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Bottle it: the best drinks gifts for Christmas | Fiona Beckett on drinks
A bottle of a favourite tipple is bound to be a surefire hit, but the trick is to choose something you know the recipient would like, but won’t necessarily be expecting …

Fiona Beckett

19, Nov, 2021 @2:00 PM

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Sober October: what to drink when you’re not drinking | Fiona Beckett on drink
An update on the ever-increasing range of no-lo drinks now on the market, for those seeking a credible alternative to a glass of wine or a short

Fiona Beckett

15, Oct, 2021 @1:00 PM

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How to save summer fruits to enjoy later in the year | Kitchen aide
Fruitful advice on preserving the summer fruit bounty for puddings, smoothies and ices to brighten the dark days of winter

Anna Berrill

03, Aug, 2021 @1:00 PM

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The condensation on the can; the tingle on the tongue. I love you, Diet Coke | Hannah Jane Parkinson
When it comes to my favourite soft drink, someone could make a lot of money opening a rehab clinic

Hannah Jane Parkinson

02, Jul, 2021 @6:00 AM

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‘365 days without soft drink’: TikTok star Rohit Roy on the items that helped him
It’s been just over a year since Roy captured Australia’s imagination with his quest to quit soft drink – here he shares the objects that helped along the way

As told to Katie Cunningham

16, Jun, 2021 @12:00 AM

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How to pick a party wine | Fiona Beckett on wine
Party wines don’t need to be fancy – they’re there to pour, not pore over

Fiona Beckett

11, Jun, 2021 @1:00 PM

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Canned cocktail extravaganza! Critics rate 100 summer drinks – from piña colada to merlot
Over the past few years, canned cocktails, wines and seltzers have become incredibly popular. But which ones are genuinely good? Four experts give their verdicts

Felicity Cloake, Rhik Samadder, Fiona Beckett and Richard Godwin

07, Apr, 2021 @10:00 AM

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'Hydration is a simple thing': has the quest to improve water actually worked?
From alkaline waters to beauty elixirs, added oxygen and probiotics, many brands claim they have ‘enhanced’ water – but what do the experts think?

Wendy Syfret

09, Mar, 2021 @4:30 PM

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'It has cost me 14 teeth': Readers on soft drink addiction – and how to beat it
Fizzy, caffeinated drinks are on sale everywhere, and for many people it can become difficult to function without them. Is cold turkey the only way out?

Guardian readers

05, Feb, 2021 @2:35 PM

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The real thing: my battle to beat a 27-year Diet Coke addiction
I have been obsessed with the sugar-free soda since I was four, spending £500 a year on up to seven cans a day. This is what happened when I tried to quit

Sirin Kale

02, Feb, 2021 @6:00 AM

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Cocktail of the week: Madonna michelada – recipe | The good mixer
An alcohol-free take on the Mexican favourite that still delivers that much-needed endorphin rush

Kate Hawkings

08, Jan, 2021 @4:00 PM

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The pick of the no- and low-alcohol drinks crop for dry January | Fiona Beckett on wine
From a glorious, chocolatey stout to a trio of sparkling wine substitutes, the best drinks if you’re off the booze

Fiona Beckett

08, Jan, 2021 @2:00 PM

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