Official) April 24, 2016

82 min: It’s all getting a bit fractious – every tackle is a tasty one now, every decision met with fury. Kleinheisler is the latest to go into the book for having a bit of a moan.

80 min: Kadar goes into the book for a “challenge” on Finnbogason, who tumbled very easily.

A disbelieving Tamas Kadar is the next name in referee Sergey Karasev’s book.
A disbelieving Tamas Kadar is the next name in referee Sergey Karasev’s book. Photograph: Jean-Paul Pelissier/Reuters


79 min: Kleinheisler scuffs a corner to the near post. Comfortably cleared once more.

78 min: … Kleinheisler looks to play it square across the edge of the box but Finnbogason simply jogs out to intercept.

77 min: Dzsudzsák beats Saevarssson, who brings the winger down and picks up a booking. Another dangerous free-kick for Hungary, this time on the right edge of the Iceland box …

75 min: … it’s on target but right between the eyes of the goalkeeper.

Straightforward save from the free-kick for Hannes Halldorsson.
Straightforward save from the free-kick for Hannes Halldorsson. Photograph: Yves Herman/Reuters


74 min: Guzmics bursts forward from the back and forces Finnbogason to bring him down. He gets booked for his trouble and Dzsudzsák lines up the free-kick, 30 yards out …

Referee Sergey Karasev brings out the yellow to Iceland’s Alfred Finnbogason after fouling Richard Guzmics.
Referee Sergey Karasev brings out the yellow to Iceland’s Alfred Finnbogason after fouling Richard Guzmics. Photograph: Eddie Keogh/Reuters


72 min: “Enjoying the minute by minute alongside the match and Sigur Ros vinyl,” writes Ian Cade. “As Peter Schmiechel recently put it en route to winning Euro 92 Denmark played: the pre tournament favourites, then the inventors of the game, then the hosts, then the reigning European champions and then the reigning world champions. So they weren’t that crap really.”

71 min: … which is just about cleared by Iceland. The ball comes back though and Bode scuffs a weak shot at goal. Again Halldorsson struggles to gather cleanly – he’s looking nervier than a sardine in dolphin country.

70 min: Dzsudzsák whips in a terrific cross, Halldorsson misjudges the flight and Skulason gets him out of trouble. Corner to Hungary …

Iceland’s Hannes Halldorsson fails to gather.
Iceland’s Hannes Halldorsson fails to gather. Photograph: Jean-Paul Pelissier/Reuters


69 min: A bit of respite for Iceland as they ping a few passes around. Bodvarsson goes off to be replaced by Finnbogason.

66 min: Dzsudzsák pimgs the free-kick low and straight, which is awkward for Halldorsson but gathered at the second attempt.

65 min: Sigurdsson trips Kleineisler, 35 yards from goal. First, the substitutes: Gunnarsson goes off, Hallfredsson comes on. Steiber and Priskin are replaced by Bode and Nikolic.

64 min: Another white wave of a Hungary attack crashes into the rocks of the Iceland backline. A goal is coming here.

62 min: Changes are afoot for both sides.

60 min: “In 92 Denmark knocked out France and England in the group stage,” notes Mats Anderson. “Then kicked out the Netherlands in the next round. To top that booted out Germany in the final. If that is is Kiera Healys definition of a ‘really crap team’, I would take that.” Testify, Mats.

59 min: What a miss! Sigthorsson nods wide as Gylfi Sigurdsson dinks in a lovely cross from the left. The linesman wrongly awards offside but that won’t spare Sigthorsson’s blushes too much.

Kolbeinn Sigthorsson heads wide but is wrongly given offside anyway.
Kolbeinn Sigthorsson heads wide but is wrongly given offside anyway. Photograph: Ali Haider/EPA


57 min: It’s a lively affair now. Hungary force a corner, which Iceland clear to halfway. But they can’t get out at the moment.

55 min: Skulason five-irons a free-kick into the box, Sigthorsson nods down and Bodvarsson is miles off target with an overhead kick.

53 min: Steiber goes down in the box under a challenge from Arnason. Karasev gives the flappy universal “get-up, get-up, get-up” signal beloved of referees worldwide.

52 min: “That was a weird second half kick off. They just kicked it backwards. Has the rule changed?” wonders Sean Welch. Yup.

