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Roma's run is over. Sob, sob. They played well but on the basis of their second-half performance they did not deserve to keep it

Full-time: Torino 1-1 Roma

All good things must come to an end. Roma were the much better team in the first half but Torino came right back into it in the second. If only there were a football cliche to describe such a phenomenon. Thanks for all the beer chat and tweets. Speak soon, yeah? Bye!


93 mins Still no.

92 mins Not so far.

91 mins There is three more minutes to go. Can Roma do it?

90 mins Your team are looking for a goal. There is a few minutes left. What should you do? Take off your best player? Of course not. Oh wait. That's exactly what Torino have done. Cerci goes and Maksimovic comes. Meanwhile, it's a corner to Roma. Pjanic sends it in. Torino fluff their first clearance but not their second.


87 mins It's another free-kick to Roma. Ljajic steps up and fires it towards Padelli who is forced into another good save on his right-hand side. More sub news. Florenzi goes, Dodò comes.


85 mins Sentences I thought I would never type: from a Roma perspective Gervinho would be a good player to have on the pitch right now.

84 mins Roma's next three matches are against Sassuolo, Cagliari and Atalanta. Find a goal from somewhere tonight and they have a very decent chance of making it 14 wins from 14 games. But right now, that goal looks like it ain't coming.

81 mins Torino want to counter but Immobile has committed a foul on Pjanic and he calls play back. Padelli lines up a wall as the free-kick is in a promising position. It is curled around the back where it meets the head of Florenzi before going out for a goalkick.

78 mins More sub news. El Kaddouri off, Bellomo on.

77 mins Maicon has the ball. Maicon breaks into the box. Maicon has loads of space. Maicon feels a faint touch on the back of his heel. Maicon goes down. Maicon gets nothing from the ref.

75 mins Pjanic does something that is fleet of foot and gets whooped out of it for his troubles. The resulting free-kick is just outside the box and should make Padelli do some work. It should, but it hits the wall.


73 mins Fouling's Benatia goes. Marquinho comes. De Rossi goes to centre-back.


72 mins 743 minutes!

743 - Roma have conceded a goal in Serie A after 743 minutes. Humans.

— OptaPaolo (@OptaPaolo) November 3, 2013

70 mins Since that goal Roma have decided to bother the enemy goal once again. Their latest effort is from Strootman who fires over from an angle that not even his mother would believe that he could score from. Tactics talk. Roma are rocking false 9s right about now.

67 mins "It's yellow, its fizzy, and it makes you forget that you live in Lexington, SC. Not so bad for $1.50," reckons Colin Crumpton.

66 mins Borriello takes a seat on the bench. Ljajic takes his place on the pitch.

64 mins Game. On.

Goal! Torino 1-1 Roma (Cerci)

62 mins Roma are dropping deeper than Barry White's voice and much like Barry White's voice, it is a sign to Torino to get their scoring on. And get their scoring on is exactly what they have just done. A long ball is lofted down the wing, Benatia gets to it first but he is muscled off it by Meggiorini. Said ball is sent across and who else would be at the front post to tap it in but Cerci?


60 mins "In Lexington, SC you can get a pint of Rolling Rock for $1.50," informs Colin Crumpton. Rolling Rock is terrible though, no?


58 mins Immobile comes on. Barreto goes off.

56 mins A long cross-field ball is launched forward and it meets the run of Meggiorini (Maicon was nowhere to be seen). Once it has reached Meggiorini's run it reaches Meggiorini's first-time volley. It then reaches De Sanctis's palms who work together to divert the ball away from danger. What a goal this would have been!


55 mins Bradley got booked for his efforts a moment ago.

54 mins Zoooooom! Zoooooom! Zoooooom! This half is going about a million miles an hour. Bradley slides late and D'Ambrosio goes down near the corner of the box. El Kaddouri and Cerci try something from the training ground but Roma read it well and snuff out the danger.

51 mins "I bought two cans of the well known brand 'medium strength lager' from the local coop today for 7 pence," cheers Baz. You might want to be careful with that Baz.

49 mins A corner to the T. Cerci, who rarely lets other players on his team touch the ball, takes it. There is an appeal for a handball when it reaches the box and (allegedly) reaches the hand of Balzaretti. Said appeal is weak and is waved away right away.


