Football quiz: globetrotting players

With various footballers in isolation or training at home, let’s celebrate the players who have travelled the globe

  1. I have won the European Cup with a Dutch club, an Italian club and a Spanish club. On which continent was I born?

    1. Europe

    2. South America

    3. Asia

    4. Africa

  2. I was born in France. I grew up in England, where I started my career in non-league football. I made more than 100 appearances in the Premier League. I have also played for clubs in Malta, Belgium and Portugal. I have 40 caps for DR Congo. I am currently on loan from which English club?

    1. Everton

    2. Newcastle

    3. Chelsea

    4. Arsenal

  3. I was born in France. I signed my first professional contract with an Italian club. I have played in the Bundesliga. I now captain a club in the Premier League. Which country do I represent in international football?

    1. Nigeria

    2. Gabon

    3. France

    4. Senegal

  4. I was born in England and I have won the World Cup. But I did not win it in England. Where did I win it?

    1. Brazil

    2. Germany

    3. Japan

    4. South Africa

  5. I was born in France. I started my career in Argentina. I have won league titles in Spain and Italy. I have won 75 caps for my country. I have played in a World Cup final. Which English club was I playing for when I won a European trophy?

    1. Liverpool

    2. Arsenal

    3. Chelsea

    4. Manchester United

  6. I was born in Poland. I have won the World Cup. I have won the Bundesliga. And I have won a trophy in the same team as Andrés Iniesta. Which club was I playing for when I won the FA Cup?

    1. Chelsea

    2. Manchester City

    3. Arsenal

    4. Liverpool

  7. I was born in Singapore. I won the Uefa Cup with Ipswich. I played in three World Cups. I have managed in England, Scotland, Australia, Wales and the Philippines. In which country did I win three league titles as a player?

    1. Scotland

    2. England

    3. France

    4. Italy

  8. I was born in Germany. I have played for clubs in Germany, England, Italy, Spain and Turkey. I have played in the World Cup against Germany. My brother was playing for Germany at the time. Which team was I playing for?

    1. Poland

    2. Switzerland

    3. Ghana

    4. Belgium

  9. I was born in Brazil. I won two caps for Brazil. I started my career at Juventus (in São Paulo). I won La Liga with Barcelona, Serie A with Inter and Ligue 1 with PSG. For which country did I play in a European Championship final?

    1. France

    2. Spain

    3. Italy

    4. Portugal

  10. I was born in Africa. I have won a league title in Europe. I represent a country from North America. My club reached the last-16 of the Champions League this season. Who are they?

    1. Chelsea

    2. Bayern Munich

    3. Atalanta

    4. Valencia


1:B - I am Clarence Seedorf, I was born in Suriname and I won those European Cups with Ajax, Real Madrid and Milan (twice). , 2:A - I am Yannick Bolasie and I'm on loan at Sporting., 3:B - I am Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang., 4:B - I am Simone Perrotta., 5:C - I am Gonzalo Higuaín and I was at Chelsea when they won the Europa League in 2019., 6:C - I am Lukas Podolski and I won the FA Cup in 2014., 7:A - I am Terry Butcher and I won those league titles with Rangers. , 8:C - I am Kevin-Prince Boateng and my brother is Jérôme Boateng., 9:C - I am Thiago Motta and I played in the Euro 2012 final, which Italy lost 4-0 to Spain., 10:B - I am Alphonso Davies, I was born in Ghana and I play for Canada.


  1. 3 and above.

    Oh dear. You tried

  2. 4 and above.

    A solid score. Well played

  3. 5 and above.

    Well played

  4. 6 and above.

    Great work

  5. 7 and above.

    A superb score

  6. 8 and above.

    A superb score

  7. 9 and above.

    A superb score

  8. 10 and above.


  9. 2 and above.

    Oh dear. You tried

  10. 0 and above.

    Oh dear. You tried

  11. 1 and above.

    Oh dear. You tried


Paul Campbell

The GuardianTramp

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