50 min: “If Iceland win this, can we go straight to Cristiano (he’s not Ronaldo) for his thoughts?” wonders Christian Dugdale. “His thoughts on the game obviously, not the ones where he’s imagining Messi being given a wedgie until he says ‘You’re better than me’.”

49 min: A training ground routine from Hungary – Dzsudzsák rolled across the box to Gera, who lays off to Kleinheisler – ends with the ball drifting disappointingly high and wide of Halldorsson’s goal.

Balasz Dzsudzsak reacts as Hungary look for a way back into the match.
Balasz Dzsudzsak reacts as Hungary look for a way back into the match. Photograph: Guillaume Horcajuelo/EPA


47 min: Priskin is penalised for a foul on the excellent Ragnar Sigurdsson as he attempts to get on the end of Kadar’s cross.

46 min: “Statistically, a really crap team wins the Euros every 12 years (Denmark ‘92, Greece ‘04),” reckons Kiera Healy. “I’ve still got my fingers crossed for Wales, but could it be Iceland’s turn?” That’s very harsh on both those sides. Greece weren’t exciting – to put it mildly – but they weren’t rubbish, jammy winners.

Peep! Off we go again. Fair to say, if it stays like this it’s bad news for Austria and Portugal?

“After a lifetime of being trained to find joy in only losing by one goal when Iceland plays a team drawn from a nation of millions,” begins Kári Tulinius, “this Icelander doesn’t really know how to feel about leading by one goal during half-time at a major tournament.” I’d try to enjoy it if I were you Kári.

On the penalty, a couple of replays have confirmed my initial suspicion. The referee gave the penalty for the challenge on Gunnarsson – wrongly. But a split second before he should have given one for Kiraly’s bundle into Ragnar Sigurdsson. So two wrongs have made a right.

Half-time reading

How have Iceland got themselves to within 45 minutes of the last 16 of the European Championship? Barney Ronay went to find out in this superb piece:

Peep! Half-time. A poor opening half hour and then 15 fun minutes.

Hungary’s Laszlo Kleinheisler sustains an injury.
Hungary’s Laszlo Kleinheisler sustains an injury. Photograph: Eddie Keogh/Reuters


45 min: There’ll be a minimum of one minute of added time.

44 min: Separated by perhaps 90 seconds and 40 yards, Bodvarsson twice goes down under challenges from Guzmics. Karasev is interested in neither.

42 min: Johann Gudmundsson is the first name in Karasev’s Big Book Of Very Bad Men for a clumsy challenge on Kleinheisler.

41 min: There’s some confusion over whether the referee – Russia’s Sergei Karasev – has given the penalty for Kiraly bundling into Ragnar Sigurdsson (which looked like a pen to me) or Kadar sticking a eg out at Gunnarsson (which looked less cut-and-dried). Either way, Iceland are ahead.

GOAL! Iceland 1-0 Hungary (G Sigurdsson 40)

Gylfi Sigurdsson calmly waits for Kiraly to show his hand, then slots the ball to the keeper’s right. Iceland lead!

Gylfi Sigurdsson slots the penalty in to Kiraly’s right.
Gylfi Sigurdsson slots the penalty in to Kiraly’s right. Photograph: Guillaume Horcajuelo/EPA


Penalty to Iceland!

Kiraly drops the corner then bundles over Ragnar Sigurdsson in his attempt to win it back!

Gabor Kiraly drops the ball and then takes down Ragnar Sigurdsson.
Gabor Kiraly drops the ball and then takes down Ragnar Sigurdsson. Photograph: Jean-Paul Pelissier/Reuters


37 min: Another shocking clearance from Hungary, Guzmics the guilty party this time, allows Iceland an opportunity. Sigthorsson spanks his shot against a defender. Corner …

Hungary’s Zoltan Stieber and Richard Guzmics both attempt to head the ball.
Hungary’s Zoltan Stieber and Richard Guzmics both attempt to head the ball. Photograph: Jean-Paul Pelissier/Reuters


34 min: Kelinheisler takes, then gets a second chance to deliver a cross as the ball finds its way back to him. He opts to shoot, though, zipping his shot a yard or two wide of the far post.

33 min: All of a sudden this game has come to life. At the other end Ragnar Sigurdsson has to make a vital interception as Dzsudzsak skitters into the box. Corner …

32 min: Sigurdsson teases the Hungary defence once more on the edge of the box but his pass is on a different wavelength to Bodvarsson.