48 mins Roma are back into their rhythm early enough. Cerci stops it momentarily but the Romans get back to the groove and press forward. Tiki. Taka. Tiki. Taka. Bradley breaks into the box. Move stopped.

45 mins We are back. And we are back to that pint chat for a second. A detailed investigation quick Google at half-time tells me that Greenland might be the most expensive play to sup on something special around this wide world. Though I just remembered that I once paid £20 for two pints in Les Deux Magots in Paris. No subs to report of just yet.

Special goals from Serie A part 5

Half-time: Torino 0-1 Roma

There is no injury time to play so that is that for now. Back in a few. Promise.

43 mins A wonderful run from Cerci is stopped in its tracks by Balzaretti at the corner of the box. A free-kick is awarded. Cerci stands over it. Cerci wastes it.


41 mins Cerci has just forced De Sanctis into getting his gloves dirty. That save leads to a corner but Torino fail to do anything with it other than let De Sanctis catch it.


40 mins "Six euro a pint in Rome yesterday and the same in Paris this afternoon," says Gary Naylor. "Nowhere special - just bars with football on the telly. More in Dublin I expect and I dare not imagine Oslo." Nope to Dublin. I was back there recently and did nooooooo pay that much. Those I wasn't in anywhere fancy where the clients have complicated shoes. Can't speak for Oslo.


38 mins Roma think it is time for some counter-attacking and so Balzaretti gallops his way down the left. Gallop, gallop, gallop into the open space he goes. The ball is eventually squared for Florenzi who does one over the bar once again from a way, way out.


36 mins "Previous writers were wailing about the price of beer in Iceland," says Giles Page. "Couple of months ago I bought a pint and a half in a bar in Christchurch, NZ - duly handed over $20 note and waited for my change... There was none!!!! That's a tenner in old money for a pint & half!!! Beat that Iceland."

34 mins ... Could being the operative word. Cerci hits it over the bar.

33 mins Torino have a free-kick right outside the box. This could be dangerous ...

31 mins "Evening Ian," cheers Simon McMahon. "Regarding Pirlo you must (please) show his penalty v. England in the shoutout from Euro 2012. And not just because I'm Scottish. I think this is where all of Joe Hart's problems stem from." Oh, OK. You've twisted my arm.

Goal! Torino 0-1 Roma (Strootman)

27 mins A corner to Roma. Pjanic sends it to the back post where Borriello heads it onto the head of the shoulder of the defender. Another corner. It is taken short to Balzaretti whose pass splits the defence and sets up Pjanic. He takes possession in box. There are six or seven players who he can cut it back to. He plumps for Strootman, who finishes from close range, Lampard style.


26 mins Benatia goes studs up. His name goes down (in the book).


23 mins Down on the Torino left near the end line, Balzaretti bends a ball into the six yard box that has the Torino defence in sevens. Roma win a corner. It is delivered to the edge of the area where it is met by the foot of Florenzi. His strike goes over the bar but it would have been a contender for goal of the season if it had gone in.


20 mins Kári Tulinius has some answers to my questions: "There are many sportbars in Reykjavík and at the one we're at a pint of stout is five pounds." Isn't Reykjavík meant to be, like, you know, the most expensive place to drink in the world? Five pounds seems rather reasonable. Back to the game, El Kaddouri has just curled a 20-yarder over the bar.


18 mins Roma romp their way down the other end. (Get that mind out of the gutter!) They perform a spot of tiki-taka just outside the box but once inside it, they wilt like a flower in winter and Torino clear their lines.


16 mins Torino have continued to attack and are rewarded with a free-kick in a dangerous position. Instead of sending it into the box, Darmian squares it and the whole move is wasted.

#Roma last lost away to Torino in Serie A before the Totti era, 23 years ago, in Oct 1990 (1-0).

— Infostrada Sports (@InfostradaLive) November 3, 2013

14 mins Back to the game, Roma have allowed Torino to have a touch of the ball. How nice of them, eh? Torino decide to do something with it and eventually force their first corner of the game. They sent it in. Roma send it out.

11 mins "Who's the guy in a white shirt hugging Jesus and Bono in that picture?" wonders Seb Minor. I think it might be this guy from Father Ted

8 mins In pre-season Roma did not keep one clean sheet but they have only let in one goal this season. And there has been nothing so far from Torino or their dangerman, Cerci, to suggest that they will be letting in any more today. Roma have been in almost total control so far.

