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Kellogg’s recalls chocolate cornflakes due to ‘hard lumps’ choking fears
People who bought newly launched cereal that falls within four-month best before period told to throw it away and get refund

Zoe Wood

23, May, 2024 @5:59 PM

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Riaz Phillips’ recipe for tamarind barbecue chicken with potato salad
This barbecue-style dish uses a tangy Trinidadian favourite, tamarind, in the marinade to add sweetness to the meat – cook in the oven or over coals, depending on the forecast

Riaz Phillips

23, May, 2024 @2:00 PM

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The experts: bartenders on how to turn 16 classic cocktails into mocktails – from a negroni to a mojito
Giving up booze doesn’t have to mean missing out, especially if you get creative with fruit, herbs and infusions. Here is how to enjoy all your favourite drinks without the hangover

Sarah Phillips

22, May, 2024 @2:02 PM

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How to cook the perfect Jamaican rundown – recipe | Felicity Cloake's How to cook the perfect …
The rich and aromatic Jamaican coconut and fish stew in just a few easy steps

Felicity Cloake

22, May, 2024 @11:00 AM

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Peas offerings: with fried cod, pork belly, crab rice and goat’s cheese toasts - Nieves Barragán Mohacho’s pea recipes
The Basques work wonders with fresh peas: try them with fried cod, fino and jamón, pork belly with fried eggs, goat’s cheese toasts or in crab and pea rice

Nieves Barragán Mohacho

22, May, 2024 @7:00 AM

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The dark days of limited access to aubergines outside London | Brief letters
Letters: North-south dietary divide | No call for red peppers | Vimto spritzer | Woke white goods | Food that’s out of this world

21, May, 2024 @4:59 PM

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Australian supermarket sliced cheese taste test: ‘Like eating a reconstituted swamp of plastic and milk’
Some are cheddar, some are tasty and some are terrible. Nicholas Jordan samples more than a dozen types of sliced cheese to find an inoffensive, easy-to-use square for busy schedules – and future sandwiches.

Nicholas Jordan

21, May, 2024 @3:00 PM

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Americans are drinking half the coffee they did in the 40s
It’s unclear what’s behind Starbucks’ recent shaky sales – but US coffee consumption declined for decades after a 1946 peak

Mona Chalabi

21, May, 2024 @1:30 PM

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Can no- and low-alcohol ‘nolo’ drinks match the real thing? They’re getting closer
Modern alternatives, with innovative blends of spices, fruits and teas, are all the better for avoiding alcohol

David Williams

21, May, 2024 @1:00 PM

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What’s the best way to cook tempeh? | Kitchen aide
Marinate it first, then steam, grill or fry it any way you like, our panel says

Anna Berrill

21, May, 2024 @1:00 PM

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‘Chickeese’ corn snacks or matcha mousse-flavoured chips? I know which I’d rather eat | Nicholas Jordan
When Twisties and other brands announce headline-grabbing flavours, I ask, ‘Why?’ Instead, give me chips that deliver weird and wonderful experiences

Nicholas Jordan

20, May, 2024 @11:07 PM

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Rachel Roddy’s recipe for spinach and ricotta gnudi | A kitchen in Rome
These small, soft balls make for a speedy supper – serve them with a generous grating of parmesan and a well-dressed green salad

Rachel Roddy

20, May, 2024 @10:00 AM

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