31 min: What a chance! Hungary inexplicably switch off at the back and Kadar allows Gudmundsson to pick up a pass from Gylfi Sigurdsson that he should never have been allowed to reach. Gudmundsson’s shot at goal, though, is weak and Kiraly makes a comfortable save with his feet.

27 min: Another highlight: Gabor Kiraly, while staring over to the right of the field, has just thrown the ball out through his legs to the left-back, Kadar. Jogging bottoms and quirky distribution? What a guy.

Gabor Kiraly clears from Iceland’s Kolbeinn Sigthorsson.
Gabor Kiraly clears from Iceland’s Kolbeinn Sigthorsson. Photograph: AP


25 min: Hungary look like they could happily keep possession in the middle of the pitch all day. When they look to play the ball forward things break down.

23 min: A thriller this is not. The highlight so far has been the two sets of fans, who are both in fine voice.

@John_Ashdown Komárno is actually the Slovakian half of the Hungarian-Slovakian city Komárno/Komárom. just offside by the width of Danube.

— Csaba Daday (@csaba_who) June 18, 2016

21 min: Kardar does well to clear Sigurdsson’s cross as Iceland threaten for the first time in a while.

20 min: Lang’s cross is too deep but Hungary are in the ascendancy. Kleinheisler and Dzsudzsák are dominating.

Adam Lang challenges Iceland’s Aron Gunnarsson.
Adam Lang challenges Iceland’s Aron Gunnarsson. Photograph: Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images


18 min: Gunnarsson has his pocket pinched in midfield and Steiber surges forward. Dzsudzsák cuts the ball back from the byline but again an Icelandic boot is there first.

16 min: Dzsudzsák cuts in from the right and zaps a shot at goal – it’s well struck but straight at the Iceland captain, Gunnarsson.

Hungary’s Balazs Dzsudzsak fires a shot in at goal.
Hungary’s Balazs Dzsudzsak fires a shot in at goal. Photograph: Jean-Paul Pelissier/Reuters


14 min: …Dzsudzsak swirls it in but Priskin can’t keep down his header from the edge of the box.

13 min: Priskin cleverly spins and wins a free-kick from Arnason. It’s a decent position, out of the left …

12 min: Zoltan Gera has shown his quality a couple of times already. This time he wins the ball in midfield before prompting an attack down the left. Steiber’s cross, though, is straight into the hands of Halldorsson.

10 min: Gunnarson sends a huge hail-mary throw-in into the box. It’s flicked on once before Bodvarsson heads over the bar from 10 yards.

Jon Dadi Bodvarsson heads past Hungary’s Adam Lang but too high.
Jon Dadi Bodvarsson heads past Hungary’s Adam Lang but too high. Photograph: AP


9 min: … swung across the goal by Sigurdsson but no one in an Iceland shirt can get a touch.

8 min: Arnason lofts a free-kick into the box. Lang nibbles it behind for a corner …

6 min: Hungary have started on the front foot here and they’re being urged on by some loud coordinated chanting from those in the stands.

4 min: “An interesting tidbit to add to Peter Goldstein’s comments on Tamás Priskin’s propensity to be caught offside,” writes Justin Kavanagh. “Priskin was born in Komárno in the old Czechoslovakia, so politically, historically, and geographically speaking, he wasa ctually born offside, to paraphrase Sir Alex’s famous remark about Filippo Inzaghi.”

3 min: Gera shovels the ball down the right touchline and Dzsudzsak gets after it. Iceland tidy things up with little fuss.

1 min: Iceland get a throw on halfway and Gunnarsson wanders over from central midfield to launch one of his huge throws forward, a familiar sight at the Ricoh Arena and down in Cardiff over the years.

Peep! Off we go then. Iceland get us under way.

Though before we kick off, here’s the full story of those ugly scenes in the Hungary end before the game:

French riot police block Hungarian supporters following clashes in the stands.
French riot police block Hungarian supporters following clashes in the stands. Photograph: Peter Powell/EPA



A big rendition of “Himnusz”, the Hungarian anthem, from the Hungarian team and fans. Iceland’s “Lofsöngur” is a less rambunctious affair at first then kicks up a gear nicely.

With deities suitably urged to take care of both countries, we can get to the football.

Out they come. Time for the anthems.

Click-clack, click-clack. The players are in the tunnel at the Velodrome.