6 mins "In the Reykjavík sportbar my friend and I chose to watch Roma v Torino they have BT Sport on silent while playing the first Air album quite loudly," cheers Kári Tulinius. "On the screen Jameses Horncastle and Richardson are accompanied by Raphael Hoenigstein and some guy who looks like he's 17 years old. This is the inverse of listening to the Guardian's football podcast. I prefer the audio only version where I can hear the quips and imagine the arched eyebrows, rather than the opposite." Is there only one sportbar in Reykjavík? And how much are you paying for a pint?

4 mins Roma get their pass on around the pitch. Pass. Pass. Pass. Pass. Torino eventually win the ball back and it's attack! attack! attack! But too much attack! leads to too many mistakes and now the ball is back with Roma. Pass. Pass. Pass. Pass. There could be an early pattern to this game.

2 mins There is an early free-kick for Roma near the corner of the Torino box. It is sent in but Borriello's header goes nowhere.

1 min OK, OK. We are ready to go. Torino are in their brilliant (Ron) burgundy and Roma are in their changed white. The home side start off playing left to right and Roma do the opposite, as the rules of the game dictate. If anyone is alive out there and feels like saying hi, do not hesitate.

Special goals from Serie A part 4

It would be rude to leave him out, wouldn't it?

Speaking of Pirlo, let's have a look at his best pass ever.



@ianmccourt whats makes the "Special goals from Serie A part 2 clip" even more amazing was the fantastic assist from a young Pirlo

— Paddy O'Gorman (@paddyogorman) November 3, 2013


Special goals from Serie A part 3

Special goals from Serie A part 2

The. Greatest. First. Touch. Ever! Ever! Ever! Ever! Ever! Ever! Ever!

Special goals from Serie A part 1


Team news! Tactics news!

Torino 4-2-4: Padelli; Darmian, Glik, Moretti, D'Ambrosio; Gazzi, Basha; Cerci, Meggiorini, Barreto, El Kaddouri. Subs: Gomis, Berni, Bovo, Maksimovic, Masiello, Pasquale, Brighi, Bellomo, Immobile

Roma 4-3-3: De Sanctis; Maicon, Benatia, Burdisso, Balzaretti; De Rossi, Strootman, Bradley; Pjanic, Borriello, Florenzi. Subs: Lobont, Skorupski, Romagnoli, Jedvaj, Dodò, Torosidis, Marquinho, Taddei, Ricci, Di Mariano, Caprari, Ljajic


Ciao! Come stai?

It is the final day of the 2000-2001 season. Thanks to Batistuta, Totti, Montella and Emerson et al Roma had been dragged kicking and screaming to the verge of their first Scudetto for nearly two decades. Some fiery fans had gotten a touch too excited and invaded the pitch prematurely. But the supporters would have to wait a little. Channel 4, however, couldn't. They said goodbye to the season by pulling the plug on the match with a few minutes to go. The black-and-white film that replaced those minutes must have been pretty good.

La Maggica have been trying to get over that insult ever since. But it has been a multiple case of being the bridesmaids for them. They were second in 2003-04; they were second 2005-06; they were second 2006-07; they were second 2007-08; and they were second 2009-10. Sigh.

But this season could be their shot at redemption. This could be their chance. They have got off to the perfect start. With ten games played, there have been ten games won, with 24 goals scored and just one conceeded – they are the first side in history to win the opening ten Serie A games. But they do not want to stop there. Tottenham's record for 11 opening wins in 1960-61, the best start among the top five European Leagues (although not in Europe, that record would seem to apply to Benfica's 23 wins in 72-73) is theirs for the equalling with only Torino standing in their way.

That would be mid-table's Torino. No wins in their last five games' Torino. Beaten by Roma in their last six games' Torino. The joint-third worst defence in the league's Torino. That would be injury hit's Torino. Roma may be without Gervinho and Francesco Totti and Leandro Castan but surely they will prove to be too strong for this Torino team. “It will be spectacular,” said the Roma manager, Rudi Garcia, in his pre-match presser. So if it's going to be spectacular – and Rudi has no ruddy reason to lie – then you should stick around. Team news is on its way.


Ian McCourt

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