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Adrian Chiles is right – spoons are a vital part of anyone’s life (I thought it was weird to have a favourite spoon. Then I realised I wasn’t alone..., 4 May). I have an Ovaltine long-handled spoon which has been my constant companion for over 50 years. It outguns an ordinary teaspoon with ease. The long handle means you can swirl your teabag without any danger of blistering your fingers in the hot water. It is also brilliant at winkling out that last bit of yoghurt or chocolate sundae from those infuriating shaped pots.
Michael Newman
Shefford, Bedfordshire

• Re dubious compliments (Letters, 1 May), when our first daughter was born, several acquaintances said: “Isn’t she beautiful, she’s so like her daddy.” How disheartening for the new mother; 37 years on, I still bear a grudge!
Sally Cheseldine
Balerno, Edinburgh

• I was so disappointed when I realised that the reader interview (5 May) was with Jacki Weaver, and not Jackie Weaver. Which one has the authority?
Fiona Collins
Carrog, Sir Ddinbych

• Re unlikely words such as “encumber” and “unencumbered” in pop songs (Letters, 4 May), Fever, a hit for Peggy Lee, contains the line “fever, yeah, I burn forsooth”. Anyone who can get “forsooth” into a pop song deserves an accolade.
Jerry Emery
Lewes, East Sussex

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