A couple more pre-match emails:

“The Iceland fans’ singing in that clip was just wonderful - some sort of slowed down waltz-time ballad with every beat in the right place,” writes Charles Antaki. “If that doesn’t qualify them for top prize in the fans-of-the-tournament already, then the clincher is that strange synchronised crescendo of grunting we heard in the previous games. Volcanic, I guess?”

“I for one am very much looking forward to see if Tamas Priskin can break the record for Highest Percentage Of Time Spent In An Offside Position, which he set a few days ago against Austria,” writes Peter Goldstein.

More trouble in Marseilles

This from Associated Press:

Hungarian fans have clashed with stewards ahead of their team’s game against Iceland at the European Championship.

About 100 Hungarian fans wearing black near one corner of the stadium in Marseille attempted to climb over a fence and join up with another group of Hungarian fans behind the goal.

There was pushing and shoving between fans and stewards before the stewards briefly backed off.

Many of the fans managed to cross over before riot police moved in and blocked off the area, allowing stewards to return. There did not appear to be any clashes between fans and police.

A French police officer gives directions to an Hungarian colleague as Hungarian fans arrive at the stadium.
A French police officer gives directions to an Hungarian colleague as Hungarian fans arrive at the stadium. Photograph: Claude Paris/AP


The lineups

Iceland are unchanged from the draw against Portugal. Three changes for Hungary: Roland Juhasz comes in at the back for Attila Fiola, with Adam Lang likely to switch to right-back; Zoltan Stieber replaces Krisztian Nemeth on the flank; and Tamas Priskin, once of Watford and Ipswich, starts up front instead of Adam Szalai.

Iceland (4-4-2): Halldorsson; Saevarsson, R Sigurdsson, Arnason, A Skulason; Gudmundsson, G Sigurdsson, A Gunnarsson, B Bjarnason; Sigthorsson, Bodvarsson. Subs: Kristinsson, Jonsson, Hauksson, Hermannsson, Ingason, Finnbogason, Sigurjonsson, E Bjarnason, Magnusson, Hallfredsson, Traustason, Gudjohnsen.

Hungary (4-2-3-1): Kiraly; Lang, Guzmics, Juhasz, Kadar; Gera, Nagy; Dzsudzsak, Kleinheisler, Steiber; Priskin. Subs: Dibusz, Gulacsi, Fiola, Elek, Szalai, Nemeth, Bode, Lovrencsics, Pinter, Nikolic, Bese.

An email from Kári Tulinius:

“One funny little connection between Iceland and Hungary is that the unofficial supporters’ anthem of Iceland is written by a Hungarian. The Icelandic version is called “Ég er kominn heim” (I have returned home) and was made famous by 50s and 60s crooner Óðinn Valdimarsson. Here’s a video which shows rural Iceland in the 60s:

“The original song, “Heut’ Nacht hab’ ich geträumt von Dir”, was composed by the Hungarian Imre Kálmán, for an operetta called Das Veilchen vom Montmartre (The Violet of Montmartre). Here’s the original as sung by the incomparable Comedian Harmonists:

“And finally, here’s the mass singalong version by the Icelandic supporters before the Portugal game:


So to Group F. The results from the first set of fixtures has tinged this group with intrigue. Austria were supposed to be the dark horses for the entire tournament (I had them down as potential semi-finalists, which, to be fair, they may still be) but Hungary saw them off in impressive style. Iceland displayed bucketloads of pluck and no little talent in holding Portugal to a draw in St-Etienne. Group F is very much up for grabs.

With that being the case, it’ll be interesting to see if either of these teams look to grab it by the throat. Against Portugal, Iceland stayed nice and compact in their 4-4-2, allowing Portugal the freedom of the flanks but choking the centre of the pitch and playing on the counter. Hungary, meanwhile, were slightly more aggressive against Austria but equally happy to play on the break once they went ahead.

You’d think/hope that something might change here. A win for either side would pretty much guarantee their place in the last 16.

John will be here soon enough. In the meantime, read Sid Lowe on none other than the 40-year-old Gabor Kiraly:

The German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld once sneered: “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat: you lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.” Try telling that to Gabor Kiraly. It’s not just that he wears tracksuit trousers, it is that he is tracksuit trousers; tracksuit trousers and triumph. Defeat? Lost control? Get out of here with your sunglasses and ridiculous gloves, Karl. Kiraly is a winner, one of the stars of Euro 2016’s opening week, a record-breaker and an icon.

Read the full article here:


John Ashdown

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