Delia Smith

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TV chef Delia Smith lets her husband cook, ‘if he sticks to the recipe’
In a new interview, the veteran cook says she avoids the kitchen and goes to the end of the garden at mealtimes

Nicola Slawson

30, Jul, 2021 @5:03 PM

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Happy 80th birthday, Delia Smith! 10 lessons she has taught us – from eggs to lemon zesters
The queen of cookery has shown the British public how to make toast, eat spaghetti and conjure up a lovely salsa verde – while acknowledging the importance of cheating

Tim Dowling

18, Jun, 2021 @5:00 AM

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'Dear Boris': Delia Smith writes to prime minister urging him to let fans back
Norwich’s joint majority shareholder Delia Smith has written to Boris Johnson and here we reproduce the letter in full

Exclusive by Paul MacInnes

29, Oct, 2020 @5:00 PM

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'Dreadful' mince pies and macho monkfish – a history of TV's Christmas cookery
Where once the tradition was for instructional recipes and meagre treats, now it is lavish escapism and, of course, Nigella. So, what does this say about society?

Rebecca Nicholson

16, Dec, 2017 @10:00 AM

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‘Too poncey’? Delia Smith’s just going to the wrong restaurants | Felicity Cloake
Some eateries really do place too much emphasis on ‘theatre on a plate’, but still I’m surprised Delia can’t find more traditional pleasures, says Guardian food writer Felicity Cloake

Felicity Cloake

16, Nov, 2017 @10:05 AM

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'Poncey, chefy food'? The UK is full of eateries that Delia Smith would love
The cookery writer laid into the trend for ornate dishes at British restaurants – but cooking rooted in traditional technique is thriving

Tony Naylor

15, Nov, 2017 @12:43 AM

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Delia Smith sticks the knife into 'poncey, chefy' restaurants
Honoured by the Queen, much-loved UK cookery writer says too often she finds the joy has gone from eating out

Nadia Khomami

14, Nov, 2017 @6:30 PM

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Billy Connolly leads the way in Queen’s birthday honours list
Actor knighted in recognition of services to entertainment and charity, and is joined by Paul McCartney, JK Rowling and Delia Smith on the list

Maev Kennedy

16, Jun, 2017 @9:30 PM

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What I learnt from following Delia’s How to Cook | The Delia project
The Delia project: As Stephen’s year-long mission to cook his way through Delia Smith’s How to Cook draws to a close, her lessons have finally taken hold – and the result is a more confident cook

Stephen Bush

26, May, 2017 @11:00 AM

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How Delia taught me to fire up a creme brulee | Stephen Bush
The Delia Project: Variously terrify and impress your friends by bringing a blowtorch into your kitchen

Stephen Bush

24, Mar, 2017 @3:14 PM

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Delia’s advice for clearing out your kitchen | The Delia project
The Delia project: What better way to make an underused utensil earn its keep than with a fancy drinkable dessert?

Stephen Bush

17, Mar, 2017 @12:00 PM

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How to make Delia’s ‘cheese on toast for posh people’ | The Delia Project
The Delia Project: Perfect for the surprise vegetarian guest, Welsh rarebit looks a lot more effort than it is – even for a cheese refusenik

Stephen Bush

24, Feb, 2017 @12:00 PM

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