Antony Worrall Thompson

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The great British TV chefs' rotating midlife crisis
Leather jackets, motorbikes, younger partners with curious Instagram accounts ... what’s eating our band of ubiquitous fiftysomething telly chefs?

Marina Hyde

05, Apr, 2018 @4:49 PM

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Who's the thief here, Tesco? | Carole Cadwalladr

Carole Cadwalladr: Yes, Antony Worrall Thompson was wrong, but why not employ more people to serve him?

Carole Cadwalladr

15, Jan, 2012 @12:06 AM

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If everyone did a Wozza, maybe Tesco wouldn't be too big to fail | Marina Hyde

Marina Hyde: Tesco's poor results have led it to review its practices. The self-service tills used by Wozza may be a good place to start

Marina Hyde

13, Jan, 2012 @9:00 PM

Letters: Profit games at the supermarket
Letters: What sort of values do we have when profits of £3.7bn at Tesco send shock waves through the City?

13, Jan, 2012 @9:00 PM

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Shoplifters say they steal because they need love. I need love too, but I don't wander around Tesco looking for it | Suzanne Moore
Suzanne Moore: Celebrity pilferers such as Antony Worrall Thompson are a source of hilarity, not outrage

Suzanne Moore

11, Jan, 2012 @8:00 PM

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Why is cheese the most shoplifted food item in the world?

Antony Worrall Thompson was far from alone in stealing cheese from a supermarket

Patrick Barkham

10, Jan, 2012 @8:00 PM

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Antony Worrall Thompson says sorry for Tesco shoplifting

The TV chef and restaurateur, who was arrested for stealing cheese and wine from supermarket, pledges to seek treatment

Peter Walker

09, Jan, 2012 @1:03 PM

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TV chefs: the perfect recipe for a movie character

Stuart Heritage: Anne Hathaway has admitted to channelling Nigella's 'sensuality' for her White Queen in Alice in Wonderland. But she's only blown the whistle on the greatest source of character inspiration in modern cinema

Stuart Heritage

03, Mar, 2010 @12:42 PM

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Worrall Thompson restaurants close

Celebrity chef blames Lloyds bank for failing to extend overdraft as sixty staff lose their jobs

Graeme Wearden

09, Feb, 2009 @2:54 PM

Chef at home: Antony Worrall Thompson

Antony Worrall Thompson

Antony Worrall Thompson

17, Oct, 2008 @11:05 PM

Worrall Thompson's salad bane

Celebrity chef's credit-crunch-beating salad suggestion included a relative of deadly nightshade

Tim Hayward

05, Aug, 2008 @9:40 AM

TV chef Worrall Thompson recommends deadly weed as salad ingredient

Antony Worrall Thompson says sorry after mistakenly recommending poisonous plant as part of healthy living regime

Anil Dawar and agencies

04, Aug, 2008 @9:55 AM

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