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While I am broadly in agreement with Simon Jenkins about the government getting it wrong on urban renewal in the regions (Relocating a few TV execs won’t revive our northern cities, 1 June), he is out of touch himself when he suggests that ministers could commandeer Manchester town hall while the Palace of Westminster is refurbished. Our town hall is itself being refurbished and won’t reopen until 2024.
Brian Stevenson

• Paul Chadwick (Open door, 4 June) feels sorry for readers whose feelings are hurt by inappropriate advertising. I too get fed up with advertisers of funeral plans stalking me. Perhaps if I say it in the Guardian they will stop. I have no intention of dying at a younger age than my mother, who made it to 98. What worries me us that the advertisers may one day realise it is useless to try selling me a new kitchen when I have just bought one and my beloved Guardian will collapse through lack of funds.
Margaret Squires
St Andrews, Fife

• Polly Toynbee appealing to God about a final people’s vote re Brexit? “Please God, let there be no other referendum ever again” (5 June). The insanity of leaving the EU has obviously driven a devout atheist to desperation.
Bridget Gubbins
Morpeth, Northumberland

• Ex-Everton goalkeeper Neville Southall works in a pupil referral unit, champions the rights of minorities, the oppressed and the underdog, can’t stand Piers Morgan or Putin and is a foster carer. How can I vote for him (Sport, 5 June)?
Toby Wood

• Would not young Dom Bess also be classified as an all-rounder on the evidence of his first Test match appearance (Letters, 4 June)?
Geoff Morris

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